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Saudi Crown Prince Calls On Houthis To Join Peace Talks In Exchange For Financial Support

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Saudi Crown Prince Calls On Houthis To Join Peace Talks In Exchange For Financial Support

Screen grab from MBS interview that was aired by the Saudi state TV.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman praised the “Arabian” and “Yemeni” qualities of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in a recent interview.

The interview was aired on the Saudi state TV on April 28 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Crown Prince’s strategic development plan “Saudi Vision 2030”.

In the interview, Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, criticizes the Houthis’ alliance with Iran and their rebellion against the legitimate authorities in Yemen in 2015. However, he voiced a rare praise of the Yemeni group.

“There is no doubt that the Houthis have strong relations with the Iranian regime, but in the end the Houthis are also Yemenis and have Arabian and Yemeni tendencies, which I wish would grow in them more and more so that they would follow their interests and the interests of their homeland before anything else,” the Crown Prince said.

Bin Salman went on to stress that Saudi Arabia would not accept the presence of “militias” along its border with Yemen. He went on to call on the Houthis to join peace talks in exchange for financial support from the Kingdom.

“The offer from Saudi Arabia is a ceasefire, economic support, and everything they want in exchange for a ceasefire signed by the Houthis and them sitting at the negotiating table,” Bin Salman explained.

The Crown Prince’s remarks show a dramatic shift in Saudi Arabia’s policy towards Yemen. For the first time in five years of war, the Kingdom appears to be willing to step back.

Earlier this year, the US ceased its support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen and suspended some arms sells to the Kingdom. The Houthis stepped up their strikes on Saudi Arabia and boosted their offensive against Saudi-backed forces in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

The recent developments have apparently softened the tone of Saudi Arabia. The Houthis’ are yet to respond to Bin Salman’s offer.

Saudi Crown Prince Calls On Houthis To Join Peace Talks In Exchange For Financial Support

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Rhodium 10

Salman fear the fall of Marib which means a clearly defeat of Saudi coalition and consecuences for Saudi regime.

Supreme Blyat

He starts to realize KSA is not a real country, he is not a real prince and they don’t have a real coalition.

Ashok Varma

Indian media is reporting that Ansarallah have entered Marib’s northwestern suburbs and the Sudanese mercenaries have either fled or surrendered. MBS groveling to Iran is due to the Saudi military defeat. Only Iran can protect Saudis as US junk weaponry has been epic failure.




It looks like desperation, because if Marib falls, it will not stop at the Saudi border. The southern tribes are not in favour of MBS, and there is a risk of an uprising.


There was before decades already a similar situation.

Steve Standley

This is definitely a sign of impending doom for SA in Yemen and in SA as well. Only time this^ POS would want peace is if he’s in trouble. Good riddance. However, the US will step in and keep him in power. When i posted this before, someone said, “no. US citizens don’t like SA.’ Guess what? US leadership doesn’t give a rat’s colon about what its citizen’s want. I’m sure plans are already being drawn-up.


For sure. If people would know, that Saudi Aramco is not a Saudi Company, but owned by US, they would understand. It even has its own laws, and its US Employees can fly in without the troubles of Visas.

William D

US leadership and SA are not the same. Like evolution, some things take time, and the best results come from contemplative moves. Hopefully it does not take too long.

Ashok Varma

Biden has a more realistic view of Iranian power and will cut a deal as not let China get totally entrenched in a strategic relationship with a resurgent and very savvy Iran.

Not a fan of Israel

You must be joking. The Persians are running rings around the stupid Yanks and Biden’s not going to make one iota of difference. The US screwed up BIG TIME. The Persians are driving a knife in and and turning it….slowly.

Ashok Varma

The reality is that this a Saudi admission of defeat. Iran is far along in building a Shiite power axis that runs through Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. About 15% to 20% of Saudi
Arabia’s population are Shiite Muslims, many of them working in the oil
industry and focused along Saudi Arabia’s east coast.

While the US is trying to desperately hang on in Iraq, the Iranians keep striking US bases with rocket and mortar attacks through their growing collection of allies inn the Axis of Resistance. At the same time, Iran’s backing of the ferocious Houthis in Yemen, who are increasingly close to defeating the pro-Saudi puppet regime that is running out of mercenaries. The Saudis started a war against the poorest Arab state and got the mother of all defeats in recent history.

Not a fan of Israel

Russia apparently is also supplying the Houthis, maybe more so than Iran.

Not a fan of Israel

However, the US will step in and keep him in power.”

Might be a bit difficult if OTHER Saudis remove his head from the rest of his body….which I would think is being given renewed consideration at present.

johnny rotten

Alone they can’t make it, the Atlantic Masters are not in degrees to save them, the end is next and the false reigns try to play the Peace Charter, but the real Arabs will not renounce the victory, it’s too late for the evil creatures of the Foreign Office.


Yes indeed, it appears that only the Western Cheerleaders for war trust the ‘Chopper Up’ of defenceless people. MBS is way out of his depth and is realising that money cannot buy real courage.

Assad must stay

no thanks, houthis will keep pounding and advancing hahahahaha


Peace will be brought on their own terms

Putin Apologist

Yemen’s warriors have fought honorably and bravely but all wars end in a negotiated settlement. If there’s an olive branch, if there’s a peace to be had, it’s time to seize it, and bring this this war to an end.

Assad must stay

no, MBS needs to pay for all the innocent yemenis hes killed

Ashok Varma

Yemeni demand is $100 billion in war reparations. The Saudis need to pay up and withdraw or will be destroyed as Iran is now too powerful.


Houthis can offer Al Saud clan peace when they enter Riyadh – and a choice of how they want to be liquidated. No negotiations, the Saudi Jew dogs are on the run, sh!tting in their pants. Finish the job Houthis .

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudis are facing an uber defeat in Yemen and groveling to Iran as I had predicted. Just see how all this unfolds.

Ashok Varma

You have been correct all along Sir.

Aimo Huikka

I just remenmbered one frase from the Machiavelli’s novel The Prince. It suits for MBS extremely well:”You may define, where, and when, the war begins, but never where and when it ends.” This guide should be always remembered in normal civilian life and in geopolitics too.


I hope Nuttyyahu reads Machiavelli – But then the Eurotrash Ghetto rats learnt the hard way in 2000 and again in 2006. seems they dont learn


I agree.

Roy Sonman

MBS: Another of the Jews’ tools.

His rise was paved by the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s interventions within Saudi and the royal family. The Z(C)IA also provided MBS with the mentor of the another Z(C)IA tool, Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed bin Zayed.

The Jews need him in their quest to destroy Iran and to steal the rest of “Greater Israel.” His involvement in the attempted coup in Jordan a good example.

Lone Ranger

Pathetic kosher wahabinazi thinks just because they sold out Houtis will too.
He is in for a surprise…


“There is no doubt that the Houthis have strong relations with the Iranian regime, but in the end the Houthis are also Yemenin and have Arabian and Yemeni tendencies, which I wish would grow in them more and more so that they would follow their interests and the interests of their homeland before anything else,” the Crown Prince said.”

what a miserable 2 faced bas*ard this POS is.

step up the missile attacks on this POS


It appears that MBS has graduated from the Israeli / Washington school of thought.
The Frankfurt School of Thought in 1920’s Germany is well worth reading.
All that is happening now to destroy white society was on their wishlist then.


Just going through the list of names involved in the Frankfurt school gives one an idea of the kind of circle jerk that must have been.

One speculation after the other. Nothing but speculation, but then that is all western philosophy ever was/is ….speculation.

“2 khazars, 3 opinions” as an old khazar once said to me.


The ‘you know whose’ even tell us what their intentions are decades before the events. This is the power they have when they control all the organs of countries.


Sounds like he is running scared LOL!!

Black Waters

Hmmm… Are they losing the war already?

Ilya Grushevskiy

Wife beater got beaten up by the wife, now wants a talk. Houthis should free SA from their tyrants, take control of Mecca and Medina (well, would be lols anyways).

Emad Irani

MBS is under drug influence. Cocaine causes dyskinesia and involuntary movements + weight loss. Future King of Saudi Satania will end the kingdom by himself


When a Zio controlled pit viper invites you to caress it, you better think about it real carefully. Better they attend with a suicide bomber and send this piece of zio shit to meet his virgins. Zio Arabia will be free then.


How about you just leave Yemen? Terrorist Prince.


In other energy news, there are now two ships working on NS2 entering into German waters finally in Jume, close to terminus…this must be about 97% right now:


Tommy Jensen

Brave Salman.
Saudi is managed from behind by US/UK like Israel, but he has the guts to make his own invitation.
I hope China and Russia can back this up.


China nor Russia are not suckers of zio Arabia

Tommy Jensen

They have an open door, like Iran has invited Saudi several times. Everybody knows Saudi is on the hook as milk cow for US/UK.


mohammed bin salman also known as the clown prince, is skint, the war has emptied the purse and the low price aramco gets for the crude it sells is hardly enough to survive on. even the partial privatisation of aramco was a flop since he a) had to promise the investors a dividend and had to borrow the money to pay the dividend for 2020 and the same for 2021 when the aramco profits were a measly 46 billion bucks, about half of the usual profit level and that saudi needs about 80 to 90 bucks per barrel to balance the budget and he ain’t no where close to that – so he can hear his cousins sharpening their knives and be assured they will strike at the first opportunity!

Tommy Jensen

You are exaggerating like most people here; the dollar is down, US is going down, Saudi bankrupt, Nato is obsolete and empty, all wishful thinking.
In real politics you have to see the bigger picture to where to lose and where to win, to get ahead.


Guess who’s close to taking Marib lmao

Raptar Driver

The only talking the Houthis should have Is to decide which is the best way to string him up by his tiny balls.
Surely this will be a very detailed task.

Assad must stay


Icarus Tanović

You can’t buy them with your dirty money.

Potato Man

Never believe Zion and Wahhabi.


It’s a trap. The Houthis should never accept any deal from MBS. They accept that deal and MBS will have the Houthi leaders assassinated after the peace deal is signed. The Houthis should kick out all the invaders and carve out and annex southern SA to teach the Wahhabists a lesson.


Annex ALL of Saudi Arabia then crush the other British installed fake Sheikdoms


MBS gets butt f@cked by Netanyahu (normalisation with Israel) and the first plan he comes up with is Talks with the Houthis? – This is a 100% Zio inspired plot. The Jewish Al Saud clan has not entered Islam completely – 1 foot is still in Judaism. They need to be cleansed from Hejaz. I hope the Houthis ignore this jewscheme and finish the job – Nuke Riyadh now


well to nuke tel aviv would a) stop the saudi yemen war and b) would end the rampant war crimes the jews in palestine are behind, either directly or indirectly and c) would bring better cooperation in the middle east and d) the palestinians would have their country back and could sell the natural gas which is theirs and which the jews are in the process of selling to the EU (which has no objections to acting as a fence for the valuables the jews are stealing and selling).

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