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Saudi-Backed Forces Repel New Houthi Attack On Their Besieged Positions In Hujur


Saudi-Backed Forces Repel New Houthi Attack On Their Besieged Positions In Hujur

TOPSHOT – This image grab taken from a AFPTV video shows Yemeni pro-government forces firing a heavy machine gun at the south of Hodeida airport, in Yemen’s Hodeida province on June 15, 2018. / AFP / AFPTV /

On February 17, Saudi-backed forces repelled a new attack by the Houthis on their besieged positions in the area of Hujur in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah, according to the al-Arabiya TV.

“Huju’s tribesman are coming from the districts of Kushar, Qarah, Washha, al-Jamimah and Aflah al-Shawm in order to participate in the clashes against the Houthis,” a local source told the UAE-based TV.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes backed the Hujur’s tribes and carried out airstrikes on Houthi forces around the region. According to the al-Arabiya, the airstrikes destroyed two vehicles and killed more than 20 Houthi fighters. A day earlier, coalition warplanes carried out a similar wave of airstrikes.

The Saudi-led coalition is currently preparing to launch a large-scale military operation in order to left the Houthis siege of its proxies in Hujur. The operation is expected to begin in the upcoming few days.

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  • potcracker777

    i´m just waiting for the day when Iran has had enough of These traitors and shoots ist Missiles at the Saudi oil and gas terminals and ist offshore platforms…..thats when this created fake Nation implodes!!!!

    but this will be the last Resort…..because there will be a backlash with nuclear weapons by Saudi arabia..they have about 8 nuclear devices, to be more precise, they have nuclear bombs which can be delivered through various aircrafts such as f-15 and others, but no balistic Missiles with nuclear warheads.
    This Information can be found at utube….several Saudi Ministers have spoken about that in 3 interviews, as have middle east experts…..the Saudis got those devices for Pakistan…afterall, it was Saudi arabia which bankrolled the Pakistani nuclear program for 3 decades……….it is also true that Saudi arabia bought and is buying ballistic Missiles ffrom the USA, but the Saudis dont have the technological ability to work on the nuclear devices to make those bought Missiles nuclear capable, and i doubt that the USA would help in doing so.If thats the case, till the outbreak of war between Iran and Saudi ARABIA, there is a high probability that Irans air defense is good enough to foil any atempts of Saudi airforce delivering These over Iran.

  • occupybacon

    On February 2017…

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    I will happily volunteer our great israeli and saudi allies to use my noise an an aircraft carrier launch pad to fight against iran

    • Nowruz

      You are one creepy looking фuck.

      • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

        jacob gets that all the time, luckily I’m just his nose! it’s not like people ever notice me though… *sarcasm*

    • BL

      Good idea, gather your forces in one area so Iran can destroy your entire force in one hit.

    • Concrete Mike

      LOLOL and if your upside down , missile silo!!!

  • Pave Way IV

    WTF?? The Saudis must be pretty God damn broke. First, they stiff their Sudanese Jihadi mercs (who desert and/or start killing their Saudi officers in outrage). Now, we find out (story below) they haven’t paid certain Hadi-loyalist Yemen brigades for eight months! The Saudis keep stiffing everyone in pay and are supposedly scrambling to get some kind of secret massive loans. How f’king corrupt do you have to be to burn through THAT MUCH money? MbS is supposedly a trillion-aire and just shook down the other royals for billions, yet nobody is getting paid. I guess US taxpayers are fucked for all gear we sent their way, too. No big deal – I’m used to that.

    But… this will KILL the f’king petro-dollar! They may be trying to hide that fact because that would be pretty God damn serious. I think that this is the end of the al Saud chimps – they’re BROKE. The UAE chimps will be glad to step in and head the Wahhabi Caliphate in Riyadh.

    I know… I’m getting way too excited about this. Probably reading too much into the story. I still say we nuke the whole f’king peninsula now before they recover and metastasize.

    The commander of the Sa’dah axis resigns after the Arab coalition’s marginalization of the front (link)

    Brigadier Obaid al-Athla resigned from his duties as the commander of the Sa’dah military axis in the northern province of the country, and his forces are engaged in constant battles against the militants of the al-Houthi group.

    This was made in an official note obtained by Al-Masdar online, which was issued by al-Athla to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the deputy Ali Mohsen and the Minister of Defence, Lieutenant-Mohammed al-Maqdashi, urging another appointment in his duties.

    Al-Athla did not mention the reasons for his resignation, but a military source on the Axis confirmed that his resignation came for several reasons, most notably the marginalization of the leadership of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia to the Axis and its forces.

    The source added–he preferred not to be named because he was not authorized –that the coalition involved deliberately delaying the dispatch of the military supply to the Axis forces stationed on the fronts, as well as reducing the quantities of food supplies and delaying the disbursement of salaries to the soldiers.

    He explained that the commander of the Axis had informed the military command, but the problem was not addressed, what pushed him to resign.

    In earlier times, the media had reported complaints by a number of brigade commanders in the seventh, sixth and third military areas of delays in the arrival of military and food supplies, and the delayed disbursement and interruption of troop salaries in some brigades for more than eight months, compared with financial support and military supply that reaches specific brigades.

    A meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and staff in Marib in October last year, headed by Major General Taher Aqili, discussed ways to address the acute shortage of food and supplies and ways to provide alternatives urgently, the army’s website said.

    • Jens Holm

      You can donate…

      • Pave Way IV

        I would LOVE to. Please provide accurate decimal degree coordinates (WGS 84 datum) for the recipient Riyadh bank or the royal palace. I hope the Wahhabi have change for a 475 kiloton W88 warhead – I don’t have anything smaller handy.