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Saudi-Backed Terrorist Group Launches Missiles At Government Positions In Damascus Countryside (Video)

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Saudi-Backed Terrorist Group Launches Missiles At Government Positions In Damascus Countryside (Video)

The Jaish al-Islam terrorist group, known to be supported by Saudi Arabia, has launched a Soviet-made ‘Scud’ missile against government forces positions in the Damascus countryside.

UPD: according to more detailed reports, it was a Zelzal missile

Jaish al-Islam allegedly captured some missiles in the Qalamoun area in 2013. The usage of these missiles are a clear indication that Jaish al-Islam, which keeps positions in the Eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, is not going to follow a ceasefire agreement promoted by Damascus, Tehran, Ankara and Moscow in the so-called “Astana format”.

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Mase fah

bunch of terrorsit


Probably hit some dirt somewhere. I doubt they have any more of these.


Did the S-400s shoot it down or do nothing as usual?


I don’t know that S-300 or S-400 are deployed in Damascus. Anyways it looks like the missile was fared st short range, hard to bet a quick fix on if you are not close to target. These systems work best to be close to and defend a target area (Tartas and Hmeimim bases).


the S-400s are very expensive so i believe they will be used as the last choice after other types of defense systems and only to protect the russian bases and maybe the syrian government too. Moreover, the Syrian army already have some Pantsir-S1 to protect Damascus from short-range missiles.


So why were they not used to defend against this attack?


well we dont know if they did or not, there is no info from the government on if and where and what they did hit.

Kim Jong

which israeli intelligence officer told that bunch of retard idiots how such a missile works?

john mason

This could mean big trouble. Syria should follow Yemen Houthis example and send a few missiles with compliments to Saudi.


The video shows multiple missile launches at night and at daytime. Syrian army had many scuds before the war. Who knows how many were captured. Older scuds are short range and should be easy to pick off with S300. The S400 is in tartus, latakkia up north. These scud attacks will give Russia a reason to put SAMs in Damascus, despite israelI threats not to do so.


the impression is S400 covers the whole territory of Syria which means it can see any missile launched from within Syria. did the russian aerospace just watch this thing flies or they are blind?


No launch solution in time and distance. (Scud is in the air for a very short time at short range to Damascus)

John Whitehot

actually it’s very likely that they fired this piece of junk to elicit a response from the russian air defenses so to study their emissions (ofc by Israel Turkey and Jordan or by marauding NATO elint planes). I’m positive that no air defense radar was turned on even for a second

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