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JUNE 2021

Saudi Crown Prince Says Assad Will Stay, Hhopes He Will Counter Iran’s Influence In Syria

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Saudi Crown Prince Says Assad Will Stay, Hhopes He Will Counter Iran’s Influence In Syria

Mohammed bin Salman / AFP PHOTO / FAYEZ NURELDINE

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud said during an interview with the Time magazine, which was released on April 5, that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad will stay in his position and added that a strong Iranian influence in Syria is not within the interest of the Assad.

“I believe Bashar is staying for now. And Syria has been part of the Russian influence in the Middle East for a very long time. But I believe Syria’s interest is not to let the Iranians do whatever they want in Syria for the mid-term and long-term because if Syria changes ideologically, then Bashar, will be a puppet for Iran,” Bin Salman told the Times.

Bin Salman said that he hopes that the Syrian president and the growing influence of Russia will play a key role in countering the Iranian influence in the war-torn country. However, the Saudi Crown Prince didn’t specify to what level Saudi Arabia is actually counting on this.

“So better for him is to have his regime strengthened in Syria, and also it’s good for Russia. Russia, better for them is to have direct strength and they empower Bashar and have direct influence in Syria and not through Iran. So these interests could reduce the Iranian influence significantly, but we don’t know how much of a percentage.” the Crown Prince said.

When asked about his opinion regarding a possible US withdrawal from Syria, Bin Salman warned from such action and stressed that the US should stay in Syria for a long time in order to pressure the Syrian president and obstacle Iran actions in eastern Syria.

“Well, we believe the American troops should stay for at least the mid-term if not the long-term because United States of America need to have cards to negotiate and to apply pressure. If you get these troops out, you lose this card. Two, you need to have a checkpoint in the corridor between Iran and Hezbollah,” Bin Salman said.

This was the second time when the Saudi Crown Prince openly admitted that the Syrian President will stay. The first was during an interview with the Atlantic, earlier this month. This statements represent a major shift in the Saudi attitude towards the situation in Syria.

The both statements came only few days after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah had confirmed that a meeting between Saudi and Syrian officials had been held recently.

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Better if we have a ‘Honesty card’


Saudi clown prince


That’s as funny as another name play I read yesterday ” Boris Johnson h.as Porton Downs Syndrome”.


lol ?


Bin Salman being on the loosing end of the Syrian conflict admits eating crow.

Charlie rad

Bin Salman is the NEW crown Prince & is reforming SA. He is quickly trying to “Make-up” for what his predecessors have done. Prince Tarweed Bin Talal & the others he LOCKED UP & Tortured . Some killed & the rest Paid 80% of their assets to be freed. Basically Making them powerless. He & Father treated Trump as a MOST special guest & agreed to buy $50Billion + in USA weapons & have Visited Moscow for 1ST time Ever to make amends . Also offering to purchase $Billions in weapons. Salman is Not a JIHADI as the Tortured Assholes were. Only the Qatari Emir is left. He & Bin Talal were Obama’s Mentors (I know 1st Hand).

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It is time to do unto the Saudis as they have done unto Syria.

Ivan Freely

Do they have any notable buildings to be brought down by a plane? ;)


In Tel Aviv?

northerntruthseeker .

Something the Jew freaks will consider attacking next… Much like they did to America on 9-11

That Guy

They are building one ;), 1km tall.


That makes no sense.


Hopefully these Jew toads will lose the war in Yemen also. They’re a big part of the middle east’s problems with a lot of blood on their hands.

Rodney Loder

MbS is not good at being credible in Secular and Salafist eyes he chose Secular because he is not good, not good for anything.

Kira Binkley

Maybe it’s just that MbS believes Muslim women are more useful that they have been given credit for over the years.

Rodney Loder

Social engineering especially Western Social engineering has nothing to do with Salafist Fundamentalist ideology, making stuff up is not OK change has to come from a Prophetic source, MbS doesn’t claim to be such a source I do, so naturally I make the changes not some creepy apostate.

Kira Binkley

I THINK you just called His Highness (I think he is a Highness; surely not a Majesty, yet) a creepy apostate. THAT could be grounds for a war!

Rodney Loder

I always think of King Abdullah knocking back a UN security council seat in search of aloofness from politics, of course Saudi Arabia never was always creating havoc to maintain privlige, but at least King Abdullah recognised the correct position.

Salman the jew is not fit to be The Custodian of The Holy Precincts, we want it taken over by a International Council.

MbS has condemned himself to eternal damnation as well as war as long as he lives.

Kira Binkley

I think you’re jealous of His Highness, Rodney!!
An International Council as Custodian of the Holy Precincts? Would Christians and Jews have a place on that council? Or Buddhists?

Rodney Loder

My God are you tempting Fate ?, but don’t worry I’m actually the Representative of Fate because I’m the Medium between Man and God, so I can fix it, the axiom is the Levites being the property of God which is an injunction born in the narrative that man made up, but Allah impounds Himself into it otherwise we wouldn’t know anything about Him or His Ambition.

So it is an esoteric connection, Allah doesn’t want to be lumbered with Christians or Buddhist so I pretends to be a Commie and cover my bases with uniquely, just say anything you like, as long as I can manipulate the Paradigm Prophecies you will not come to any harm.

And also I now know for sure I can locate the missing Fate and thereby get him listed in Heaven correcting the manifet problem with regard to Creation, think about it !! How happy is Allah going to be with me and my girl who ever that might be, got any ideas?.

The only one I’m jealous of is that skulking black knight and your turn ons whatever don’t forget I controlls Fate.

Kira Binkley

Maybe Jerusalem can be in the custody of an International Council of the Holy Precincts? Can’t get any holier than Jerusalem, can you, for Jews, Christians or Muslims. Something to think about.

Rodney Loder

It’s supposed to be an internationally seperate land state like the Vatican already, but the reality is that Jerusalem is the mark of the 5th. Christian Crusade in the form of Talmudic Christianity, supported by all Christians everywhere, almost.

That’s because they feel threatened by Islam, fortunately I am the Messiah and have converted to Salafist Doctrines supporting Islam, so its Christians out and Muslims in to Jerusalem in my opinion.

Holy to me is what we think of ourselves in the past, it’s only about personality and opinion, Holy does become a form of ideolgy but it is usually superseded by politics of a secular nature when expressed collectively as action anyway.

Holy in Theological terms is what we are as a composite of unique persons choosing to believe in collective concepts by the light of the knowledge that we have and use in our existance, so Holy must by its nature always be in conflict, or contradiction, with a person’s vested interests, making Holy a cognitive agenda in a person’s vocabulary, this has always been the Idealistic interpretation of Holy by the Romantic School of Philosophy.

Kira Binkley

“Holy” means separate, or apart, from. Just as “sacred” means to “set apart”, to distinguish from.
A prophet to the nations, plural, He told me.

Rodney Loder

Agreed, and if I can make an attempted confirmation that might interest you who I think is much more beautiful than my peach face bird, hummmm however could it be because you are Holy and the bird is not, or vice versa. So that one of you is sacred to me and the other is not, when both are accomplishments ?.

If I really had to choose I would give it to you, because you fill up my day and my bird is more interested in the Black Cockey.

I suppose you are not interested in any such thing and I know that to be true so to me your Holy to the ñ. th degree.

Ivan Freely

Dear MbS, if you want influence, it’s more beneficial if it’s done through *business*, not bombs or armed thugs. Please see China for details.


He is the chemical weapon source for terrorists using gas attacks on syrians in ghouta and idlib. And now he wants everyone to forget what he did ?

Never forget.


I thought you liked Assad.


“So better for him is to have his regime strengthened in Syria, and also it’s good for Russia. Russia, better for them is to have direct strength and they empower Bashar and have direct influence in Syria and not through Iran. So these interests could reduce the Iranian influence significantly, but we don’t know how much of a percentage.” the Crown Prince said.

Surprised to hear something that makes sense from this guy. Russia, which has good relations with Israel, will make sure the Iranians go home once Syria’s borders are restored. Syria will continue to help Hezbollah while ensuring that Hezbollah doesn’t do anything stupid that might give Netanyahu the excuse he wants to invade Lebanon (for water). And forget about that ‘Shia crescent’ baloney. Assad is not Shia and his wife, Asma, is a Sunni (as are most of the Syrian army).


Iran isn’t going anywhere, the entire war was about cutting Iran’s link to Lebanon. As long as Assad isn’t defeated Iran’s link to Lebanon is kept.


“…the entire war was about cutting Iran’s link to Lebanon…”

No. The war has been mainly about Bibi’s intention to stop the Assads’ reformation of Syria and to make Israel’s annexation of the Golan/Galilee (for water) internationally legalized. Assad and his highly intelligent English wife Asma are the only decent political leaders on the planet. That’s why Bibi and his Washington allies keep vilifying Assad.


I’ll say it again: The entire war was about cutting Iran’s links to Lebanon. Israel launched a war against Hezbollah in 2006 with the stated goal of destroying that group entirely. This was part of the Neo-con “7 countries in 5 years” plan which General Wesley Clark revealed in one of his interviews. After they failed miserably in Lebanon they came to the conclusion that in order to defeat Hezbollah they must take out Syria first to cut any links from Iran to Lebanon thus isolating Hezbollah and making them vulnerable to a war of attrition.

This is openly declared by the West, just start following what they’re saying when they claim they should stay in Syria, it’s all about “Stopping Iran”.


Yes, I’ve heard Clark’s message but the fact is that Syria supports Hezbollah too and would do so even without Iran. Syria occupied east Lebanon from 1976 to 2005. (They were asked to go in by the Christians). Israel occupied south Lebanon from 1982 to 2000 (and continued daily forays into Lebanon for years afterwards). It was during this time that Syria aided Hezbollah and established its relationship with them, a relationship that continues and would continue even if Iran were cut out.

Israel is occupying the Syria’s Golan/Galilee but the main reason is water – not security. Water is also what Israel wants from Lebanon and has threatened farmers in the Wazzani Springs area from using water that would otherwise flow into Israel via the Jordan. Getting rid of Iran will not stop that conflict although Bibi may claim otherwise. In fact, if Iran and Hezbollah both disappeared, Israel would still try to destabilize Syria and, eventually, make war on it.

Richard M

He will just ignore the “Elephant in the Room” which is the Saudi sponsorship, funding and arming of their Orc gangs. That is the proximate cause of the Syrian “Civil War”….Withdraw support for your puppet Orcs, MbS. Then you can pontificate with a semblance of credibility.


Salman isn’t intelligent enough to last, as soon as he has served his purpose, the Americans will dispose of him.

Real Anti-Racist Action

After Turkey finishes off ISIS/PKK terrorist group. They should knock out ISIS/PKK funding, the Saudi Arabian dictators!


Are you purposefully moronic?

s Slippy

We haven’t forgotten about Raqqa, how thousands of ISIS scum left on the behest of the PKK. Go and read some New York times or Jerusalem post Davki I feel its better suited for someone of your caliber.


“DIE DIE DIE, DIE YOU FUCK… Oh… Oh you’re alive and I can’t kill you? Damn… So how about we forget that little episode and start over? Friends?”

Absolutely pathetic.


He’s right you know, Assad only has reason to listen to Iran as long as Syria is divided and he needs their support. And US direct support in eastern Syria guarantees that no major aggression takes place in that area, same for the Russians.


Translation of the clown princes latest words: The Saudi backed head choppers in Syria have just gotten their asses handed to them in E. Ghouta, the pipeline dream is over.


It was not about pipeline, it was about breaking Iran’s link to Hezbollah for Israel.


That is, of course, a long cherished & shared Israeli-Saudi wet dream, so yeah that is always an aspirational factor, in all of their imperial actions. This does not however diminish the role played behind the scenes between the two competing pipeline projects for bringing natural gas from the huge gas reserves split between Iran and Qatar in the Persian gulf. There were two projects, the east-west route favored by Iran, for obvious reasons versus the south-north/west route pushed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, other fellow wahabbi Gulf medieval minded kingdoms for their own equally obvious reasons. This is also not some average run of the mill gas field, it is one of this planets largest proven reserves of natural gas. Believe me, this struggle for controlling the energy future played a big role in imposing this war upon Syria.


I’ve debunked the pipeline lie in great detail several times in previous articles. That’s basically a Zionist psy op disinfo designed to hide the real cause of the war. The war in Syria has NOTHING to do with any gas or oil pipeline. I’ve mathematically proven that a pipeline could easily be created from Qatar to Europe going through the Mediterranean Sea bypassing Syria entirely. The difference in cost would be a tiny fraction of what the West has spent in Syria.


Preventing Iran from being able to build its own east-west pipeline, and then enjoy the subsequent access to European markets is a different calculus than what you argued above. Preventing the rise of Iran also very much coincides with the Zionist agenda, which I guarantee you is dedicated to shutting Iran out of markets.


This stupid USA-puppet thinks that Assad staying depends on he…. WOW, are all saudis princes that stupid ?


I didn’t realise Assad’s staying power depends on the prince’s wimp and fancy?! If the prince is trying to project a personality of strength and influence, he’s sure not fooling anyone.


As If Assad is waiting upon his opinion in the matter. The Kid prince take his Orders from the white house and speaks when his buttons are pushed and fork billions when asked. I just don’t understand how a person like Bill Gates meet the Murderer of Yemeni children. How can he meet some one who supported Al Qaeda in Syria with weapons and money and still does. that was a shock to me. But I Guess money rules right. and billionaires stick together no matter what.

Mahmoud Larfi

How stupid and cynical at the same time ; you’re the ones who literally brought in Iran into the mayhem you created. Big respect to Syria’s allies who rushed to the help of the martyred country of Sham… may they stay in Syria as longer as required to rid that sainted place from the enemies of civilization.
And from a strict “international law” point of view ; the Syrian state is a sovereign country who have every right to have any ally present on its soil for as long as they want and kick out those unwanted without being accountable to anyone and this particularly is the true idea behind the great combat of the free world against the forces of imperialism.


Now he can pay for all the damage he did in Syria trying to remove Assad.

2 trillion dollars should about cover it.


the title.. I don’t think so as Iran and Assad had been countering scum daesh terrorists of yours., who practiced ur pagan wahbabism ideology murdering and killing humanity regardless of race and religion..You’re what you are.. the Kanaah & Qainuka clan of the Khazars jew..!
This bastard inbreed pagan Bedouin is really a clown..!


King Faisal (1906-1975), who ruled the Kingdom between 1964-75, confirmed Jewish ancestry of Saudi Royals.  In an interview  to Washington post on September 17, 1969, King Faisal is reported to have said   “We, the Saudi  family are cousins of the Jews.

Kira Binkley

Kudos, your Highness. But two things:
1. President Assad is too strong a man to be a puppet for anyone, and
2. U.S. negotiating days are long over.

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