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Saudi-led Coalition Captures Multiple Positions In Western Yemeni Coast (Map, Video)

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Saudi-led Coalition Captures Multiple Positions In Western Yemeni Coast (Map, Video)

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On May 26, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies continued their advance along the western Yemeni coast and captured the areas of al-Mashra’i, al-Tilaf, al-Mashiyakhi, al-Jah al-A’la, al-Jah al-Asfal and al-Zuhr north of the al-Tuhayat district center, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Currently, coalition forces are only 50km south of their main target, the port ciry of al-Hudaydah.

Al-Arabiya said that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies had killed dozens of Houthi fighters and had captured many others during their advance. Moreover, Apache attack helicopters of the coalition destroyed twelve vehicles of the Houthis along the western Yemeni coast.

The Saudi-led coalition managed to capture the key road between the town of Zabid and the al-Tuhayat district center on May 25. This move forced Houthi fighters to withdrew to the city of Bayt al-Faqih and al-Husseiniyah town north of Zabid, according to the UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV.

Observers believe that that Saudi-led coalition will reach the outskirts of al-Hudaydah port within a few weeks, if the Houthis fail to reorganize their units and launch an effective counter attack.

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A pretty obvious encirclement is taking place, the Houthi’s non-existant coordination and counterattacks clearly show the extent of their disunity.

Promitheas Apollonious

are you talking of the same houthis who been beating the shit out of SA and mercenaries from FUkCUSrashit, all this years? With out any outside help I may add.


No we apparently aren’t, because I’ve never heard of any army that lives up to that social media fantasy.


Yeah, well its been three years and that’s all you Saudi shitheads have achieved, pretty pathetic, with all the billion spent on arms. That you wahabbi’s can only take few coastal towns. You stupid salafist are going to be stuck there until the oil runs out and you are run out of the region.


I bet all of the rats being shown in that video viciously beat their wives whenever they are home from work. And after they are tired of beating their wife, they collapse on the bed from physical exhaustion and go to sleep. Meanwhile their wife cries and whimpers, licks her wounds and tends to her bruises in a corner of the room for the rest of the night.

Icarus Tanović

When those psychos are asleep, oh shiit, there comes big nigga named Bruce, with very large cock and beat the shit out of his wife’s ass. And all of them loves big nigga named Bruce so so so much!


SA have invaded Yemen in solidarity with Israeli migrants and US migrants.


A lot of people are daydreaming in this website … lol
SA is winning the war so stop the crying kiddos


and we’re in taif now 10km from al-Hudaydah airport and that monkey leader of houthies have escaped to iran


There will be many Huties on your back, so your offensive will become desaster as usual.

Hide Behind

There was never any realquestion that the Houties would be defeated, only when.
Look at map, Houties had but 1/3 rd of. Yemen that they could claim control over, were never more than malita fighters, and never had a strong national industrial infrastructure or armaments industry.
Their arms supplies in the beginning of Saudi invasion were old antiquated artillery and armor with. no air support or defense.
They were even less well. armed and trained than were the terrorist in Syria, terrorist there that in heads up combat got neat by rag-tag Syrian military.
The Houtie resistance fought hard and valiantly against superior force with nut a few Iranian arm supplies, but never actually won a real battlefront, and after a squirmish never. could hold won ground.
They were never a sophisticated enough society with know how to govern a nation of mixed cultures and religions.
Never of sufficient ability to replace killed and wounded nor having units of a size so that loss of even 5 or 6 out of unit hurt combat effeciency.
Unable to adequately feed and care for populace at large, a populace that was. always barely above poverty and starvation before conglict, how could they maintain a sufficient force. at arms in the field?
Their bravery, tenacity and loyalty to cause and religion can never be qustioned.
Problem is in. the real. world the good and righteous do not always win.
Unable to bring harm on Saudi people’s and lands, it only. cost Saudi and UAE a portion. of monthly oil revenues, with no huge amounts of kin dying, for the Houtie enemies it was. no more than a game.


The Houthis need to ambush some convoys or attack isolated checkpoints because this isn’t going well for them at all …

Brother Ma

Fuck all yemenis and saudis. Both were chopping off Christian heads in yugoslavia in nineties and in Syria until they had a fight amongst themselves.some of us do remember!
However,amongst all these dogs i support the Houthies for the moment.

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