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Saudi-led Coalition Captures New Positions In Northern Yemen (Video)

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Saudi-led Coalition Captures New Positions In Northern Yemen (Video)

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On May 16, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies launched a new ground attack against the Houthis in the al-Atifyn region of the Kitaf wa al-Boqe’e district in the northern province of Saada and captured the areas of Tibab Ajam, Khashim Adiyaq and al-Barq al-Ahmar mount, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV.

Yemeni sources reported that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies had killed dozens of Houthi fighters and had captured two others during their advance in the al-Atifyn region.

The Yemeni al-Masira TV said that warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition had conducted more than five airstrikes on the northern part of Saada province. The source also announced that Houthi fighters had shot down a drone of the coalition in the province.

Observers believe that the Saudi-led coalition resumed its military operations against the Houthis in Saada province in order to secure the Saudi-Yemeni border and to limit the Houthis’ capabilities of launching ballistic missiles. According to the coalition, the Houthis launched most of their missiles from Saada.

The Saudi-led coalition will likely face a strong resistance in Saada province, as it is considered the homeland of the Houthis. Moreover, the Houthis’ leadership is believed to be stationed there.

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This was inevitable, and so far there has been surprisingly little resistance even for an Arab on Arab fight. It is interesting that during a major offensive people are not dying much faster than during the static war. South Front’s probably right that the most carnage will happen in the Houthi core areas, but understand that most of the killing might not necessarily come from the battle but from the purges that come after the Hadi government takes over.


It’s not going good for Houthi’s. They have no air superiority. I wish them the best against those Saudi pigs.

Rafik Chauhan

its all special operating done by US on the side with sauid coward soldier mostly at night . Houthis still defending heavily . Houthis has to target tohse US special force and killed at 3 or 4 of them then this opertion will stop. saudi cannot fight with those support.even the air stirke is done by US


its great news……..the houthis are goating them….the houtis want them in….the closer the better…mountains,valleys,caves……the deeper the saudis including their mercenaries get into yemen…specially saada province , the better for the houtis…airstrikes will be on a minimum…no large heavy armoured vehicles….great news…..thats how most GIs died in vietnam and in korea war…if the enemy has all the hardware including air superiority , you have to goat him in….close combat, shitty terrain,lots of fixed up places for ambush, hell for the invaders…..until now, it was strike and retreat, just as the vietcong……..just look at the history of jemen or vietnam.or afgahnistan…all countries fighting of invaders for centuries….always the same happens…better equipt force invades….gos deeper and deeper….and they awake in the middle of hell…not winnable for the invaders..just like the french or us in vietnam, or nato in afghanistan.
as far as us special forces are concerned…sorry folks, they wont be killed or captured..why?because the us forces operate only in border area for obvious security reasons.there wont be no special forces in saada province..thats like a suicide mission…and the last that this fucked up usa government needs, are 8 navy seals blindfolded on houti tv, and having their balls cut off.LOL

Amine Mansouri

good news! soon houthis and iranian scumbag will be destroyed

chris chuba

The Saudis been predicting that for 3yrs now along with the bogus claim that they have liberated ‘85% of Yemen’ but for some reason Hadi is still in a hotel room in Riyadh and not able to find anyplace in Yemen to govern.


we found a terrorist supporter, its ok one day you will be victories


An Iranian news report suggests that Prince Salmanstein may be dead, I hope it’s true.


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