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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Another Air-Defense System Of The Houthis (Video)

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Saudi-led Coalition Claims It Destroyed Another Air-Defense System Of The Houthis (Video)

Typhoon T2 of the RSAF 10th Squadron. The 10th Squadron is being equipped with T2 and T3As currently.

On March 12, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its aerial forces had destroyed another air-defense system of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

In a brief statement, the coalition claimed that its strikes destroyed “all the components” of the system and eliminated “foreign experts” who were operating it.

The coalition released a video allegedly showing the destruction of an anti-aircraft missile launcher, three radars and a command and control center. Experts were not able to identify any of the objects seen in the unclear video. This leaves the coalition’s claims unverified.

Two days ago, Saudi-led coalition warplanes destroyed a Soviet-made SA-6 “Gainful” medium-range air-defense system of the Houthis in Ma’rib in a rare success.

The Houthis’ Air Defense Force operates several air-defense systems, including air-to-air missiles which were modified by the Yemeni group for ground-launch.

Recently, the Houthis’ air-defense capabilities began to pose a real threat to the Saudi-led coalition aerial operations in Yemen. The most recent victim of these capabilities was a Saudi Vestel Karayel combat drone that was shot down over al-Jawf.


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Nice hits.

Rhodium 10

Nice hits are Houttis drones and ATGM which are destroying the Saudi coalition and petrol assets.


They do get some successes occasionally. Most of their conquests were due to that fact they fought incompetent Saudi-backed fighters who ran from the battlefield and gave the Houthis free equipement, supplies and more land to launch strikes at KSA. Seems like the Saudis realized that if they lose Marib then the Eastern front is over, they will rain hell on the Houthis and stop them.

chris chuba

The KSA must be getting help but from someone more competent than they are.


British and US pilots are now flying all the missions. Biden authorized that on February 15th as the Saudis were on the verge of collapse and in the process of losing Marib oilfields.

John Mason

Find that hard to believe that the Houthis are that stupid to leave the missiles and launches out in the open; they would be under cover and hidden out of sight when not in use.

Jens Holm

It comin sense to me, that a radar is spottet and its connected to missiles to hit fx this Typoon. It dont hit anything if its put away as You propose:) So funny.


Anyone know where Houthis got a hold of old soviet tech? Like were they supplied during the war or left behind and if so, by whom?

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