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Saudi-led Coalition Deploys Special Forces Trained For Urban Warfare South Of Al-Hudaydah


Saudi-led Coalition Deploys Special Forces Trained For Urban Warfare South Of Al-Hudaydah

TOPSHOT – This image grab taken from a AFPTV video shows Yemeni pro-government forces firing a heavy machine gun at the south of Hodeida airport, in Yemen’s Hodeida province on June 15, 2018. / AFP / AFPTV /

On November 2, the Saudi-led coalition deployed a new force specialized with urban warfare along the western coast of Yemen as part of its preparations to launch an attack on the Houthi-held city of al-Hudaydah, according to the al-Arabiya TV.

Furthermore, the UAE-based channel reported that Apache attack helicopters of the coalition began attacking vehicles and positions of the Houthis on the roads leading to al-Hudaydah. Heavy clashes were also reported south of the key coastal city.

These steps show that the coalition is still determined to attack al-Hudaydah, despite the recent international pressure on Saudi Arabia. Earlier, this week the U.S. called for a ceasefire in Yemen and said that it will work to hold peace talks within 30 days.

The oil-rich kingdom likely sees the attack as a way to pressure the Houthis ahead of the talks. However, observers doubt that the coalition will manage to make any significant advance on the ground, as the Houthis had already repelled several similar attacks this year.



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  • peacelover

    Stupid MBS still alive in his dirty ambitions.

    • Merijn

      Mohammed Ben Shlomo is a Dead man Walking….

      • javier

        nope, did you see erdogan’s quote yesterday, basically high level saudi government officials responsible for journalist murder but mbs didn’t know. One theory is a weakened mbs is more valuable. They are all gross imo

        • Merijn

          Perhaps they are all gross… but the Great Western Empire are the Biggest Traitors of’m All

  • S Melanson

    These reports of build up say offensive in days, but first reports 2 weeks ago. this is BS. Go to Yemen resistance watch website and read up on how things have further deteriorated for coalition – why US wants end – see link below, and UAE is now striking own path

    The bluster is so when peace is imposed on Coalition, claim will be coalition was just about to crush the Houthis with the magical force south of Hodeidah that is also invisible

    “Further complicating the civil war, secessionist groups in Yemen’s south, supported by the United Arab Emirates, have increasingly clashed with the UN-recognized government forces based in Aden.”

    Speaking at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Tuesday, Mr Mattis said the US had been watching the conflict “for long enough”. “We have got to move towards a peace effort here, and we can’t say we are going to do it sometime in the future. We need to be doing this in the next 30 days,” he said.

    • You can call me Al

      Is there a link for the Yemeni resistance watch website ?

  • Merijn

    Kill every Wahhabi-Pig in Yemen….Set them on fire… Finish this Jewish House of Saud…. their War in Yemen will be Their Downfall….what Wahhabistan Needs is a Coup d’Etat….Let the House of Saud Slowly Rot away in the Dungeons…or Hang, Draw & Quarter them… scatter their remains in the Desert…to be Forgotten & Lost in Oblivion…

  • BMWA1

    Houthis will still win, Providence will see to that.