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JUNE 2020

Saudi Forces In Jizan Suffer Devastating Defeat In Clashes With Houthis (Videos)


The Houthis raided on August 3 several positions of the Saudi-led coalition near the MBC mount in southern part of the Kingdom’s province of Jizan.

In the course of the attack, Houthi fighters clashed with Saudi-backed forces killing many and forcing the rest to flee their posts, leaving behind their weapons and ammunition. Moreover, the Yemeni group’s fighters destroyed a vehicle of the coalition with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

Earlier, Saudi-led coalition forces attempted to advance in the Yemeni area of Jalha south of Jizan. However, local tribesmen repelled the attack after killing and capturing dozens of Saudi-backed fighters. An armored vehicle of the coalition was also destroyed.

The Saudi-led coalition failure in Jizan is an example of the current situation on the Saudi-Yemeni border, where the Houthis and their local allies successfully solidified their control over the last four years.

Saudi Forces In Jizan Suffer Devastating Defeat In Clashes With Houthis (Videos)

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  • Rodney Loder

    Too good.

  • Barba_Papa

    I hope those captured Saudi backed fighters have money to buy their freedom. Or at least their commander have. Otherwise these guys will probably get sent back to their commanders in small pieces. I’d hate to fall into the hands of tribal fighters. They tend to have harsh methods to deal with their enemies.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      And with a Good Reason: These Wahhabi-Pigs Killed the Women & Children of those Warriors…So Yeah there is Basically one answer to that: Chop them up & send them back home to Their relatives in Pieces…

      • Icarus Tanović

        Better yet, they’ll exchange them for three tanks, five howitzers, five ZIS Soviet guns, many, many atgms and loads of ammunition because these pigs are just slaves and fight for money, not for freedom.

        • Hasbara Hunter

          That is a simple matter of Calculation & Maths….. Can you Kill more Wahhabi-Parasites with the Weapons that you trade them for….

        • Garga

          They already delivered the free ammo and weapons, what more do you want from them?!
          Usually the delivered goods are more than Yemenis can carry or care about, so they burn the excess and go. Saudis are so generous!!

        • Bob

          The Houthi/ Ansarullah forces are light vehicle and foot based – captured conventional armored vehicles and heavy artillery aren’t much use to them as they don’t have engineers or the munitions and parts chain for them. Likewise, such prizes would quickly be aerial targets for KSA ‘coalition pilot’s who don’t actually have much Houthi equipment, nor fixed positions, to target – hence why KSA warplanes generally terrorize Yemeni civilians.

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Destroy every Filthy Western Sponsored Jewish House of Saud Wahhabi-Mercenary-Terrorist that sets Foot on Yemeni Soil

    • Icarus Tanović

      Let’s just kill all of them Wahhabi parasites.
      Let’s send one Badr filled with explosive and Napalm straight to Riyadh.
      Is this good one, huh…

  • Sorna Karbaschi

    Saudi Regime is the Cancer of Middle East, and need to be up-rooted from that region!
    The old Donkey witch kicking and blowing dust, the neck of this old Donkey must be broken once and for all, and dumped into trash bin of History! .

    • Gary Sellars

      Zionistan is the real cancer. Wahabbi Arabia is more like a bad case of syphillus.

    • verner

      no the squatters on the occupied palestine are the cancer of the middle east and they need, for peace and tranquility, be kicked all the way to kingdom come. the saudis can dethrone the saudi-clan and live happily ever after. the squatters are the central problem so lets hope erdogan and iran and iraq and hezbollah and jordan and some more can get rid of them post haste.

    • Hisham Saber

      Lets not forget about the other diabolical regime, the Zionist entity occupying Palestine.

    • bla

      2 in total, Israel zio scum is the biggest cancer after S Arabia al saud clan.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    SA military is incompetent—it relies upon mercenaries funded by the USA, UAE, SA from Sudan, Colombia, etc

    • verner

      I understand that UAE has withdrawn from Yemen and even sat down with Iran to discuss matters of a more peaceful future after realising that they would be in the cross hairs if the dysfunctional states of A starts a war with Iran.

      • cechas vodobenikov

        UAE apparently fears being targeted w Houthi drones and missiles; they observe the various attacks suffered by the SA