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Saudi-led Coalition Claims Its Recent Airstrikes On Ma’rib Killed More Than 250 Houthis

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Saudi-led Coalition Claims Its Recent Airstrikes On Ma'rib Killed More Than 250 Houthis

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The Saudi-led coalition claims that its recent airstrikes on the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib killed more than 250 fighters of the Houthis (Ansar Allah).

The Houthis, backed by local tribesmen, launched a large-scale offensive to captured Ma’rib city and nearby oil fields from Saudi-backed forces more than nine months ago. In the last few months, Houthi fighters made significant gains to the west and south of the city. However, they sustained heavy losses.

According to the Saudi-led coalition:

  • On December 1, 23 airstrikes targeted Houthi forces in Ma’rib, killing 120 fighters and destroying 18 military vehicles, including air-defense systems.
  • On December 2, nine airstrikes targeted Houthi forces in Ma’rib, killing 45 fighters and destroying six military vehicles.
  • On December 3, 13 airstrikes targeted Houthi forces in Ma’rib, killing 90 fighters and destroying eight military vehicles.

While the coalition’s claims are yet to be verified, there is no denying that the Houthis’ advance in Ma’rib slowed down in recent weeks.

Houthi fighters are holding onto their positions in the western outskirts of Ma’rib city. However, they are still situated more than 40 kilometers away from the city’s southern outskirts.

The Saudi-led coalition’s recent airstrikes slowed down the Houthis. However, Houthi forces leading the offensive in Ma’rib overcame similar pressure earlier this year. The group may resume its advance very soon.


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They wish. You’re telling me Russia kills about 10-20 isis/airstrike in Syria at a time, and Saudi can kill 250 trained by IRGC/Hezbollah at one time? If IRGC and Hezbollah trained them, then Houthis wouldn’t be bunched up together like that, Hezbollah doesn’t train like that.


Jnoub for your own sake, when the war between Israel and Iran starts you better be quiet from Lebanon and don’t join the war, or else we will destroy your country too and your people will need to find a new land.

Consider that a friendly advice from me.


You guys had trouble getting 5km into south Lebanon when Hezbollah had soviet weapons. Now that Hezbollah has at least 500k missiles spread out around the Middle East, Israel won’t even get near Iran. Hezbollah will flatten all your airports and bases, and you airforce will become useless. You guys had 90k troops in the bint jbeil battle, and you guys still had to retreat, you losers. Hezbollah and Iran arent wahabis who beg for mercy during tough times, you guys made those wahabis sign peace treaties after the 6 day war, I’ll give you that, but us Shias will never bow down to you guys.


War with Iran or Hezbollah won’t happen unless every NATO soldier is there to protect you. America will never you idiots embarrass them like that. Your air defence let 10% of hamas homemade rockets in, I can’t wait for every Hezbollah missile to destroy every last settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory. Iran doesn’t need a nuke, it’s missiles will end the Zionist regime, soon enough israel will won’t even be on the map.

Chris Gr

Hamas are not Wahhabis right? Only Ikhwanis!

Peppe il Sicario

The Saudis killed about 200 or so desert mice in their bombing runs!!! That’s it folks!! C’mon the Saudis are so effin’ stupid and incompetent, they need people here in my area to go to Saudi Arabia just to do a 5 hour welding job on a refinery, almost 5,000 kms away!!!

Chris Gr

Don’t you understand that the Houthis and the Yemeni army that support them are much more numerous than the Hadi government?

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