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Saudi-Backed Yemeni Government Accuses Iran Of Threatening Red Sea Fishermen As Saudi Coalition Storming Key Yemeni Port

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On November 13, Minister of Fisheries of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government, Fahd Kafayen, accused Iranian warships of harassing and threatening fishermen in the Yemeni waters in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia’s Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported.

The newspaper went further with a group of common Saudi accusations against Iran and the Yemeni movement Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis):

The international community must assume its responsibilities in halting the Iranian violations and its meddling in Yemeni affairs, he said while overseeing the delivery of 100 fishing boats in the Shabwa region.

He listed the violations committed by the Iran-backed Houthis against Yemeni fishermen, such as kidnappings and preventing them from carrying out their jobs.

International reports had revealed that Iranian ships in the Red Sea were likely providing logistic support to the Houthis, including smuggling arms through fishing boats to the port of Hodeidah.

Kafayen stressed that his ministry will continue to deliver fishing boats to fishermen whose vessels were destroyed in natural disasters and the Houthi-led war.

Observers said that the Houthis have sought since the beginning of their coup to seize fishing boats to transform them into war vessels to threaten marine navigation.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni coalition that monitors human rights violations (RASD) condemned the Houthis for seizing houses in Hodeidah, which they then transformed into military barracks.

It also accused the militias of using citizens as human shields and condemned them for expelling patients and doctors from the emergency ward of the May 22 Hospital.”

These accusations are an integral part of the ongoing Saudi propaganda campaign to justify its advance on the Yemeni port city of al-Hudaydah.

Forces loyal to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition are actively developing their advance on al-Hudaydah from the eastern and southern directions. They have already outflanked the al-Hudaydah airport, but faced significant difficulties with encircling the city itself. The situation is developing.

Saudi-Backed Yemeni Government Accuses Iran Of Threatening Red Sea Fishermen As Saudi Coalition Storming Key Yemeni Port

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The statement says: ‘The international community must assume its responsibilities in halting the Iranian violations and its meddling in Yemeni affairs’

Change the term ‘Iranian’ with ‘Wahabi’ and I perfectly get along with.

Promitheas Apollonious

the way the saoudis behave it make one wonder is the saudis get examples from the jews and their cronies in UK/US? Or the other way around.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, they have no shame do they, “halting Iranian violations in Yemeni afairs”, yeah, from the horses ass, and then the ineviatable counter question would be, what about the embargoe of Yemen where even medication is been depribed, food, etc, to reach the Yemen people, what, Yemen uh…. minister, is the crimes Iran is doing is just another statements coming from an pupet nobody cares about, anyway, since His days ae numbered.

Its an shame we have to say that, time and time again, Yemen is an western backed genocide by every defention avaiable to man, but never mentioned in the western leauge of prestitutes and whorespondents, an shamelessly onesidedness witch can only be compared to the agreed upon freak regarding ISISraels actions against Palestina.
Yeah, and I am an anti-semit, huh, well, everything goes in this comon core days, where they have managed to weaponise stupdity.

The sad thing is, this hyporcasy is killing humans, day by day, children die first, then the elderly, and yet, we are bombarded with PC-infested rat growing their cargo cult called liberalim, where they use Offencivness as their ultimate tool, yeah, but nobody cares about people actually dying, yeah, f… em, but whines about imaginary crimes, but ignores the reality, if its by will, I really dont know anymore, it must be something much darker, something fundamentaly wrong with them and the politicians we have, even the freak show regarding ww1.

PS: to the dipp shits in NATO, regarding the so called GPS jamming, etc, I know there is a low intensity period regarding sun activity, but when that sun act. goes down, it means the mangneticelectic atmospheric disturbances increases, quite normal and can be powerfull enough to cock up electronics, and sat phones etc, anything relyed thru space also, depending where they are contra the actuall pole in question, morons.
Dont trust the gear, even in peacetimes, up there the sky is electric.



Great job my brother you laid it out like Allen Carpetcomment image

You can call me Al

Excellent comment with one mistake only (maybe):

You maybe are not an an anti-semite, you are an anti-Zionist or anti-Israel government actions in Palestine and elsewhere.

In today’s World, a very important point.


Iran ship some more ATGMs….Houthis can strike these Wahhabi Pigs & their AngloZioNazi Puppetmasters Hard with’m….

John Whitehot

i can’t stand double standards, hypocrisy and exceptionalisms.

that’s why Israel, Saudi wahabistan, the US and NATO need to sit at a table with the rest of the world and admit that world peace is accomplished only through justice and mutual understanding.


Wishful thinking.

John Whitehot

it’s the opposite actually.

northerntruthseeker .

Serioulsly??? Can anyone with two brain cells to rub together actually believe this horse shit?

While millions of innocent Yemeni civilians are being murdered by the crazed Saudis and their American allies, all we hear again is “Iran, Iran, Iran” which is such utter lunacy….

And a reality check… One or two Iranian warships operating in the Indian Ocean while the US has dozens of ships in the area, and these idiots call this an “Iranian threat”? What are they smoking???

This is such blatant lying and sheer hypocrisy…. How anyone can actually put up with this and not scream in outcry about this nonsense is beyond me…


Or else we welcome you at our consulates/embassies around the world, for further clarifications.

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