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JULY 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supply Disrupted Following Houthi Drone Attacks – Reuters


Saudi Arabia's Oil Supply Disrupted Following Houthi Drone Attacks – Reuters

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

Saudi Arabia’s oil production and exports were disrupted after the Houthis’ attack on two oil facilities in the Kingdom’s eastern region, the Reuters news agency reported on September 14, citing three sources familiar with the matter.

One of the sources told Reuters that the attack has impacted 5 million barrels per day of oil production, almost a half of Saudi Arabia’s current output.

In the early hours of the morning, ten suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Houthis attacked the plants in the Saudi areas of Buqayq and Khurais.

The Houthis said that the attack, dubbed Operation Deterrent Balance 2, was carried out in response to the Saudi-led coalition’s siege and airstrikes on Yemen.

“The Saudi regime should know that our future operations will expand further and be more painful, as long as its siege and aggression will continue,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group said in a statement, “our bank of targets is expanding, day by day, the Saudi regiem has no solution but to stop the aggression and siege on our country.”

Satellite images and videos showed that the attack caused several large fires in the targeted facilities, which are run by Saudi Aramco. Buqayq’s facility contains the world’s largest oil processing plant.

The devastating attack may push Saudi Arabia to reconsider its Yemen policy. For more than four years now, the Saudi-led coalition has failed to achieve any of its main goals.

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  • Ivanus59

    This was an amazing operation, hitting the Saudi scum where it hurts the most!

  • AJ

    Saudi oil facilities are the best targets to hit due to the huge importance to the kingdoms economy – forget about airports & military bases just hit them hard in the pocket.

    • Tiresia Branding

      it is not so obvious, this attack will raise the price of oil. So the pockets of the Saud will remain full, perhaps even more ;-)

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        There is definitely an angle there. It was quoted that about half of Saudi Arabia oil was stopped do to this attack. 5-million-bpd was stopped out of about 10mbpd.
        So in order for the attack to break even for the Saudi’s the price would have to double since they lost half of their supply. The price did not double. So the Saudis did loose a lot of money.
        On the Saudi side they will pry have production flowing at full strength within 48 hours.
        It of course depends if only pipes were hit, or actual refineries which would set the Saudis back much further.
        This is great news for the defenders of Yemen. If they can repeat this once ever two weeks for a month or so. I think the Saudis may be ready to give up on the war and return home.

        • S Melanson

          Actually more than twice. Exports are net of domestic consumption. Domestic consumption in 2018 is 3.75 million barrels per day. Net exports approx 6.5 million barrels per day.

          5 million barrels per day lost in attacks is huge problem as less than 2 million barrels per day is available for export. Storage reserves are significant at close to 300 million barrels so this can smooth over the problem but the Houthis have demonstrated the ability to cripple KSA oil infrastructure nearly at Will – somehow the Patriot System failed to defend the targets… how could this happen!!! Answer: they suck

          All the best to MbS and time for him to put on that album gifted to him by the Houthis – Alice Cooper, “Welcome to my Nightmare”

          • Zionism = EVIL

            The Saudis besides being total shitheads have no friends and are hated by all. No Arab country or any Muslim state is even willing to send mercenaries anymore.

          • Icarus Tanović

            They have much more than just a billion barrels reserve. It is estimated in billions…

          • S Melanson

            I think you are speaking of oil reserves that can be viably extracted. I was referring to oil already extracted from the ground and held in storage an example is the US strategic petroleum reserve which is the largest at around 700 million barrels of oil.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Yes I got your point, but they never really openly talks about how much is stored. I’m talking about extracted oil and derivates, so already extracted that is stored in gigantic underground facilities.
            US have way more than just 700 million barrels in reserves, believe me it is so much more than that. That is just around 350 super tankers, but US extract million daily only from Alaska.

        • Tom Tom


        • Jozef Mak

          they have to go and hit royal palace.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            That is exactly what is going to happen if the Saudi morons don’t stop this war on the people of Yemen.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Yemenis will do it. Hit their royal palac(es).

          • Icarus Tanović

            Good idea.

      • Icarus Tanović

        It won’t, Russia can expand its oil production, as well as Iran, Venezuela.

        • Tiresia Branding

          unfortunately US frackers too :(

          • Tom Tom

            U.S. fracking is based on cheap money that exists only at the moment. When QE4 is introduced, it won’t long after that failed effort U.S. frackers will go bankrupt.

          • Jozef Mak

            yes, so what?
            petrodollar goes with Saudis down the drain anyhow.

      • Tudor Miron

        It depends. If their production is impacted bad enough than higher prices would not compensate.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Even OPEC estimates that Saudi production will be down to less than 2 million barrels a day for a long time and it looks like Yemen will hit more oil infrastructure as they have figured out the weakness in Americunt radar systems and the AWACS have proved to be totally worthless and were intended to fight 1960’s war and not capable of dealing with 21st century NOE cruise missiles and drones that fly 4 feet over the terrain and navigate taking advantage of the terrain. These drones flew over 1100 kms at subsonic speed totally undetected and that is no mean feat. Imagine the fate of the Zionist scum, as flying time from Bekaa to Ben Gurion airport is less than 10 minutes.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Avacs are useful, but tides are turning.

      • Tom Tom

        Saudi output will be cut, prices rising will help other producers. The Houthi’s need to spend more time and missiles on the oil fields.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Actually Russia and Iran will gain the most as Saudis are running mega budget deficits and even $100 a barrel oil can not help them. The cost of repairing these facilities will run into billions and the Yemen quagmire was already costing $4 billion a month and now if the Saudi shitheads don’t stop the war the cost will keep rising as the Yemenis are getting better armed and more audacious by the day. These attacks were just a warning of far worse to come, including attacking the MBS idiots palace and all airports. Through Iran, the Ansarallah had given a subtle warning to the UAE pimps that Dubai airport will be hit and the next day the Emirati cowards packed up and left Yemen.


        • Icarus Tanović

          Punks didn’t, they are still there in Yemen, fighting their as they call them selves “brothers”.
          They will have to leave as well.

      • lovethemapples

        So will Iran’s, and its more costlier than pure revenue generation. Hence Saudis were the ones trying to increase OPEC output to keep the prices low.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The totally humiliating war in Yemen has cost the Saudi arseholes over $300 billion so far and mostly paid by digging into their forex reserves and selling their ASS ets. This latest attack has cut Saudi oil production to less then 2 million barrels a day and the rest of the oil facilities are even more vulnerable as the Abqaiq facility was the most well defended with Americunt dud patriots and plenty of AAA, which the scared Saudi morons kept firing hours after the attack killing their own people. Now the Saudis will go bankrupt and Iran has to be given waivers to increase its oil production and exports. It is even more humiliating for the Americunts peddling dud weapons around the world. The Abqiaq facility is totally destroyed and can not be repaired for months.

      Attacks on Saudi oil make waivers on Iran necessary: OPEC


    • d’Artagnan

      It is also a huge embarrassment for Americans who have deployed hundreds of patriot missiles to defend Saudi airspace but failed in every aspect as the Yemeni drones flew for hours before hitting their targets with precision. Taking out Saudi airports will also be very damaging and should be done.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      China has just sent a FUCK YOU note to the dumbass Americunt losers:

      THE Petroleum Economist of Sept 3 reported that China has agreed to
      invest up to $290 billion in the development of Iran’s oil, gas and
      petroleum sectors, and another $120bn in its transport and manufacturing
      infrastructure. This is a calculated kick aimed at America’s strategic

      According to the report, China will have the first right of refusal
      on all projects in Iran and a 12 per cent guaranteed discount on energy
      imports from there. China will provide the “technology, systems, process
      ingredients and personnel required to complete such projects” including
      “up to 5,000 Chinese security personnel on the ground to protect
      Chinese projects….”

      China’s agreement to so massively finance Iran’s development is an
      extension of its Belt and Road Initiative. It is also an ‘in your face’
      response to America’s aggressive trade, technology and military moves
      against China over the last year. It will prick the balloon of the US
      strategy of ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran designed to bring the latter
      to its knees economically and oblige it to accept additional
      constraints on its nuclear and missile programs (beyond the JCPOA) and
      curb its politico-military ambitions in the Middle East. In entering
      this agreement, China has announced that it is not intimidated by the
      “secondary sanctions” which the US has threatened to impose on companies
      and countries which continue economic relations with Iran in defiance
      of America’s unilateral sanctions against Iran.

      China can import virtually all of Iran’s oil and gas production. This
      could increase Iran’s oil exports manifold from 200,000 barrels per day
      at present to its full capacity over 4-5 million bpd. China’s energy
      giants — CNPC, CNOC, Sinopec — can rapidly expand Iran’s oil and gas
      production from existing and new fields. Iran will not need other
      markets, such as India which has halted oil imports from Iran in
      compliance with US sanctions

  • John

    ha ha ha


    Burn Baby, and just keep burning ! :)

  • AM Hants

    Must admit to smiling at the news. The Daily Mail, is trying to blame it on Iran, as they try to drum up support for war, no doubt.

    I wonder if those who are so dependent on oil and the resources of others, will take note, with regards how easy they are to strike, when pushed too far?

    • Ralph London

      Notice how dm is using the same phrasing with ‘Iranian backed’ like ‘Russian backed’ or ‘pro Russian separatists’, they are trying to define the parameters of events but they are a totally busted flush in that we are wise to their BS and what they write has no credibility anymore.
      P.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXRhhcYgiQI

      • Putin Apologist

        Great interview, thanks.

      • AM Hants

        It seriously does my head in, when they do that, together with the ‘rent a rant’ mob, which then are paid to flock to the comments section. Only able to say, ‘What is the weather like in St Petersberg’. When you read that 1,000, just following the comments of one article, it does make one lose one’s sanity.

        Took your advise and went to Opera, to view the video. Loved it, and how Maria Zakharova, is so animated, when she settles. I bet it was a refreshing change for her to be interviewed by somebody who actually knew what was going on. Can you imagine, if she had spent an hour of her time with some goon from CNN, pulling out some trick, for sensationalism, whilst having no knowledge of the story being covered.?

        Yemen, the DM has no problems with Saudi destroying the country or funeral processions. However, should their defence forces retaliate, and take out a oil field or two, look at the hysteria, coming from the Daily Mail.

        Lord Rothermere, who ran the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, in the early 20th century, the same Lord Rothermere who founded, with others, the Tavistock Institute. No wonder they cannot recognise who is supported by who and who is fighting who.

    • Putin Apologist

      “Smiling”? Okay, sure, the Saudis got a well deserved taste of their own medicine but in truth it’s just another sign that we are edging ever closer towards an all out regional conflict , if not a global conflict.

      There’s a new YouTube channel, “Axis of Evil”, that has uploaded a multi-part video essay (I think with more parts to come) titled “War with Iran”. I think you might find it interesting?


      • AM Hants

        Would they be so stupid to go to war with Iran, or is there sanity, somewhere around?

        It is so easy to keep the scare tactics going, but, after a period of time, they wear off. Or some, including me, think if that is what is going to happen, then just get on with it, rather than decades of playing the people, wondering when the planet will be taken out.

        By the way, I do not have much faith in Saudi or there capabilities. Let alone what they can and cannot afford.

        Israel, US, UK and Saudi on one team, against Russia, China, Iran and friends, on the other team.

        Will check out the ‘Axis of Evil’ video, when I get the time.

      • Jozef Mak

        10 Houti-made missiles took out, after careful preparation and planing, 50% of Saudi production.
        What would 4000 Iranian missiles do?
        Probably , this would be the total destruction of SA, UAE Kuweit Bahrain, and hopefully the regime in Tel Aviv.
        Saudis sure start no war with Iran. Some of the missiles would land on the royal palaces, killing the inbred vermin there.

        Iran’s military strategists have a contingency in a case of….and they have spies on the ground in SA kingdom. Good luck to royals there.

  • Ceasar Polar

    Excellent job from the Brave Houthis, the resistance of the oppression, showing the world that courage and resistance pays off!
    Outstanding performance!

  • grumpy_carpenter

    I wonder how long the Saudi’s will support the petrodollar if the mighty USA is unable to protect them?

    The USA has been the real party running this war. They provide intel and choose the targets, they provide the weapons and munitions, they sold the Saudi’s air defences. All the Saudi’s do is fly the planes and push the buttons when they are told.

    The Saudi’s are in the middle of going public with Aramco. If the USA can’t figure out a way to suppress the Houti’s for even a few weeks while they get the IPO dealt with how can they guarantee Saudi security against the much more potent threat of Iranian missiles? It’s not like this is the first attack …. they’ve been at this consistently for months now.

    • Tiresia Branding

      some say that pilots in Saudi airplanes are also American

      • d’Artagnan

        The targeting information is also provided by US and the Saudi F-15 are refueled and rearmed by Americans as well. There are reports that Israel is now heavily involved in the airstrikes on Yemeni civilians and infrastructure.

      • Ronald

        I’ve read they were British.

  • Icarus Tanović

    They used explosive drones, but I knew that they were using somethong much bigger, such is this Quds cruise missile. Great job!

  • Xoli Xoli

    Very obvious Turkey and Saudi terrorists are or have lost USANATO support completely. Dont bite the hand which is feeding you.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Saudi oil underpins the petrodollar.
    Iran could burn them both badly.

  • Tom Tom