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Saudi Authorities To Hand Over Al-Nusra Front Fundraiser To Syrian Authorities – Reports

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On November 16, Saudi activists revealed that the Saudi authorities are preparing to hand over a Syrian terrorist to the Syrian authorities. The terrorist is Sheikh Hamed Hamoud Sheikh Mousa who was arrested two years ago after he collected and transferred huge amounts of money for al-Qaeda branch in Syria – the al-Nusra Front.

Syrian pro-opposition journalist Mousa al-Omar said that Sheikh Hamoud will be transferred to Syria in the upcoming days. According to al-Omar, Hamoud told his brother to make an attempt to prevent his transfer to Syria.

We were able to find the official account of Sheikh Hamoud. He didn’t deny the reports so far. In fact, Hamoud hinted in an Islamic prayer published on November 15 that he was facing a threat.

If the Saudi authorities implement this  move, this will be the first time Saudi Arabia works with the Syrian government on anti-terrorism issues since the outbreak of the Syrian war on 2011. This could support many reports claiming Saudi Arabia is trying to rebuild the trust with the Syrian government in order to drive it away from Iran in the future.

On October 26, former Qatar Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim revealed that Saudi Arabia changed its position on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently. This also suggests that the limited reconciliation efforts between Riyadh and Damascus may be underway.

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Don Machiavelli

Saudis will hand him over to so called rebels :D

Hassadnah Abraham

Funny act. Saudi should hand over Al Soud family members, including Crown Prince too..They gave bigger donation to ISIS


Yes they should, I would love to see them publicly executed live on tv lmao

Bobby Twoshoes

Oh, well then, that totally makes up for destroying Syria. Methinks it will take more than throwing yet another former employee under the bus for SA to make amends.


Saudi’s are so transparent – now they are offering up this completely disposable low level useful jihad idiot – as token gesture to try and gain some standing with Syrians after literally financing the sectarian terror and destruction of the Syrian state for last six years.

Brother Ma

Well done bob!


True but still separate his head from his body…


Reading the comments makes me laugh and sad at the same time. The combination of conspiracy theories and stupidness is remarkable. To each his own though, so please continue.

Imo there is the large possibility that this must be seen in the light of new KSA policies where one can see a distancing between KSA and rabid ultra orthodox and conservative wahhabbism.

In this way KSA can get rid of some of those ultra orthodox clerics etc while washing their hands in innocence. “They committed crimes elsewhere and are just extradited. Contact Assad on his future fate, not our business anymore”. In a way, it willl be a trap for Assad too. If he just summarily imprisons the man or has him executed, then KSA can (correctly) point to Syria again as unlawfull shia and alawite murderes.

Brother Ma

I actually agree with most of what you said.why are laughing at other peoples comments? They agree with you in the main!


Its the conspiracy theories. So creative.


Wich of those theories is false in ur view and why?


Like KSA trying to appease Syria, trying to drive a wedge between Iran and Syria.

They would like to, I am sure, but it is highly unlikely they expect Syria to react like that, the more so as Assad is depending on Iran for his personal survival and that of his regime.

Khalid peer

this may be possible, but its highly improbable….as MBS and his dad have stretched themselves too thin and are now trying to remove themselves from all of these”adventures”….. it could be true but i doubt it…. time will tel.


KSA trying to distance themselves from adventures might be correct, at least as far as some adventures go. I would presume them trying to get out of adventures where they are involved directly like in Yemen. Where they can find someone to act for them, they would be very pleased imo and will even throw in a billion or so.

I would not be surprised if KSA will either support a split up of Yemen along the old borders or islolating the Houthi held part and blockading those areas while funding a reconstruction of the south and south east.

The next internal consolidation of KSA will likely be a continuation of anti corruption measures, adapting wahhabbism to main stream sunni thinking and breaking down part of the Saudi family hold on power. Next could also be an integration of the two military structures of the KSA, reducing costs, enhancing effectiveness.


Just shoot the bastard on the tarmac as soon as the plane lands…




Cut his balls with a rust knife He is not a man enough to have the right to wear them


I think I saw a video of a long time ago when he was captured In deir azur but I’m not 100% sure if he is the same guy https://youtu.be/foMAINyW340


Trial and execution.

Real Anti-Racist Action

When the Saudi plane lands with the arrested, and the pilot and the security personnel. Arrest them all for supporting terrorism. The only difference is that different Saudi’s support different Terrorist camps. They are guilty.


I doubt there is a political plan behind this. I suspect it is a trade for a high value captive that the Syrians have.


Hahaha idiotic Saudis think they can drive Syria from Iran with this??? I doubt syria will ever forget that Saudis were a huge force behind Isis and the other terrorists and that Iran were the first to come to their aid!!! What a disgusting insult to the intelligence and wit of Syrian govt

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