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Saudi-led Coalition Captures Large Areas Of Al-Hudaydah Airport (Video)

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On June 19, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies captured large areas of the airport of al-Hudaydah, according to the Emirates News Agency (WAM). Yemeni sources said that heavy clashes between the coalition and the Houthis are still taking place in few positions in the northern part of the airport.

Commander of the Saudi-led coalition in the western Yemeni coast, Brigade General Abdul Salam al-Shehhi, told the Sky News Arabia TV that coalition forces had killed 250 fighters of the Houthis and captured 87 others during the clashes in the airport.

Meanwhile, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition carried out a new series of airstrikes on several positions of the Houthis north of the airport and in the city of al-Hudaydah. The Yemeni al-Masirah TV reported that 6 civilians, including women, were killed in the coalition’s airstrikes on the city.

The Saudi-led coalition claimed on June 16 that its forces imposed its control of the airport of al-Hudaydah. Back then, the Houthis managed to repel the attack and recaptured most of the airport within hours.

However this time, it appears that the Saudi-led coalition has managed to impose its control of key positions in the airport including its main hall and the runway.

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Saudi Arabia backed by RUSSIA, backed by China, backed by France, backed by the UK, backed by the USA, is going to take full control of its historic SLAVE state once again. Here’s a fun fact. The wahhabi monsters of Saudi Arabia, given their modern power by the vile pervert Lawrence of Arabia and the british, only abolished slavery in 1962 (no type- 1962). They used Yemen as a source of white(ish) female slaves.

Yemen is to Saudi Arabia as Korea is to Japan.


spot on

S Melanson

Starlight, I agree that Britain deserves the criticism, and then some, but T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) was likely not deserving of this. Lawrence communicated to the Arab tribes the British offer in personal good faith. Lawrence fought bravely along side the Arabs that revolted against the Ottomans and was not aware of the betrayal until rumours had begun circulating among the Arabs. If the Arabs had believed Lawrence was complicit in the betrayal, things would have gone badly for Lawrence. In fact, Lawrence continued fighting with the Arabs who continued the revolt despite learning of Sykes-Picot.

Lawrence was part of the official Arab delegation to the negotiations that would lead to the treaty of Paris, which cemented complete betrayal by Britain and France. Lawrence strongly advocated on behalf of the Arabs but to no avail. Lawrence was greatly affected by his role in what was a flagrant display of racism and amorality on the part of Britain and France.

Although he authored Revolt in the Desert followed by 7 Pillars, Lawrence largely retreated from public life, ashamed of what he had been a party to.

Debate on this does continue, but I believe he was idealistic and naive like most Britain’s ikbrainwashed to serve for the glory of empire…


very very very bad news out of iraq today.. popular forces fighting with iraqi state police forces…several killed…….now iraqi state police have surrounded the headquaters of popular forces. So now its practically official, the us controls iraqi government……what i always said…the obvious.. what would be the first and obvious thing a FREE iraqi president would do??? Ofcourse kick out the us troops and us mercenaries.Only the popular forces always called for the us to leave iraq.Never ever did the iraqi government ask them to leave.After lastets bombing in abu kamal where dozens of popular forces were mrdered, the us got scared that they would attck us tropps in iraq.Thats the iraqi government backlash on them.


US and Israeli both migrants are child butchers. US leaving UN’s Human Rights Council, cites anti-Israel bias. Lol,

What they have done to Columbians, Red Indians, Japanis, Vietnamis, Palestinians, Yemenis and Syrians, the same they will do to all other countries in the world.

Human Rights Council is not for child butchers. US and Israeli both migrants should be completely sanctioned and blockaded.


Any prime minister or president supporting the child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and Israel is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, terrorist and thief…..

Support mean that remain silent on butchering children in Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

Lena Jones

Last time the invader terrorists of Yemen lied about ‘taking over’ the Hydaydah airport. I’m going to therefore reserve judgement till AFTER I’ve heard from the Yemeni side.


We should not leave our world to our future generations with full of chaos. We should think about their education, health and development.

Concrete Mike

This looks pretty bad, lets hope the boys in the south can keep cutting the pigd supply lines. Lets hope its a trap and they close it and destroy their strike force.

I feel for the yemeni people, they are fighting against the whole western world with limited equipment.

Gabriel Hollows

I wouldn’t call the Saudis “western”, but they have American, Chinese and Russian weapons, along with US naval support, advisors, and mercenaries from all over the world. Assault rifles and ATGMs are simply not enough to deal with an opponent that has unlimited resources. That said, they can hold out and bleed the enemy for every inch they take, until something in the international stage tips the scales in their favor.

Gabriel Hollows

And Russia sells weapons to the Saudis just like the US does. This blood is on their hands.

Gabriel Hollows

Houthis are great warriors and brave defenders of their homeland. That said, they cannot win this war with AK-47s and a few vehicles. Defensive positions are destroyed by artillery and airstrikes. When the Houthi infantry comes out of their shelters, it finds itself deprived of cover against the Saudi hordes, and is driven back. The mountains provided them with natural cover from which they could hide from airstrikes and ambush saudi formations, but it looks like the terrain near the airport is flat, which makes this strategy no longer viable. Hopefully the terrain near the capital will prove more defensible.

Icarus Tanović

I look at Vietnam ??, and I can see my hope there.

Wise Gandalf

Vietnam got huge amount of help. And there ws kungle, optimal for hidings. Moreover, in vietnam was enough food and water. In Yemen are people starving.

S Melanson

Similarities are actually more than you might think.

First, the NLF was the main force fighting the US and they were almost entirely South Vietnamese (SV) – the term Viet-cong was an insulting name applied to the indigenous insurgency that meant commie Vietnamese. North Vietnam (NV) only became involved later in the conflict due to US provocations but never exceeded a dozen or so battalions operating in SV. The NLF was largely self sufficient like the Houthis (it is unlikely Iran has supplied significant aid) and did not rely on the NV.

The NLF, like the Houthis, were an insurgency whose goal was to overthrow the puppet government installed by foreign invaders. The NLF had 70% support of the SV while the US backed government had 5% support – Clearly a fine example of democracy to be admired by the international community.

The US kept escalating their commitment in SV but were unable to break the insurgency. After ten years, the US threw in the towel and without US support, the SV puppet government collapsed. The NLF was victorious, although the humiliated US leaders made North and South Vietnam pay dearly by the time they quit Vietnam – see pictures of Raqqa to get a sense of how the US operates. Note that the US made widespread use of agent orange in SV, using aircraft to saturate large areas causing all plant life to die and cause heritable genetic damage to the people caught in the spray. US also heavily mined, bombed and artillery barrages to destroy or make unusable transportation infrastructure, medical, food distribution, power and water, arable land etc. In other words send back to the Stone Age like Iraq, and Syria if they get their way. Unfortunately, South Vietnam was a humanitarian disaster with an estimated 3 million civilian casualties, largely starvation and disease. But it was worth it to bring democracy to Vietnam, even if only temporary.

Vietnam was destroyed but unbowed and today, have recovered and prosperous.

The parallels to the Houthi insurgence I am sure is not lost on US planners who have placed their high stakes bets on a battle for a port city, meaning urban warfare. How confident are US planners on success – well, they know the battle is largely in the hands of the Saudis and UAE – in other words, order triple whisky straight up and forget the day… and the past and try not to think of what tomorrow has in store.

The Houthis are creating the Saudi Vietnam and so they will eventually emerge victorious, unbowed and will rebuild and be once again prosperous.

S Melanson

First thing, be very wary of announcement by coalition forces or coalition friendly media. They have been dishonest from day one and expect this to continue. The article above states the airport was seized on the 16th and the Houthis quickly recaptured in hours – embarrassment enough, but this is not true. The Houthis were not dislodged and repulsed all attacks, which is why the coalition resorted to heavy bombing of the airport.

The Coalition stated even before the 16th the airport was liberated and that was a lie. The coalition did not even take the gate as the pictures were of a gate to a residence many miles south of the airport. The latest reports are from the coalition and are all over the place – announcing the taking of the airport, most of it, some of it, imminent entry into the airport as reinforcements arrived to bolster the assault. Their next announcement may as well be that tinkerbell will lead the next glorious assault using her deadly pixie dust. But since pixie dust is not real, the assault will be another glorious retreat.

So are the reports true? Perhaps this time the coalition is speaking truth – one can learn a new language… Soon we will know.


Of course both sides exaggerate their exploits and the other guys crimes. But this is building to building fighting of a deserted airport, no one wants to admit how mediocre the efforts of both sides are…

I really like the Houthis and the people of Yemen in general. When this war started I originally had high hopes that they could hold off for a year till the UN made them stop, or for two years till an outside force had arrived. And they have accomplished this. The Houthis have not let me down, it is the world that has let them down. They gave everything they had. They are encircled on their left. They have been broken in the middle. And now their right has given way like a flood gate opening. This is the beginning of the end now for them. I am angry cause they fought so well and for so long holding out till help arrived. This help has not arrived. The Zionist child Saudi Arabia expands. In 2018 it is Yemen. In 2019 it will be Syria. In 2020 it will be Lebanon or Iran. Then in 2021 it will be the other. Then after that it will be Russia.


Dont lose hope just yet my friend. Remember how bad it was for the SAA?

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