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Saudi-Backed Forces In Yemen Make Gains In Al-Hudaydah, Taiz

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Saudi-Backed Forces In Yemen Make Gains In Al-Hudaydah, Taiz

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After withdrawing from the western Yemeni province of al-Hudaydah upon orders from the Saudi-led coalition, Saudi-backed forces are now attempting to prevent the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from taking over the entire western Yemeni coast.

On November 21, Saudi-backed forces managed to expel the Houthis from the district of Hays, some 100 km to the south of al-Hudaydah provincial center.

Saudi-backed forces also advanced in the districts of al-Jarrahi and Jabal Ra’s. At same time they managed to secure some positions in the district of Maqbanah in the nearby province of Taiz.

The Saudi-led coalition provided its proxies with close air support. In a statement, the coalition said that its warplanes had carried out 13 airstrikes on the western coast.

“We support Yemeni forces’ operations on the western coast outside the provisions of the Stockholm [ceasefire] Agreement,” the coalition said in a statement.

The Houthis took over much of al-Hudaydah and its coastline following the abrupt withdrawal of Saudi-backed forces earlier this month.

The coalition claims that the decision to withdraw from al-Hudaydah was the result of the Houthis’ repeated violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire and the group’s control over several Red Sea ports, including that of al-Hudaydah.

The real motive behind the withdrawal was, however, the coalition’s desire to reinforce the central province of Ma’rib, where the Houthis made significant gains recently.

It’s worth mentioning that Saudi-backed forces kicked off an military operation in the central province of Shabwah on November 20, just to pressure the Houthis in neighboring Ma’rib.


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Chris Gr

As Mediterranean Europeans, I don’t think that a Houthi victory is in our interests. Yes, Saudi Arabia is horrible state, that’s for sure. But if radical groups win in Yemen just like it was done in Afghanistan, there will be many problems.


Every cloud has a silver lining I guess.
You may leave everything and flee 99km from your position like a rabbit and still claim victory if your adversary didn’t pass the 100th kilometer!

And that, folks, is a lesson in how to properly do a propaganda piece!

Out of curiosity, JMD is that you!?

Chris Gr

You can see that the winners of wars have long term benefits while the losers of wars have long term declines. Look for example, the Cold War. Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were with the winners, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan were with the losers. Guess what happened to the second group of nations.


houthis are getting fked again, nice to see those iranian terrorists burned to death

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