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Saudi-led Coalition Boosts Its Operations In Saada And Secures Key District (Video)


On November 24, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies imposed control of the entire district of al-Dhaher in the northern province of Saada after capturing the town of Almalaheeth and several positions around it from the Houthis.

“After advancing east of the town of Almalaheeth our forces managed to liberate Aqabat Trani and the al-Kasarah factory, behind it … In the northern front we captured several strategic positions including Tabat al-Keada, Tabat al-Wasaghi and other posts, which were considered the most important fortifications of the Houthis,” the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV quoted a Yemeni commander as saying.

Al-Arabiya said that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies will continue their operations in Sadaa and advance towards the district of Haydan. The northern province is known as the heartland of the Houthis and as the main base of the Yemeni Missile Force.

The Saudi-led coalition has stepped up its operations against the Houthis in Saada and the province of Sanaa in central Yemen after announcing a humanitarian ceasefire in the western city of al-Hudaydah earlier this month.



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