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Saudi Arabia Withdraws Patriot Battery And Heavy Weapons From Marib

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Saudi Arabia Withdraws Patriot Battery And Heavy Weapons From Marib

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On July 13th, Saudi Arabia’s forces withdrew the US-made Patriot air defense battery from the Yemeni province of Marib.

The sources affirmed that the Saudi Arabia completed a process for withdrawing the Patriot battery and all heavy weapons from al-Rawaik and Tadawin camps in the province and transported them to Hadramout governorate.

Reportedly, the tribes that are on the side of the Saudi-led coalition and the Yemeni puppet government described the withdrawal as a “great treason” to them.

On July 15th, the Yemen Press Agency reported that the Houthis, fighting against the Saudi-led intervention opened the road linking the Yemeni capital Sanaa with Marib province for passengers and commercial goods.

According to sources, the move is intended to enable civilian travel to and from the northern provinces of Sanaa, Marib and Jawf in addition to other regions further east.

The road has been closed for 5 years, since the intervention by Saudi Arabia and the UAE began.

Marib reportedly is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition still, but that is a temporary situation, as evidenced by the removal of the Patriot system and other weapons.

According to the Houthi-aligned Commander of Military Intelligence, Abu Ali Al-Hakim, the fall of Marib city is “a matter of time”, affirming that the army forces are prepared to make a decision in the event that tribal mediation attempts with Yemeni President, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi loyalists fails.

The joint army and Houthi forces are making a gradual advance in the province from three positions despite air support from the Saudis. Yesterday the Saudi Press Agency, citing coalition spokesperson Turki Al-Malki, said that Houthi forces fired ballistic missiles onto Marib city over “civilians and residential areas”.

On July 13th, the Houthi-allied military spokesperson Yahya Saree claimed that the Tadween military base in Marib was targeted during a meeting of Saudi military commanders and mercenaries, killing and injuring dozens.

Saree said the operation was in response to continued coalition aggression and on-going blockade.

On July 14th, a densely populated residential area of Marib was allegedly hit by one of the Houthi missile strikes on, Yemen’s Defense Ministry said.

The Defence Ministry linked the increase in Houthi missile attacks on Marib to setbacks the Houthis had suffered on the frontlines in northern Yemen.

Yemen Information Minister Muammar Al-Iryani said that the shelling of residential areas is a violation of international laws.

“The Houthi terrorist militia continues to deliberately target civilians and residential areas in Marib with an Iranian-made ballistic missile that hit, on Tuesday evening, civilians … in a flagrant violation of international laws,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

Despite any claims, the fact of the matter is that the Saudi-led coalition is on the back foot and it is a matter of time until the Houthis push them even further back.


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The Saudis learnt nothing in this war, we had the same problem in 2006. If you want to win them, you have to hit their main source of power not trying to hunt them down in the desert. Meaning? start bombing Sana’a all day all night, once civilian death toll is high enough they will topple the Houthis themselves. Israel should and will do the same to Beirut, till not a single person stays alive there and nothing will be left of Lebanon. You fight fire with fire, you just use the bigger guns to do it. I always say – there are no innocents in war, only targets.

Lazy Gamer

The Saudis are there to prop up a Yemeni president. That guy wouldnt be a president if he greenlights the indiscriminate bombing of cities. War still has rules. These were the rules you insisted in the early ww2 tribunals.


That’s his mistake, he will never be the president if he doesn’t kill anyone that supports the Houthis, including civilians.

Lazy Gamer

There should be a recognized civilian outfit in war. Say, like the color white or yellow on top but must be accompanied in shorts or jeans without carrying any thing. It would solve the targetting in war. Any bullet holes from the back is attributable to the origin while bullet holes from the front is attributable to the attacker.


He aint even president of Yemen. Ever seen a president who is in exile?


Why not the Zyclone B?


That can work too, less Houthis would be great.


I’ve been sarcastic, but you are steel stupid moron.


Why being sarcastic? it would be great to see Houthis die from poison, they should develop a special weapon just for Yemen.

Black Waters

Says the little dog, as soon as americunts tax payers (stealing from the U.S, at the same time USA is stealing from others…) cut the flow to Israhell you will be naked in the desert, don’t speak like you have something to show off.


Oh no, I will be naked in the desert. Unlike the Yemeni baboons, we are a high tech country that got to what it is today in only 70+ years. We are not going anywhere buddy, on the contrary we will keep getting our stolen lands back.


Stop hating the Houthi idiot they fighting the stupid Saudi puppet.you should go hide behind MBS you arab brother.


Houthis motto is death to Israel and the Jews, one day they will get a taste from us that will keep them quiet for a very long time.


see how your a liar since when the houti motto is dead to the Jews?

Fog of War

comment image?1592939351

Concrete Mike

You are very vulnerable to emp weapons.

Dont be so cocky bro, pisses people off for no good reason.


Thanks to the USA tax payer donations, otherwise Israel would have been long gone by now.

Fog of War

comment image?1593187173

Swift Laggard II

cheap rubbish from a stuuuup11d troll


Warpig_Assh*** :)


Nah, just a logical guy who knows how to win.


Dude you said you were a IDF reserve. Can’t believe they let you, cuz you are a liability. A soldier that thinks like you is a dead one.


Nah, I actaully killed Hamas rats thanks to my rage and my faith in what I believe in. Waiting for the next Gaza round.


You are just a hasbara troll , so lame ..
Tell your superior to give you new material, you are not convincing anyone here.

Black Waters

He’s a keyboard mossad operator Lol.


Wow, I’m really starting to believe you’re just here to troll and don’t actually believe any of the sh*t you spout. You’re literally calling for mass-murder and genocide to help a war-effort, which seems too extreme even for the worst of you ultra-Zionist wankers. Then again, maybe this really is the true face of you lot… maybe you really are that depraved. God forbid.


I meant every word.


Why do you write like a total imbecile ? You speak as if killing people is a fun game to watch or do. Lately you just spew garbage about anything that is not USA or Israel.

And remember always this soldier, 8 million VS 120+ million surrounding from all sides.

Potato Man

They (KSA) act like they have balls one day, and the next day they drop them. Just like another country in ME called (Islamic State-rael). They both good at killing civilians and both are extremist and hide behind their religion LMFAO.
One beg for money (as we can see what is happening in IS-real), the other beg for protection (as we can see they are losing a war against a poor country), and US suck their balls and that when they show they have balls and when US don’t help them they act like pu$$y and cry to the world for help. LMFAO


The source link is dead “page not found” but it goes to abna24 that is an Iranian news agency.
I wouldn’t trust the information in this article to be reliable.

johnny rotten

Soon that hateful artifice called Saudi will cease its usefulness and will also end up in the trash of history, the only place it deserves, fear is palpable in the Wahhabi kingdom, they know they have exaggerated and will have to pay the consequences, perhaps a part of the Saudi kingdom will fall into the hands of the honorable and glorious Houthis.


Please update the link in the article. The current one leads to a missing page.

This is the right one:https://en.abna24.com/news//saudi-forces-withdraw-patriots-defense-systems-from-marib_1054973.html

Debriefer also published something similar:

Assad must stay

hahahahaha they are fuced and they know it

Pave Way IV

So I guess the Houthi claims of hitting one of these Saudi Patriots with a suicide drone must be true. I’m liking the new strategy: If attacked, “Run away!” Fking Saudi chimps.

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