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Saudi-led Coalition Deploys More Than 10 Brigades Of Its Proxies South Of Yemen’s Al-Hudaydah (Videos)

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On October 25, the Saudi-backed wing of the Yemeni military deployed more than ten brigades south of the Houthi-held city of al-Hudaydah on the western coast of Yemen, according to the al-Arabiya TV. The UAE-based channel said that the deployment of these brigades is a part of the ongoing preparations to launch a new attack to capture the port city.

Furthermore, the UAE-backed Giants Brigades released a video showing hundreds of their fighters massing south of al-Hudaydah. The group will likely also participate in the upcoming attack on the city.

Three days ago, the Houthis cut the off highway between al-Hudaydah and the Yemeni capital of Sanaa and recaptured several key positions south of al-Hudaydah during a large-scale offensive. The Saudi-led coalition apparently speed up its plans to capture the key coastal city following this development.

The Saudi-led coalition had launched several attacks on the al-Hudaydah since the beginning of this year. However, more experienced Houthi fighters managed to hold onto their positions. The new attack will likely also end in a failure, if the coalition leadership follows the same ineffective tactics.

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S Melanson

10 brigades! That is 30,000 plus soldiers. Bigger than the original force of 21,000 that tried to take Hodeidah but got destroyed. Assuming this is not Coalition bs, then they are planning an attack with a force 50% larger then the prior force.

This will be devastating. When Coalition forces engage Houthis, there will be even larger numbers of Coalition troops abandoning their positions. This will mean the Houthis will have to contend with even larger stockpiles of captured weapons. I feel for the Houthis but like always, they will persevere and manage this.


I also doubt the 10 brigades. That corridor is rather narrow.
So more supplies for the Houthis. :)

Empire's Frontiers

That there is no humiliation too great for Saudi royalty to accept should come as no surprise, I suppose.

They’re less than an a single day of evolution out from of standing on all fours and eating off the ground as it is.


LMFAO 10 brigades… you guys are drunk

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