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Saudi-led Coalition Deployed Patriot Air-Defense Systems In Yemen’s Ma’rib

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Saudi-led Coalition Deployed Patriot Air-Defense Systems In Yemen’s Ma’rib

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The Saudi-led coalition has deployed US-made MIM-104 Patriot air-defense systems in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib, al-Mashhad al-Khaleeji reported on April 3.

A military source in the coalition told the news outlet that the systems were deployed in Ma’rib city center.

“A number of Patriot defense systems of the Arab coalition recently arrived in Ma’rib city,” the source, who was not named, said.

The source said that the systems will be used to protect urban areas in Ma’rib from the Houthi (Ansar Allah) repeated missile attacks.

The Patriot air-defense system is the main line of defense for Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen. However, the costly, over-sensitive system fails on a regular basis.

Saudi-led Coalition Deployed Patriot Air-Defense Systems In Yemen’s Ma’rib

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According to the recent report by the SAM for Rights and Liberties Organization, the Houthis have launched 115 ballistic missiles and 140 rockets at Ma’rib city since the outbreak of the Yemen war in 2015.

The Houthis are now leading a large-scale attack in Ma’rib. The center of the province is the main target of the Yemeni group. Saudi-backed forces have been showing fierce resistance. However, Houthi fighters continue to advance.

After failing to win the war on Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition is now, once again, stepping up its operations against the Houthis.

In its most recent operation, Saudi-led coalition warplanes destroyed an alleged booby-trapped boat of the Houthis off Yemen’s western coast. A video of the operation was shared by the Saudi Press Agency on April 4.


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i really wanna see the houthis destroying this scrap metal and humiliating even more the Saudi Dog


what about the patriot systems demented biden ordered out of Saudi. misleading info from the msm or pentagon or nsa or or. not the first time they are trying to bamboozle the opposition. however, even if this piece of information is true doesn’t mean it will have any effect on the houthis. just plain bad advise by the jew adviser on loan from tel aviv. time for the clown prince, famed for buying a fake leonardo da vinci painting at 450 million bucks, to tell the jews to step up or they will become his eternal enemies, no matter how and why!

Just Me

Actually, the American a$$holes have increased support for the Saudi losers and the British poodles have SAS officers in Marib hiding behind rocks.

Kenny Jones ™

Time for an anti-radiation missile to destroy it, I’m sure Iran has those too for Yemen


Was the boat stationary or my eyes are tricking me? If yes, Why should Yemenis send a drone boat to the sea and stop it there? But the red circle was present, so it must be true!

Regarding the Patriots in Ma’arib, a friendly reminder: Just make sure to not point them towards Iran. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Although it won’t help you much, the same simple and cheap drones successfully destroyed both Patriot Radars and batteries stationed in King Khaled AB and Abha airport. I mean the Radars and batteries destroyed the drones by their faces!

Now the number of Saudi mercenaries/AQ/IS in the two IDP camps between Yemenis and Ma’arib exceeds the number of people in there. They forcefully keep people inside the camps and detain/shoot anyone who is attempting to flee. But since Ansarallah and army will not attack the camps, we can expect a Douma-style false flag.

Just Me

Let’s hope the Ansarallah capture some of these dud systems and reverse engineer a better version.


Athens is planning to send 500 troops with Patriot systems to Saudi Arabia in May. I guess this will free the Saudis to send their own Patriot batteries inside Yemen.

johnny rotten

And after the patriots will also send Captain America, this is the only way for the Wahabites to avoid default and final collapse.


I think these missile systems are extremely vulnerable to creative low-tech tactics to neutralize them.

I keep coming back to the idea of what it would take to overwhelm one of these globalist missile batteries with a swarm of cheap drones.

There are only a finite number of trucks in a battery. Each truck carries 4 missiles. It takes time to reload the launchers. Yes, there are also the CIWS to account for. But there are also limits to effectiveness and ammunition capacity.

Drones are cheap. It would seem that if all of the above numbers were known that it is not too complex of a math problem to get at least a rough estimate of the number of drones it would take to neutralize a Patriot battery.

The use of decoys and timing would also be crucial to such a tactic. The math gets more complicated. But I think within reach, especially with “advisors” to run the simulations.

But is this realistic for resources and logistics of Yemen/Houthis?

So perhaps a tactic where single drones are “skipped” – much like skipping a flat rock across water – into the globalist camps is worth to consider. The idea would be to keep the drone below radar detection and even hidden behind obstacles for periods of time before flying to the next location presumably in an irregular pattern. Such experimentation could be easily done without detection in remote Yemeni areas.

But maybe I am oversimplifying or glossing over hidden complexities. I can’t possibly be the first to consider these things.

But low-tech is the way to go, or so I believe it is worthy to test. Already world marvels at resilience and innovation of Houthis/Yemenis thus there is no shortage of resolve and creativity.

Low-tech is the way the Vietnamese freedom fighters roasted the Ziomerican belly in hell with old-fashioned human-intel, intelligent use of environment and moving openly in their blind spots. And, yes, the Ziomericans and their Ziocunt lackeys have more blind spots than they have mathematicians to count.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

I wonder what is the real cost of PAC-2 unit? Is 2-3M$ enough for unit or is this a price of rocket? SF please help and clarify.
Thank you for article.

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