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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Secret IRGC, Hezbollah Facilities In Yemen (Videos)

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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Secret IRGC, Hezbollah Facilities In Yemen (Videos)

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On November 18, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had targeted key positions of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) and their backers in different parts of Yemen.

“We conducted a large-scale operation against legitimate military targets in response to the threat posed by [the Houthis’] ballistic missiles and drone,” the coalition said in a statement shared by the Saudi Press Agency.

The coalition’s airstrikes covered the central province of Dhamar, the northern provinces of al-Jawf and Saada as well as the capital, Sanaa.

The targets of the airstrikes included missiles and drones’ workshops, weapons depots and communication systems of the Houthis as well as alleged “secret facilities” of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The operation was a response to a drone attack that targeted Abha International Airport in the southern Saudi province of ‘Asir in the early hours of November 18. The coalition claimed that the attack was foiled. A suicide drone, that was allegedly launched from Yemen by the Houthis, was shot down.

The pro-Houthis al-Masirah TV didn’t report any casualties as a result of the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes on Sanaa and the other areas.

The Saudi-led coalition’s operation was yet another attempt to deter and intimidate the Houthis. The group will likely strike back soon.


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Sure you did buddy! You are so skilled and awesome, you can bomb something which doesn’t exist!

One thing made me worried though, whenever these cowards speak about attacking “legitimate military targets” I shiver. There must be something fishy which makes them use such a phrase and that makes me suspect them even more than usual.
I pray for the poor souls of the civilians they murder in times like this. Yeah, legitimate military target, like the school bus full of children, weddings, funerals, hospitals and so on.
Damn you.

Michel LeBlanc

My thougts exactly, its like when the grain silos on hodeydah were bombed.

The houthis are against barbarians.

Icarus Tanović

Or when that ammunition depo was bombed. That blast lasted for hours and was bigger than one in Beirut. Some says they have used Nuke, but other ‘professionals’ claims it isn’t really because of this or that. Like they witnessed Nuclear explosion live.

Icarus Tanović

Rhetoric we used to. From Israel, legitimate targets are agricultural workers picking fruits in the fields of Syria. If Sadam was to do that, that is pretext for utter destruction of Iraq, but not for these ones.

Chris Gr

Iran dislikes Saddam.

Icarus Tanović

Are there any connections to what I just said? Or you are schizophrenic simplex form?

Chris Gr

Schizophrenia is not like that. You are total astroturf.

Icarus Tanović

Oh yes, yes it is. Just like that. Schizophrenia simplex form per definition. Connecting things with one another that have nothing in common whatsoever. Schizophrenia simplex.

Chris Gr

So this has nothing to do with me though. Simple form schizophrenia has flattened thinking. I have heightened thinking.

Chris Gr


Icarus Tanović

Are you in love with Garga? Would you love to suck his dick and receive it in the asshole from him, then again in the mouth and then facial care.

Last edited 9 days ago by Icarus Tanović
Chris Gr

I want to give you a chelsea grin in Sarajevo.

Icarus Tanović

Dear Garga unload it all over Chris face. Give him special facial.

Last edited 8 days ago by Icarus Tanović
Chris Gr

The chelsea grin is waiting.

Dr shlomo biddlestein

dim psvcho homo—flat affect associated with either major depression or bipolar

Yanuqis, Wahhabis, Zion, your day will come

Zion, Yanquis, and ofc Wahhabi do this every time they get fuked in the ass.

The Zion pigs can’t even dream of attacking Iran or Hezbollah facilities, and you telling me some Wahhabi dare to do so. It is a fake, most likely one of the Wahhabi commanders lied his ass off to not get fuked by Mohammed bin salman.
How many times the yanquis kill civilians and say BS like this, that they attacked “secret facilities” of…
It is not new news for anyone anymore.


Israel and the america have failed to find Hezbollah/IRGC bases during the 2006 war-present, I doubt an army like Saudi is capable of doing what their own masters have failed to accomplish.


there are all in all less than 5 iranian officials in iran some of them are irgc people and more than half of them are doctors from hezbollah meanwhile i hear you will find not more than 30 people in yemen so i really wonder what delusions these fools are suffering under in ksa still to this day


lets say it that way if you seek dead saudi corpes in yemen than you will find of them 1000s more than you will find any iranian militaries paramilitaries or whatever the saudis are just that much controlled from foreigners that they cant believe that yemen isnt

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat

btw it is obvious that yemen isnt foreign controlled its a besieged place which is constantly under surveillance how do these imbecile al saud even imagine this would work anyway do they think some phantoms suddenly take over a small hut and create a missile factory in a 10qm hut and if this is your rationality than please show me this rationality in action in your domestic governance i would be amazed to see how that looks like certainly it wouldnt damage you being nuts retarded and completely irrational as you are also please world lets forget that this is the biggest crime of our century and lets just rub the shoulders of the aggressor child murdering headchoppers maybe the united nations needs to wax the sword of the al saud how about that and they wonder why we will wipe them all out together with their idiot masters which indeed is going to happen to them because of exactly the ignorance they portray all of the time

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat

the al saud are no different to daesh they only attack civilians these cowards are worthless trash they will suffer the consequences of their doing in fact al saud has doomed itself in fact they are dead tehy just dont know it yet but their homes are burning their food is rotting and there is no water for anyone kind of what they did to yemen atleast a decade ohh what is this riyad is exploding ohh what is this dead al saud filth ohh what is this the al saud oil facilities are all burning in fact al saud get ready for what is coming you wont be around much longer yemen warned you dont attack any cities and you didnt listen now its time for your cities to blow up

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat
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