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Saudi-Backed Forces Claim They Busted ‘Houthi Cell’ In Ma’rib City (Photos)

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Saudi-Backed Forces Claim They Busted ‘Houthi Cell’ In Ma’rib City (Photos)


On March 26, the Saudi-backed Yemeni Special Security Forces (SSF) announced that its units had uncovered a cell working for the Houthis in the central city of Ma’rib.

Brig. Gen. Salim al-Sayaghi, Commander of the SSF in Ma’rib, said that the cell’s hideout, which was located near Ma’rib city, was successfully raided by security units.

“For a while, security services monitored the movements of the cell and gathered information on all of its contacts, until it raided the cell’s hideout before it could implementing its terrorist plot against civilians,” the commander said in a statement of the official website of the Yemeni Ministry of Interior.

Inside the hideouts, SSF officers seized weapons and military equipment, including a battery for a 9K32 Strela-2 man-portable air-defense system, four barrels for a PK-type 7,62 mm heavy machine gun and what appears to be a 60 mm commando mortar cannon.

Last month, Ma’rib Police uncovered an alleged program by the Houthis secret service to recruit women and children to carry out attacks in the Saudi-held city.

The Houthis are currently leading a large-scale offensive in Ma’rib. The Yemeni group’s fighters are advancing towards the city, despite the fierce resistance of Saudi-backed forces. The recent claims of Houthi activities inside the city may be true. Nevertheless, no solid evidence has been presented yet.


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johnny rotten

With these great fantasy victories, shortly the Wahabis pedocrats will be able to declare war won.

klove and light

believe me when i tell you, that the current “leadership”, if u want to call them that, of the britihs zionist outpost in arabia, are fearing for their lives day and night,,,,,as mentioned in several news outlets in the past months, ie. bin salamn personal security team is 100% british and US…he dont trust arabs and had to murder the personal security chief of the king a couple of months ago because of the above mentioned reasons…..

ps. the question i ask myself over and over again….in regards to the brtish zionist outposts israel and saudi arabia….

how is it possible that those “nations” full of PIGS, dont eat PIG …gggg


Pave Way IV

Looks more like discarded junk some kid found in the desert. I thought the repeated Saudi chest-thumping and videos of a $15 million drone blowing up a single Houthi pickup truck were pathetic. Now the Hadi loyalist army is bragging about busing a terrorist cell of scrap collectors? Someone is going to get a medal for this. And the Marib SSF commander might want to start thinking about fleeing. Once the Houthis cut the N5, they’ll storm Marib, find him and string him up from a Marib lamp post for his treason against real Yemen.

klove and light

find him and string him up from a Marib lamp post for his treason against real Yemen.

spot on!

klove and light

who the XXXXX cares what british zionist slaves are saying…..

marib WILL FALL in due time……… check mate for the first party of invasion….

the houthis will then focus on UAE……..

and boy o boy….the UAE can be brought to its knees in a matter of 4 weeks…….

when the houthi missiles and drones strike UAE……their “high scociety” tourism industry will collapse instantly……. and their oil industry.90% .LOLOL in abu dhabi is geographically located in a radius of 20km……. the rest 10% is located near dubai in 3 sites…enoc processing,oilfields supply and texol oil…………. check mate in 4 weeks……..

that is why MARIB is essential for the british zionists….marib falls=houthi wins!!!

Peter Jennings

I wonder if someone will be kind enough to inform the Yemeni Ministry of Interior that the Houthis are not coming for the civilians. It could give him a heads up.

Is there fierce resistance from Saudi-backed forces or just more indiscriminate bombing? Saudi-backed forces means Somalis with no other way of paying their debts. Not that many want to die for them apparently.

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