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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Foiled Houthi Drone Attack


Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Foiled Houthi Drone Attack

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The Saudi-led coalition announced late on September 7 that its air-defense units had intercepted and shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over the southern part of the kingdom.

Col. Turki al-Malki, a spokesman for the coalition, said that the UAV was launched from the central Yemeni province of ‘Amran by the Houthis.

“The Coalition Joint Forces Command is taking all operational procedures and implementing the best rules of engagement to deal with these aircraft in order to protect civilians and civilian objects from these hostile and terrorist acts,” the spokesman said in an official statement released by the al-Arabia TV.

The Houthis contradicted the Saudi-led coalition’s statement, claiming that several Qasef-2K suicide UAVs successfully attacked a “key military position” in the Saudi province of ‘Asir.

As usual, a spokesman for the Yemeni group said that the attack was a response to the Saudi-led coalition siege and airstrikes on Houthi-held areas.

In the last few days, the Houthis intensified their attacks on southern Saudi Arabia, using UAVs and artillery rockets to target several airports and military bases in the region.

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  • Tiresia Branding

    if true, probably was one of their own drones

  • Andrei

    Here wee go again,!!!!Saudi call Yemeni military a terrorist,, unbelievable,, Saudi are the ones ho invaded Yemen… they are the real terrorists..
    Unfucking believable… they think that we are idiots…

  • Garga

    to protect civilians and civilian objects from these hostile and terrorist acts.

    Saudis could easily create an oil-free economy if they performed classes to teach the shy and timid people how to be saucy, pert, cheeky and barefaced. But experts like professor Al-Jubair and this Turki dude are too valuable to teach in lousy classes. They should train the instructors.

    Unfortunately An unwanted side effect would be that they’ll be so busy counting money that they won’t have any time to murder, maim, hack and starve the innocents. I can’t be responsible for ruining the favourite Saudi passtime! Money ain’t everything…

  • d’Artagnan

    Saudi Arabian economy is in very bad shape as the Yemen quagmire is costing billions while oil prices are in a downward spiral. The senile King has appointed another son as the Energy Minister as budget deficit balloons.

    Appointment of Prince Abdulaziz is the first time Saudi prince from the ruling Al Saud family heads energy ministry.