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MARCH 2021

Saudi Arabian Air Force Strikes Houthi Positions In Response To Advance


Saudi Arabian Air Force Strikes Houthi Positions In Response To Advance

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On September 5th, the Saudi Arabian Air Force launched a series of strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen as part of an ongoing military operation and in response to missiles and kamikaze drones launched into Saudi cities.

A video was released of some of the strikes.

Earlier, on September 2nd, the Saudi-led coalition announced intercepting explosive-laden drones and boats and ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis at Saudi civilian and military targets in the Kingdom and Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition response allegedly mainly targeted senior Houthi commanders in the Marib and Al-Bayda provinces, as well as in the northern province of Jawf.

The Houthis also want to force the Kingdom to stop its massive military logistics with the Yemeni army, according to Yemeni military officials.

“The coalition (warplanes) targeted their fortifications, military equipment, trenches, gatherings, command rooms as well as military reinforcements,” Brig. Gen. Abdu Abdullah Majili, a Yemeni army spokesman said.

According to him, the Houthis had suffered heavy losses over the last couple of weeks as a result of counterattacks by government forces.

The Houthis, after allegedly failing to make a major military breakthrough with ground assaults, have turned to attacking Saudi Arabia to end their rising death count.

“The Houthis suffered fatal blows and a huge depletion of fighters during the current raging battles,” Majili added.

Losses for the Houthis appear to have begun allegedly mounting after they began the operation to capture the city of Marib.

“The Houthis put their entire eggs in Marib’s basket, it is a ‘To be or not to be’ battle for them,” Col. Abdul Basit Al-Baher, a Yemeni army spokesman in the southern city of Taiz, told Arab News. “The Houthis are hungry for money and resources so they keep escalating pressure on Marib. Due to land and air surveillance, the coalition’s airstrikes have become more precise and can locate and target Houthi commanders on the battlefields.”




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