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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Shot Down Two Drone, Killed 165 Houthi Fighters

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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Shot Down Two Drone, Killed 165 Houthi Fighters

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Early on October 17, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had intercepted and shot down two suicide drones which were launched from Yemen, allegedly by the Houthis (Ansar Allah).

In a statement shared by the Saudi Press Agency, the coalition said that the two drones were heading towards Saudi Arabia’s southern region.

“We are taking operational measures to protect civilians and civilian properties from hostile attacks,” the statement reads.

The two drones were most likely shot down within Yemen airspace by fighter jets of the Royal Saudi Air Force with air-to-air missiles.

A few hours after the encounter, the Saudi-led coalition said that its warplanes carried out 41 airstrikes on Houthi forces in the district of al-Abdiyah in the central Yemen province of Ma’rib.

The coalition claimed that 165 Houthis fighters were killed and ten military vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes. These numbers were not verified by any independent side.

The Houthis have been advancing towards Ma’rib city for more than seven months now. During a very recent operation, codenamed “Spring of Victory,” the Yemeni group captured two district in Ma’rib, including al-Abdiyah, and three others in the nearby province of Shabwah.


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Icarus Tanović

Hahahahahahaha Bwahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHA hahahahahaha.


Keep laughing, the Houthis will take over Saudi, just wait.

Chris Gr

Yes they will. I don’t agree with them. I admire Hezbollah and Houthis even though I am with Israel.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

I think he was laughing at saudis claims, or at least i hope

Icarus Tanović

Yes I was.


KSA propaganda – this press release comes just day after Houthis took control of new areas in Yemen. Media optics for damage control – KSA trying not to look like losing ground.

Chris Gr

Yeah but Houthis has 200.000 fighters while the Yemeni army has only 43.000. If Houthis lose 1.000 and the Yemeni army loses 500 then they will still win.


Yemeni army?! You mean the invading Saudi army and its paid Yemeni proxies right? Previously KSA had Sudanese army including its armored divisions on contract as mercenary infantry in Yemen, but coup in Sudan saw that deal wind down and Sudanese withdraw. As regards the actual Yemeni army, the Yemeni Republican Guard by-and-large sided with the Houthi’s, and they brought the Tochka missiles and launcher technology to Houthi side, and taught them how to use these systems.

Chris Gr

I mean the Hadi-led government. The Sudanese were only 40.000.


The saudi piglets are desperate. Not much room anymore to maneuver. Running out of cheap a$$ mercenaries…

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