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Saudi Authorities To Hand Over Al-Nusra Front Fundraiser To Syrian Authorities – Reports


On November 16, Saudi activists revealed that the Saudi authorities are preparing to hand over a Syrian terrorist to the Syrian authorities. The terrorist is Sheikh Hamed Hamoud Sheikh Mousa who was arrested two years ago after he collected and transferred huge amounts of money for al-Qaeda branch in Syria – the al-Nusra Front.

Syrian pro-opposition journalist Mousa al-Omar said that Sheikh Hamoud will be transferred to Syria in the upcoming days. According to al-Omar, Hamoud told his brother to make an attempt to prevent his transfer to Syria.

We were able to find the official account of Sheikh Hamoud. He didn’t deny the reports so far. In fact, Hamoud hinted in an Islamic prayer published on November 15 that he was facing a threat.

If the Saudi authorities implement this  move, this will be the first time Saudi Arabia works with the Syrian government on anti-terrorism issues since the outbreak of the Syrian war on 2011. This could support many reports claiming Saudi Arabia is trying to rebuild the trust with the Syrian government in order to drive it away from Iran in the future.

On October 26, former Qatar Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim revealed that Saudi Arabia changed its position on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently. This also suggests that the limited reconciliation efforts between Riyadh and Damascus may be underway.



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