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JUNE 2023

Saudi Forces Besiege Houthi-Held City In Northwestern Yemen After Surprise Attack (Videos, Photos)

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Saudi Forces Besiege Houthi-Held City In Northwestern Yemen After Surprise Attack (Videos, Photos)

Photo: Reuters / Yemen’s Defence Ministry.

On February 5, forces from the pro-Saudi 5th District of the Yemeni military besieged the city of Harad, which is held by the Houthis (Ansar Allah), in the northwestern Yemen province of Hajjah after a successful offensive.

Harad is located in the northern part of Hajjah, only some 15 kilometers away from al-Tuwal border crossing with Saudi Arabia.

The 5th District’s forces managed to besiege Houthi forces inside Harad after capturing the strategic al-Mihsam camp, which is located to the east of the city.

The Saudi-led coalition has been supporting the offensive on Harad. Between February 4 and 5, coalition warplanes carried out 21 airstrikes on Houthis forces in Hajjah and the central province of Ma’rib. According to the coalition’s claims, scores of Houthi fighters were killed and 13 vehicles of the group were destroyed.

Coalition warplanes also carried out a number of airstrikes on the Houthi-held capital, Sanaa, likely in an attempt to further pressure the group.

Moreover, the Saudi-led coalition imposed a “no-drive zone” around Harad. Colonel Turki al-Maliki, a spokesman for the coalition, warned Yemeni civilians against using any road leading to the city.

The surprise Saudi-backed attack on Harad will likely provoke a fierce response from the Houthis, who maintain large forces in western, northwestern and northern Yemen. The group may soon attack sensitive targets in Saudi Arabia with drones and missiles.


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ISrael and US is providing logistic support and also Most of the Fighter jets is flown by israeli and US pilots its time for to shoot down this fighter jets.

Tommy Lee

That’s a little south of possible. The Houthis only have ZSUs and ancient SAMs left over from the old government. They can shoot down drones flying reconnaissance and CAS missions just fine, but a fighter jet flying at high altitude is well out of their reach.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Just waiting for that gayreek shitskin to wave his wog brown micropenis around to this…he has an overbearing love for the ragheaded al-hababies of the shitskin arabian peninsula.

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