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Saudi-led Coalition Claims Its Warplanes Struck Houthi Air-Defense Systems In Sanaa


Saudi-led Coalition Claims Its Warplanes Struck Houthi Air-Defense Systems In Sanaa

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Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out a new series of airstrikes on several positions inside the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on June 15.

In an official statement released by the al-Arabiya TV, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that its airstrikes targeted “air-defense systems” of the Houthis.

“Destroying the Houthis advanced capabilities achieves regional and international security,” the statement reads.

The Houthis possess several types of man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), as well as modified air-to-air missiles, such as Soviet-made, infrared-guided R-27T and R-73E. However, it is still unclear if the coalition’s airstrikes targeted any of these weapons.

This new wave of airstrikes was apparently a response to the recent attack on Abha International Airport, which was carried out by at least five suicide drones. The Saudi-led coalition claimed that all of them were shot down away from the airport.

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  • Rob

    Saudi terrorism.

    • omrizkiblog

      That’s because:
      1. Most world leaders are puppets of establishment.
      2. People are living comfy life, love of this world, and fear of losing it.
      3. It Happens farrrrrrr away from where they live. And, They don’t like what doesn’t fit into their reality. So, who give a fuck?
      4. Yes this world is full of idiots & ignoramus!

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    hopefully they didnt damage anything, and that houthis air defense is still alive and kicking

  • Garga

    Attacking “Houthi air defence” would be another lie from Saudi coalition, they attacked civilians yet again.

    Saudi coalition apparently are catching up with their Da’esh brethren. They started burning villages and farmlands in retaliation for Yemeni attack on their military sites. Yesterday they burned the whole of a village, all of it’s farmlands and trees in Hudaydah.