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Saudi-backed Forces Launch Counter-Attack Near Yemeni City Of Marib (Videos, Map)

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Saudi-backed Forces Launch Counter-Attack Near Yemeni City Of Marib (Videos, Map)

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Saudi-backed forces have launched a counter-attack near the central Yemeni city of Marib.

Over the past weeks, the city has been under a permanent threat from the advancing forces of the Houthis (Ansar Allah). The Houthis even briefly captured Marib Dam and reached the vicinity of Marib city itself. Nonetheless, in recent days, their advance slowed down.

Saudi-backed forces used this situation to launch a counter-attack. Nonetheless, as of now, they have achieved no breakthrough due to this effort.


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Concrete Mike

Let the idiots counter attack and deplete their reserves.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

All the poor in the Muslim world are in reserve. Are only promising them a few dollars and they are happily killing other Muslims.

Just Me

The Ansarallah military success in Yemen is the result of a much deeper
problem. Saudi Arabia entered the Yemen war with a stated objective of
defeating the Houthis, but it did not have a strategy or an exit plan.The Saudis relied on US and NATO provided intelligence that failed to appreciate the Yemeni tribal structure and the widespread resentment felt against the Saudis and their Wahhabi brand.

Samuel Vanguard

saudi’s are scrambling but it’s too late!

Just Me

Running around in circles: How Saudi Arabia is losing its war in Yemen to Iran allied forces (CIA report)

The Saudi and UAE installed puppet Yemeni government and the Saudi-led coalition failed to provide sufficient military support for local tribes to fend off the battle tested Houthis.
While the Houthis possess sophisticated heavy weapons, such as
ballistic, heat-seeking, surface-to-air, Scud, and anti-ship cruise
missiles, as well as tanks, the inept Saudi military and its Wahhabi tribes and use mostly basic weapons that are no match for the Houthis’ arsenal, backed by the mostly Zaidi Shia Yemeni military. “In one day this week in Marib, the Houthis burned 41 vehicles and we lost 33 men. They have the weapons to cause a lot of damage to us. We rely on airstrikes to help but an airstrike can bomb one or two Houthi vehicles,” a local tribesman told the US media. “You do the math,”

Moreover, civilian casualties as a result of airstrikes create
resentment against the government and the coalition, playing into the
hands of the Houthis. Last month, a coalition airstrike in Jawf left at
least 31 civilians, including 19 children, dead.

“Instead of helping the tribes, the coalition is pushing them toward
the Houthis with these airstrikes,” said a local tribesman in Jawf.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Who cares that Muslims kill each other. As an illiterate worshiper said here at SF. No one can disprove that my fantasy god does not exist.

Hasbara Hunter


HasbaRat Checklist:

‎Narine Joa, Adam Dipshit, Tzatz, Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm, אהרון (Aaron), Göktürk, Azazel Pedowitz, Natasha, Free man, <>, Jake321, Prof. Larry Rabiesowitz, Avi Schwartz, Toronto Tonto, Critical Thinker 911, Jens Holm, Occupying Pig Meat, Jacob “the Nose” Wohl, Simon Bernstein, Neil Barron, DutchNational,
Roger Smellyman, Frank Behrenstein, Baron Von GoatBanger, Joe Dirt, Smaug, Mountains, Lord of the Wankers, Just Watching, Hamster, retiredSOFguy, Terry Penis, Vidura, Total Pinocchio, Derapage, Fatime Oomayadin, King Tudor777, Velociraptor, Ajdin Aksoy, Superfly, Serious, أبو ياسر, NOD

Beware! These Folks get paid in $hekels to manipulate & speak with Crooked Tongue…


Ashok Varma

The “proud Hindu”, Paul etc is also a hasbara troll as he is totally unfamiliar with India and the madar chod’s Hindi is from google translate.

Hasbara Hunter

Thank you my friend…I almost forgot to add him…

Proud Hindu

Gand mein danda dalunga bhadve shia ki najaid aulad bhadve katwe madarchod .

Proud Hindu

Where can i get paid so that i can leave my job🤣.Thanks for including me in the list btw.

Proud Hindu

Yes my friend muslims deserve whatever is happening to them.After killing non muslims they are killing each other.

Just Me

The so-called pathetic Saudi “counter-attack” was easily beat back by the Ansarallah with a battalion of mercenaries defecting to the Yemenis along with their weaponry LOL

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen fails to repel Houthi assault in Marib: sources

Victory appears to be on the horizon in the heated battle
for Yemen’s strategic central province of Ma’rib as army troops, backed
by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have reportedly taken control of most areas there and dislodged Saudi-led coalition forces and Riyadh-backed militants from those regions.

A Yemeni military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told
the Arabic service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency that Yemeni special forces
and their allies had encircled Ma’rib city, following weeks of fierce clashes with Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries.

Proud Hindu

Muslims always blame non muslims for their problems but the main problem is islam itself which vmcalls for violence.

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