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Saudi-led Coalition Assassinated Former Commander Of Yemeni Air Force – Report

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Saudi-led Coalition Assassinated Former Commander Of Yemeni Air Force – Report

Major General Ibrahim Ali al-Shami

The Saudi-led coalition has assassinated Major General Ibrahim Ali al-Shami, a former commander of the pro-Houthis Yemeni Air Force, in a special intelligence operation inside the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, the al-Arabiya TV reported on January 17 citing special sources.

According to the UAE-based TV channel, Maj. Gen. al-Shami occupied the 19th position on the Saudi-led coalition’s most wanted list, which includes the names of 40 pro-Houthis military and political figures. The list is headed by Houthis leader Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi.

Contrary to al-Arabiya claims, al-Masirah TV said that Maj. Gen. al-Sham died of natural causes. The Yemeni TV channel even published a message of condolence that was sent by Mahdi al-Mashat, head of the Houthi-dominated Supreme Political Council, to al-Sham’s family.

“Late al-Shami was one of the military commanders who were known for their dedication to serve the homeland, he was an example of a successful military commander in carrying out all his tasks,” al-Mashat said in the message.

Yemeni sources said that the Houthis placed al-Shami under house arrest for unknown reasons after removing him from his position few months ago. However, pro-Houthis sources deny these claims.

During his service in the Yemeni Air Force, Maj. Gen. al-Shami planned and commanded several drone and missile attacks on the Saudi-led coalition. This makes his death a major lose for the Houthis, whether he was assassinated by the coalition or not.

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Pave Way IV

Send the FBI there to investigate this suspicious death.

You can call me Al

Have you had or can you see any updated or news reports since the 15th on AMN (almasdarnews) ?. I cannot and just wonder why.

Zionism = EVIL

Saudi scum could not assassinate an ant, unless you visit their embassy. This hit must have been contracted to the Americunts who are getting increasingly desperate in Yemen as pressure builds on their Saudi pets..


The Americuns are too clumsy, they would use bombs and blow up half the country.

They probably hired Mossad, they are the experts at assassination.

You can call me Al

Blackwater never went away, it just changed it’s name after a serious fuck up…..the new name is Academi.

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