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JUNE 2021

Saudi Forces Intercept Ballistic Missile Over Riyadh – State Media

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Saudi Forces Intercept Ballistic Missile Over Riyadh - State Media

FILE IMAGE: almasirah.net

The Saudi military has intercepted a ballistic missile over the country’s capital of Riyadh, the Saudi Press Agency reported on May 9. According to the report, the missile was launched from the Yemeni province of Saada by the Houthis.

Meanwhile, reports appeared that several loud booms were heard in Riyadh’s city center. Writer Saleh Al Hanaki wrote on Twitter that he heard sounds like explosions or “bumping into the ground.”

On the same day, the pro-Houthis Al-Masirah TV also reported that the movement’s forces had carried out a missile attack on an air defense camp in the Saudi province of Jizan using a Badr 1 missile. The media outlet said that the missile had hit the target.

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This is a common theme in the Arab world. It didn’t work the last couple of times so it won’t work this time. The failure to choose an easier target show that these missile strikes ate politically motivated.

Steve Bell

4 loud booms in city centre and only one missile claimed shot down? Sounds like Yemen’s flying bottles are getting better… time for Iran to supply them with some real missiles and watch as the oil price goes ballistic. BTW… what happened to the useless patriots?

Amine Mansouri

u are useless irani scumbag


hasbara warning. Why so aggressive hasbara troll. Feeling the heat and shitting in your pants? Your time is coming from the looks of events.


‘Anime Mansouri’ always posts very sectarian Sunni Islamist comments – ie, pro Saudi/FSA/al-Nusra/ISIS etc – and anti-SAA/Alawite/Shia/Iran/Houthi etc.
Best ignored.


Wahhabi scumbag.


It would be humorous if the Houthis launched only one missile and the collateral explosions were the Patriots coming back to the sender. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Rosario Sanchez

Saudi also do not know anything.

Toto Pinoccio

Saudi Arabia is the next to fall

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