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JUNE 2021

Saudi-led Coalition Advances In Yemeni Province Of Saana, Repels Large Houthi Attack

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Saudi-led Coalition Advances In Yemeni Province Of Saana, Repels Large Houthi Attack

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On March 9, fighters loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi resumed their advance in the central province of Saana and captured al-Admagh Mountains in the district of Nihm, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV.

Al-Arabiya TV said that Saudi-led coalition backed the attack by pro-Hadi forces in the Nihm district and destroyed several positions and a vehicle belonging to the Houthis.

Yemeni sources reported that pro-Hadi fighters had repelled a large attack by the Houthis on their positions east of the Tibab al-Zilal area of the Nihm district. Pro-Hadi fighters killed 19 fighters of the Houthis, including a field commander named “Abu Zaid al-Wajih”, according to the sources.

The Saudi-led coalition has also stepped up its aerial operations against the Houthi’ supplies lines between the provinces of Saana and Ma’rib.

On March 3, coalition warplanes conducted three airstrikes against gatherings and vehicles of the Houthis in Ma’rib. 13 Houthi fighters were reportedly killed.

The current goal of the Saudi-led coalition’s efforts is the strategic Saana airport, located north of the Yemeni capital. However, local observers doubt that the Saudi-led coalition will be able to capture the airport anytime soon as its forces are currently stationed dozens of kilometers north and northeast of it.

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MD Ranix

God is with the oppressed – zio satanic wahabbis are the ultimate losers


horrible poster. Thought I would have never seen someone more shitty poster then ”Rob” but he has an excuse which is health or ”serious” poster who also has an excuse which is health but you don’t seem to have an excuse but you appear as plain and simple horrible poster.

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Yemen- remind me… isn’t that the nation BANNED from receiving weapons of self defense by PUTIN’s vote at the UNSC? And isn’t Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen- the same Saudi Arabia that Putin describes as “Russia’s most important arab ally”, and offers to sell Russia’s most advanced weapon systems to?

All the ‘politically correct’ leaders of the West LOVE the female hating wahhabi monsters that rule KSA- wait a minute, WHAT! The anti-nuclear-weapons regime of Germany built and gifted submarines to Israel purpose designed to carry the jewish nukes- WHAT!

Notice a pattern here. The leaders you ‘hate’ and the leaders you ‘love’ all acting as hypocritical MONSTERS. And YOU depend on the qualities of the leaders you choose to support to save Mankind. Good luck with that.

The people of Libya and the people of Syria went from peaceful modern urban existence like your lives to living the nightmare of perpetual meaningless war and terror. But YOU think your lives are ‘special’ and ‘protected’. You think coming to sites like this one is like visiting the zoo. But what befell the people of Syria and Libya is soon to befall all of us. Putin isn’t going to save anyone, but become the perfect foil for the Deep State demons. A zionist fool whose every move takes us closer to the final conflict.

Ariel Cohen

Have another sip of vodka and go back to sleep Dmitri . .


And what does Russian vote have to do with Saudi Arabia’s blockade against N Yemen?

Jutta Morris

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Follow the $$$..
By right.., you should be asking.. as to why does Russia are still selling their energies in toilet papers..


You’re right..!
Especially when Putin is now a Semitic which cannot be criticizes..!
I do see the pattern/s though.. it’s like giving something from the right hand and grabbing the other from the left..! The war can actually be stopped as soon as it started.. but due to all the agendas it’s being prolong..!
We are now witnessing a mini god and demons taking advantage and grabbing other poeples’ properties..! Where there are Good demon & Bad demons..! They’re all great actors/actresses on a huge Hollywood Neverending Story..
btw.. be ready to be accused as troll /hasbara..! lol..!

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