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JUNE 2020

Saudi Forces Advancing Near Yemeni Capital (Map Update)


Saudi-led forces are developing an advance in the Nihm region near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

According to pro-Saudi reports, “government forces” broke defenses of the Houthi-Saleh alliance, killing at least 10 of its fighters in a series of firefights, and almost reached the Sanaa-Arhab crossroad.

Nonetheless, according to local sources, these claims are premature and Saudi forces are far from a major success in the area.

Saudi Forces Advancing Near Yemeni Capital (Map Update)

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  • Trustin Judeau

    Saudi forces will not reach the capital soon.Probably they will reach it in 2018 if they are still in Yemen and havent withdrawn.

    • Dan

      in 2018 Hijri =)

    • Samuel Boas

      The saudis will never reach the capital, because they cannot fight at all.

  • Daniel

    I wonder if the Saudis can keep paying for their war. If the Houthis keep them at bay for long enough the Saudis will go bankrupt.

    • John Whitehot

      well, the US are trying their best to make the EU buy their oil instead of Russian one so they don’t go broke.

  • Richard M

    For those who are ignorant of Yemen’s history (which seems to be everyone who is commenting), this is the seventh Houthi rebellion in the last 20 years. The last six were against the long-term military dictator, Saleh. He’s a skilled manipulator and has been playing one side against the other for decades. He had the opportunity to eradicate the Houthi after the last rebellion but didn’t take it because he thought he might use them later. He was right. Saleh stacked the army with his supporters when in power and now hopes to regain his dictatorship, with the help of the Houthi, Iran, and the Western media. He hasn’t been doing too well lately, but time will tell.

  • Samuel Boas

    Is there also a map including Saudi Isrelia. The houthi soldiers are already inside Saudi Isrelia. They have captured whole cities and military bases.