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Saudi-led Coalition Claims Houthi Missile Fell Short In Yemen’s Saada


Saudi-led Coalition Claims Houthi Missile Fell Short In Yemen’s Saada

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The Saudi-led coalition claimed on December 17 that a “ballistic missile” that was launched by Ansar Allah (more widely known as the Houthis) failed midcourse.

Col. Turki Al-Malki, a spokesman for the coalition, said the missile, that was launched at Saudi Arabia, fell short in the northern Yemen province of Saada. The province is known to be the stronghold of the Houthis.

“The Houthi militia continues its flagrant violations of the International Humanitarian Law by launching ballistic missiles that fall indiscriminately on civilians and population centers, threatening the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians,” Col. al-Malki said in a statement. “The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to undertake all deterrent, rigorous measures to protect civilians in Yemen, and safeguard regional and international security.”

Local activists in Saada didn’t report any explosion in the province’s urban centers. The Houthis, from their side, are yet to comment on the Saudi-led coalition’s claims.

In the last few months, the Houthis stepped up their missile and drone attacks on Saudi-backed forces in Yemen. The Yemen group also targeted high-value military and civilian targets within Saudi Arabia.

A day earlier, the Saudi-led coalition intercepted a suicide drone that was launched by the Houthis at unspecified target in the Kingdom’s southern region. This was the second drone to be intercepted this week.

Despite the effective defense measures of the coalition, the Houthis are still carrying out successful operations. Earlier this week, a tanker burst into flames in Jeddah’s port as a result of a successful attack by the Yemeni group.




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