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Saudi Forces Claim They Intercepted 10 Houthi Drones In Less Than 5 Hours

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Saudi Forces Claim They Intercepted 10 Houthi Drones In Less Than 5 Hours


Saudi forces intercepted a total of 10 drones launched by the Houthis in 5 hours only, the Saudi military claimed on March 7.

Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that drone strikes were aimed at ‘civilian targets’ in Saudi Arabia.

 “We take operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects in accordance with international humanitarian law,” the military official said.

Over the past days, the Yemeni Houthis repeatedly launched drones and missiles at targets inside Saudi Arabia. The Houthis say that their strikes are aimed at military targets only.

Meanwhile, inside Yemen, Houthi forces continue ambushing and destroying units of Saudi-backed forces:


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Heeheheeee……Iran is tightening the noose daily. They got 10, but the other 10 got through didn’t they….lol


We do not dispute the Saudi claim especially since this Turki guy is saying it, what we dispute is where they “intercepted” the drones?

I believe if you change the definition a little bit, when Yemeni drone hits Khamis Mushait (king Khaled AB, King-what’s-his-face AB is different and is near Riyadh) one of the largest, most secretive and heavily guarded air bases in Arabia) and blows up a radar or something, you can say we destroyed the drone. Just don’t mention the radar and all is good!!

Samuel Vanguard

lies,lies and damned lies


At any given point in time there are a finite number of Houthi drones and missiles, and there are a finite number of Saudi munitions to defend against them. Clearly the numbers seem to favor the Saudi rat-pigs as the Houthis have yet to be able to decisively overwhelm their defenses and inflict the kind of damage and casualties that cannot be hidden by the globalist propaganda machine. Breathlessly do those who value human self-determination and freedom of the human spirit await the day when this overwhelming strike comes.

johnny rotten

Ja Ja Ja, the great warriors of Saudi pedocracy in addition to cutting off the heads, publicly, of their innocent citizens, are also able to bring down any enemy who dares to challenge them, it is not with lies that one governs or fights seriously, the end of the clown prince and his ridiculous kingdom is now upon us.

Assad must stay

who knows honestly, and they say they are “protecting civilians and international humanitarian law”, like they do to yemen? LOL


How is it suddenly as the USA steps away from aiding the Saudis … that they’re suddenly able to deflect Houthi drones AND attack Houthi sites with success?

What about dat?

Who is whispering in their ear?

Anyone …?


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