Saudi-led Coalition Captures Positions 15km South Of Al-Hudaydah Port (Map, Videos +18)

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Saudi-led Coalition Captures Positions 15km South Of Al-Hudaydah Port (Map, Videos +18) 1.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.

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On May 30, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies continued their advance along the western Yemeni coast and captured several positions 15km south of the strategic port city of al-Hudaydah, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Reportedly, the coalition is now clashing with the Houthis around the airport of al-Hudaydah south of the city.

Saudi-led Coalition Captures Positions 15km South Of Al-Hudaydah Port (Map, Videos +18)

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The UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies killed more than 93 fighters of the Houthis and captured dozens others during their advance along the western Yemeni coast in the last two days. The coalition also captured ballistic missiles and anti-ship missiles whih were left behind by Houthi fighters, according to al-Arabiya.

Meanwhile, the Houthis media wing announced that Houthi fighters had destroyed an armored vehicle and a pickup armed with a heavy machinegun of the Saudi-led coalition with IEDs south of al-Hudaydah. Several Yemeni fighters of the coalition were also killed and injured by the Houthis, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

According to local observers, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies have a chance to capture the al-Hudaydah airport within a few days. However, the Houthis may mange to build a strong defense line inside the urban areas of al-Hudaydah, mainly around the strategic port.

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144 p video quality?

Are you fucking serious? Its fucking 2018… are these people not able to afford a decent camera or something?


It’s Yemen.


I’d still expect at least 480 p. Not even HD.

Wise Gandalf

There were 12 jew tribes. 12×12=144. This is the kosher resolution. .)


Poor Houthis.


That’s why never ever trust deluded people who told you to fight while you know you can’t win.

Remember the kurdish guy who said that kurds will win Afrin. XD.
Remember people who trusted Putin in Syria.

Don’t follow deluded people.


The Saudis are progressing quicker than I would have expected, it’s as if the Houthis had never set up an organized defense at all.


They are starving to death, famine is causing a real problem everywhere in yemen.

Jacek Wolski

Then why is the population of Yemen expanding exponentially???
In 2000 in was 17 million
2010 it was 24 million
2016 it was 28 million


Due to the blockade there are certainly food shortages in an already impoverished nation and due to the war near 100,000 people have fled the country. Since the war started in 2015 these stats may be right, but why are you using them?


this is soooooooooooooooo far of being over LOL……coastal area is difficult to defend if one does not have an airforce…..but its the mountains, the valleys, the caves in the houthi area that will make them pay dearly……..check out vietnam….coastal areas, cities all captured by us with little fighting…typical bee stings, like the houthis are doing, but everytime the americans went deeper into the country,jungle, thats were its man against man…same here in jemen….wait till they get to the houthi areas..mountains and mountains, valleys next to valleys, caves in the thousands……..thats man against man…were not even heavy armoured vehicles can move to…………lets put it this way…..time is on the side of the houthis….like in vietnam like in afghanistan.
ps. we all dont know what the current situation in saudi arabia is with bin salman that motherfucker, he was shot thats for sure last month, but is he dead or alive?who were the attackers?which tribe did they belong to?and who else of the “royal family” was invoveld? this made up country may be in a civil war any time soon.

chris chuba

Checking out a map, it looks like there is about 30 miles of flat lands between the coast line before you get to mountains. It also has two parallel roads running north / south. It seems like terrain that would favor a military that had an air force, I wonder why the KSA + mercs didn’t do this before.

Do the Houthis have Katyusha’s or other artillery that they can fire from 30+ miles from cover in the mountain ranges to make life difficult on the coastline?

Pave Way IV

Houthis have used a few ballistic missiles on the Saudi/UAE forces, but that isn’t necessarily the threat. The Houthis know they’re dead if they are caught in the open desert (airstrikes), so they just don’t attack the invaders that way. There are no targets for air strikes. There’s pretty much nothing on the coast between Mocha and al-Hudaydah besides little villages.

It’s more about how willing the Saudis/UAE are to extend their supply lines a hundred km before they can take al-Hudaydah. Even if they take that port, they’ll have difficulty unloading heavy equipment. The port only has a couple of truck-mounted cranes functioning. And after every advance, the Saudis/UAE are depending on merc ‘guards’ left behind to watch their back and supply lines.

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