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Saudi-Backed Forces Brace For Final Push Against Houthis In Shabwah (Videos)

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Saudi-Backed Forces Brace For Final Push Against Houthis In Shabwah (Videos)

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Yemeni forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are currently preparing to attack the last positions of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the Yemeni province of Shabwah.

The forces, led by the UAE-backed Giant Brigades, launched a large-scale operation, dubbed “Southern Storm,” to expel the Houthis from the Shabwah in the beginning of the year.

In the first phase of the operation, which was concluded on January 2, Saudi and UAE-backed forces captured the district center of Usaylan.

The second phase of the large-scale operation came to an end on January 7 with the capture of the district center of Bayhan.

Currently, the Houthis are holding on to their last positions in Shabwah which are located in the district of Ain. Late on January 7, the Giants Brigades gave the Houthis a final warning. The group was asked to withdraw from the district within six hours.

The Giants Brigades sustained heavy losses in Shabwah. On January 8, the commander of the Giants 3rd Brigade, Col. Magdy Radfani, was killed along with some of his fighters by the Houthis. Radfani was the second commander of the group to be killed in the battle. On January 4, Houthi fighters killed Col. Samih Jarada, commander of the Giants’ 2nd Brigade, along with a number of his fighters.

The attack on Ain will likely begin soon. The Houthis may opt to withdraw their remaining fighters in Shabwah to more fortified positions in the neighboring province of Ma’rib.


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jens holm

I kind of love it. When they die they wont come here – I hope.


Danes, oh god you fuking useless fuks. How long did the Danes fight against Nazis…Ohhhh wait…
You fuks just leeched of others and to this day cry about those gas/oil fields in the sea which you give to Norway.
Cry all you want but you worse than yanquis by far.


Most of the Houthi left the areas for now and once the Wahhabi start needing their slaves in other areas Houthi just walk in and control those areas again.

Also, let see what Yanquis/Zion/Wahhabi kunts would do if they lost a civilian area?
They would bomb and kill more civilians than their enemy. They would run like pigs as well.

The main question is can Wahhabi slaves hold those areas?
Most likely not, knowing they fuking slaves lost those areas to Houthi before.

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