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Saudi Arabia Will Take “Military Action” Against Qatar If It Purchases Russian S-400 System – Report


Saudi Arabia Will Take “Military Action” Against Qatar If It Purchases Russian S-400 System – Report

FILE – In this file photo taken Dec. 16, 2015 and provided by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, Russian S-400 long-range air defense missile systems are deployed at Hemeimeem air base in Syria. (Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP, File)

In a letter addressed to French President Emmanuel Macron, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud warned that Saudi Arabia will take a military action against Qatar if it acquires Russian-made S-400 long-range air-defense systems, the French newspaper Le Monde reported on June 1.

“The Kingdom [Saudi Arabia] would be ready to take all necessary measures to eliminate this defense system, including military action,” King Salman warned in the latter.

According to Le Monde, the Saudi king asked Macron to help to prevent the Russian-Qatari S-400 deal in order to preserve the stability in the region.

The S-400 is a high-altitude long-range air-defense system that can be armed with 40N6 missiles, which have an active radar guidance and a range of up to 400 km. The system also includes 91N6E radar with a detection range up to 570 km. The radar can even detect fifth generation warplanes from a distance up to 150 km, according to pro-Russian sources.

Qatar first showed its interest in the S-400 air-defense system in late 2017. Later in January of 2018, Qatari Ambassador to Russia Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiyahin revealed that Doha and Moscow are at an “advanced stage” of negotiating the purchase of the S-400 air-defense system.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar in June of 2017 after accusing the gulf country of funding terrorist groups in the region. Since then, Qatar has increased its military spending, in what appears to be an attempt to deter Saudi Arabia and its allies.



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  • Vince Dhimos

    Qatar and Turkey have a military agreement. They could deepen this to an alliance https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/10/turkey-qatar-strategic-alliance-171024133518768.html.

    • Siegfried

      Both endorse HAMAS in GAZA (!!)
      Well… and the MONEY-flood from Qatar to the CIA-Al-Qaeda is over, too..

  • Sencer

    Le Petit Prince is dreaming again.

    • FlorianGeyer

      He has not been seen since the ‘firefight with a drone near his palace’.

      Is he still alive ?

      • Tudor Miron

        Yes, but with seriously damaged sense of security. He’s trying to compensate by issuing letters that do no harm to anyone :) I can imagine a scene: After that letter to Macron one high ranked SA general is coming to Prince “That letter to France! Qatar is shook! We get reports from everywhere! Here’s one: “Saudi Lion strikes back” – that’s what they say in France!”
        Prince: “Yeah! It is so.” Looks in the mirror “Lion…Hell, yeah!” turns to general “I showed them didn’t I? I showed them who’s the Boss… Lion.” Looks in the mirror again but than like a dark shadow crosses his mind and it reflects on his face. “But that nasty deadly military drone, (47$ ebay item made in Taiwan. author note) I can’t stop thinking about it… Why didn’t we use our brave Patriot missiles to knock it down?”
        General: “Err.. Sir, it was too close. With those Patriots… we learned lately that there’s some kind of boomerang effect…. Mysterious thing! Last time we fired it, that’s what happened” General shows his golden iphone to Prince
        Prince: “Ouch! What was that!?”
        General: “Boomerang effect, Sir. That’s why this time we had to use handguns! Sir” General in a Clint Eastwood move pulls an imaginary gun and starts pointing finger to the windows “Puf! Puf! Down he goes!” General is smiling “That was cool Sir. We showed them!”
        Prince looks worried. “We got to do something about it…”
        General: “Write another letter about Qatar? They will call you Desert Lion! Reports are here already.”
        Prince looking in the mirror: “No! This time we go for big one. I will say to journalist that I will show Putin his place! I will show him who’s the Boss! I will ask him to sell ME s-400! Got ya!”
        Prince glances at general “Those nasty drones will get what they asked for! And yes, keep those Patriots in reserve for now… use them only when I’m away travelling”



    • Siegfried

      And Putin smirks ;)..

  • Serious

    I told you. SA is the US best ally ever. SA can kil 10 millions Arabs, 100 millions sunnis to please USA.

    Qatar and Turley are allied. They wanted Assad out to create an alliance with syrian sunnis. FSA north was funded by them. But, USA doesn’t want Turley and Qatar to rule Syria like USA didn’t want Morsi to rule Egypt. This alliance would have caused a big pressure on israel.

    So, USA is now asking his SA dog to threaten Qatar.

    • Sinbad2

      The US has turned against Qatar, because Qatar could see the US invasion of Syria had failed, so they cut a deal with Iran to supply gas to Europe.

      The US demands that it controls all gas to Europe, typical master race BS.

      • FlorianGeyer

        And all of this hubris whilst the US cannot even control her own borders. I fact a large percentage of the US military are of Mexican blood :)

        • PZIVJ

          Is Trump building wall yet?
          And ex-present Fox said “We will never pay for that fucking wall” Priceless :D
          Many of “Mexican blood” have lived north of the border for well over 200 years.
          This make them citizens. :)

          • FlorianGeyer

            It does indeed , just as the UK has a large percentage of citizens who originated from Asia in recent decades. History has always shown us that recent migrants to another country usually take many hundreds of years to assimilate ‘fully’. Until then their loyalties tend to be split in most cases.

            The Northern Ireland situation that is centuries old is an example in Britain that still festers to this day.

          • Siegfried

            Sure.. ;) That makes them citizens ;)..
            And the first “travel-apes” went from Africa to Europe 10,000 or 12,000 years ago, that makes all nYggas in Africa of TODAY, ….citizens of Germany and Russia, right?
            The ONLY Citizens there, in that “American Soviet Union” called the USA, are the NATIVE Americans.

        • Siegfried

          Yes and that “Mrexican blood” doesn’t want to see the whole Mexican g@rbage invading their home-towns , because the schooled and civilized Mexicans don’t come like wolves-packs to the USA, have invitations and jobs by US-companies, if they do it

          • FlorianGeyer

            Some of that may well be true Siegfried but as the old saying goes ‘ Blood is thicker than water ‘ :)

      • Siegfried

        “The US has turned against Qatar,”
        Correction, TRUMP barked again without using his little brain, to please Israel and his new-old Weapons-buyer the Saudis ==>> QATAR and TURKEY sustain HAMAS in GAZA.

        But the PENTAGON reminded that WH noisy idy0t, that the USA have the LARGEST Aitr-Force base in the Persian Gulf.. placed in QATAR (over 10,000 men there!!).
        So the Big-White-House Boris Yeltsin suddenly shut-up :))


    It seems the S400 is making some countries nervous. :D

  • JEinCA

    Iran needs this system and Syria should have it to even if it was only deployed in the north of the country.

    • Starlight

      Qatar has atrocious Human Rights records, but it is a wahhabi ally of Israel, so of course zionist appeaser Putin sells it the s-400.

      Meanwhile Iran gets the OUTDATED version of the s-300, only after going to court to FORCE Russia to honour a signed ontract. And Syria doesn’t even get the s-300. On SF and TheSaker, disgusting zionist trolls (like vot tak) praise Putin for this zionist appeasement.

      Want to know who are the hasbara trolls here? Any person who has written to EXCUSE or JUSTIFY Putin’s craven servitude to world jewry.

      Look for any post that uses the ‘jew’ word, but then claims Putin is not a zionist appeaser. These are the jewish trolls (in bad disguise).

      • RichardD

        What is it about that because of Russia the US and Israel would lose a war against Iran just like they are against Syria that you don’t understand?

        “On Tuesday night, the House unanimously passed an amendment making clear Congress’s position that no law exists which gives the President power to launch a military strike against Iran. Today, that amendment passed the U.S. House as part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.

        “The unanimous passage of this bipartisan amendment is a strong and timely counter to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and its increasingly hostile rhetoric,” Rep. Ellison said. “This amendment sends a powerful message that the American people and Members of Congress do not want a war with Iran. Today, Congress acted to reclaim its authority over the use of military force.””

        – U.S. House Makes Clear That There is No Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iran –


      • v76

        You’re as simple as john carlson or whatever that other idiot commentors name is.

        • Siegfried

          Read THESE, before you continue your Hasbara-narrative:

          A) “… Tamir Pardo, who served as head of Israeli spy agency Mossad from 2011 to 2016, told local investigative program Uvda in an interview set to air Thursday that Netanyahu instructed his military command in 2011 to prepare for a strike against longtime foe Iran, which Israel has accused of developing nuclear weapons and supporting militant groups abroad. Pardo said then-Israeli chief of staff Benny Gantz informed the prime minister that the armed forces would be ready within 15 days…”

          B) and THIS, it is YOUR HA’ARETZ and it’s REALLY intelligent written, although very Israeli-friendly (of course! ).
          THIS is something your HASBARA cannot: to write INTELLIGENT! Mr. Ra’anan Gissin gets heart-arrests when he sees what stvpid comments you Zion-TROLLs deliver across the Internet))

      • Siegfried

        Qatar supports GAZA and Turkey also.
        Qatar doesn’t really do what it does for supporting Israel, but only to achieve ITS OWN GOALS, the pipe-line THRU SYRIA to the Mediterranean Sea.

        But .. there this is a “RUSSIAN solution” for Qatar’s interests, to BREAK them from the anti ASSAD-Coalition. And it look so that it works: Qatar is proving the opportunity to sell its OIL/GAS reserves THRU the Iranian-Russian pipe-lines to Europe and China-Pakistan-India. That much more than the shares by a common Arab-Israeli-American pipe -line thru Syria.

        …And the Saudis get in rage, seeing how their “pro-Israeli-Coalition” with all that SHAME and disgust it inflicted among the Muslim-World, was for NOTHING, they remain only with the humiliation and the shame to be friends of Israel.

        ….From here till an UPRAISE and disobedience of the Saudi Army ( maybe even till topping the Saudi-House–an “Egyptian event) isn’t too far or just wishful-thinking. The Saudi-House is hated by the People since it allows AMERICAN B-52 to stay on Saudi soil and do what Washington says.

        A real bloody DEFEAT in Yemen would do good to such an event ;)..
        (C’mon Putin, give the Chinese some weapons to transfer them to the Yemenite troops, they do the job for you .

        Some S-200 at least, improved software for the old SA-2 high-altitude SAMs, some Pantsir, old SCUD-missile systems, modified RPGs to f*ck the Saudi MBTs, some IGLA-shoulder anti-airforce missiles, remote-controlled IEDs, even “Katiusha”s are good for the poor brave Yemenis.)

        • Rodger

          Qatar together with Iran and Russia would be a block that controls over 50% of all proven natural gas reserves. With Turkey getting closer to all these parties new pipes through Turkey are also an option.
          The US attempts to form a barrier by creating a Kurdistan have failed miserably.

    • Rob

      US and Israel have converted whole Middle East into multiple death zones, where they slaughtering human children to establish foothold and military bases.

      • Siegfried

        You mean Israel’s useful idY0ts USA.&their NATO lapdogs..
        Meawhile the EU and Canada are pYssed-off because of that BULLY in the WH and his protectionism in Industry-sectors… So it looks that nice times are breaking for the Russians ;)..

    • Siegfried

      CHINA could buy the 3 times-the-numbers it needs and deliver some to IRAN, Syria and the Yemenites that fight the Saudi-mercenaries

  • Serious

    Don’t understand why israel and saudi arabia are always asking for their father and mother : the west. Why don’t they ask their God ??? XD.

  • leon mc pilibin

    This could be Trumpy saying this,he has the Saudis well trained.WTF is jewSA going to start a war with next?

    • Siegfried

      The war with IRAN is a taken decision already, Ariel Sharon run to the AIPAC in Jew-York to ask his Zion-Jews to press Dubya-jr to attack IRAN, but the Rockefeller Foundation , aka the OWNERS of the Clintons (FBI) and BUSH-Clan (CIA) didn’t want to enforce the ROTHSCHILD Image and INFLUENCE, a matter that the Rockefellers claimed for themselves ( NWO, Globalism, C.F.R., Bliderberg, Trilateral Commission, Soros’ NGOs)

      And then Netanyahu run to the Us-Congress to keep a “sport-& gymnastics hour”

      with the Congress-cattle barking against Obama and IRAN , remember?
      But OBAMA had his own ORDERS from the same david Rockefeller..
      Just AFTER David Rockeffelr’s dead, when his green-horn Nikolas Rockefeller took control over the Rockefeller Foundation, the ROTHSCHILDS started to REGAIN their “Supreme Leader”-position in the Global Jewish-Zionist Kosher-Nostra-Connection => Donald Trump the dog of Rothschilds’ dog Bibi was a BLOW set to the Rockefeller Foundation and the “reinforcements for Bibi’s dog are BOLTON, BOLTON’s VERY VERY PRO-Netanyahu assistant Fleischer,, add the willingly US-traitor and opportunist POMPEO the CIA-pYg

      At least it looks so as I put it here, from my angle of view and my h8umble stock of informations.
      Sorry if I’m not right or not updated.

  • Rob

    Qatar cannot compromise their national security for Saudi regime.

    • Sinbad2

      All the little fiefdoms were created by the British, they are not really countries.
      That includes the Saudis, the British gave all that land to the Saud family, because they were the most bloodthirsty people in the region.

      • Rob

        Agreed. I myself surprise that the Arab all countries have one religion, one language and one culture, so they should be one country and should be supper power but still Britain have divided them to control them easily. The most idiot, illiterate nations on this planet Earth are Arabs.

        • Siegfried

          All that Middle-east borders are just a British-French Colonial Agreement, they aren’t genuine borders.
          Britain’s PM Sir Mark Sykes & 6the French PM François Georges-Picot secretly met to decide the fate of the post-Ottoman Arab World, after the WW1..

      • Siegfried

        But THAT was the GOAL of the British Empire by it’s disintegration: TO LET BEHIND “political and religious IEDs” , so that they MAY COME BACK ONE DAY … as referees and peace (SIC!)-keeping forces, INVITED by the conflict-parts. And as weapons-sellers , of course :)) The AMERICANS ( controlled by the SWAMP-Wall-Street-Jews) took their place and shameless simply used the British IN ADVANCE PLACED “IEDs”, made Britain a JUNIOR-partner there.

        Kashmir -Muslim given to a Hindu-Maharajah and added to India
        Kuwait cut-out of Irak and a local Britain-faithful-lapdog Camel-dvng planted as Emir
        Kurds BS-ed to fight against the Ottoman Empire.. and then betrayed and the OIL stolen
        Saudis = a small gangsters-tribe raised to Kings to serve the Brits and the REAL Kings (the Al-Rashid-Dinasty) pushed away
        “Divide et Impera” , nothing new.

        • S Melanson

          Good insights. Agreed.

      • S Melanson

        Exactly, although throw in France as noted by Siegfried, since the key document was Sykes-Picot, a joint French-British plan to carve the Middle East into British and French zones. The plan represented a betrayal of the Arabs that were promised by Colonel T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) independence in return for revolting against the Ottomans, which they did. The creation of country borders followed colonial imperatives such as divide and conquer – Iraq is good example with three factions; Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish and we know how well they all get along. And as Siegfried points out, it all turned out swell – using the Orwellian definition of ‘success’.

  • Sinbad2

    Prince Salamander wants to kill lots of people, maybe he’s trying for US citizenship?

    • Siegfried

      Eh!.. That is an ISRAELI but even more, a BRITISH specialty ( The BRITS invented that sh*t !) to use false-flags and then blame it on whoever happens to be needed as next target-practice for the US-Army.

    • S Melanson

      … and the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Rob

    Khamenei: Woe to the heads of those dependent and traitorous countries, who refrain from the great duty of fighting against Israel and defending Palestine only to win U.S’s attention and a few more days of power.

    • Siegfried

      Oops! Putin won’t be happy: that Khamenei should STFU, the old jacka## has a mouth like Donald Trump. And if IRAN wants discrete (thru CHINA for example) S-300/S-400 deliveries, the President Rouhani should tell the senile old donkey to keeps for a while his stvpid muzzle locked.

  • Rob

    Khamenei: Undoubtedly, resistance is the only path to save Palestine from oppression, and the only cure to heal the wounds on the body of this courageous and proud nation. 4/4/2018

    • Siegfried

      Khamenei should keep NOW his f*king mouth shut, it’s not the moment to bark about that, when the Iranian Government has some sens9ible moves to do to crack the EU and the USA common position o0n IRAN-
      F*king self-important old senile imb€cYle :(
      You want silently and discretely surpass a barrier and the old senile starts to bark and shows your position :((

  • Attrition47

    “Saudi (sic) Arabia” = US

    • Siegfried

      Yep Wall-Street#s dogs protected and kept on power there thru a CONTRACT, by the US-Army, IF the Saudis sell their oil ONLY in US-dollars.

  • Rob

    Syria, Iran and Russia have no problem with Palestinian government that is Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas but Israeli migrants must leave the Arab state of Palestine and return to their European countries.

  • Rob

    The Syrian government should tell to US led intruders and robbers that from whom you have taken permission, get out from Syria and don’t bother us unnecessarily.

  • George Silversurfer

    Mohammed BS should be talking to Russia, not Micro.

    • goingbrokes

      This is King Salman, MBS may be dead.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Its a bluff

  • Trut Tella

    We need to strike the Saudis, and Saudi citizens, wherever they are.

    Saudi Arabia directed the 9/11 attacks. Just read the 28 pages. They are one of the eternal enemies of the West, and the decent people of the ME of course. Saudi Arabia, and all Saudis, must be destroyed.

    • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

      No, Israhell directed 9/11, Saudi Arabia financed it & provided some Saudi dopes to the team that carried it out.

      • Siegfried

        Just explaining him this, too! :) See down-here.

    • Siegfried

      ISRAEL directed the 9/11, don’t play stvpid, please!
      MOSSAD + their faithful dogs the CIA, the Saudis were only useful idy0ts, OSAMA bin-Laden was a CIA-agent all the time: his name was TIM OSMAN by the CIA and he took his orders directly from Zbigniew Brzezinski
      The “palnes2 were PREPARE “American Airliners” with DRONE-technology and they weren’t Saudis that danced happy on the roofs of the NY-houses after the two WTC were hit,, they were MOSSAD agents, arrested by the FBI and then … let free and sent home by CHERTOFF, the JEW (and if needed “American”) Homeland Security-Boss.

  • Smaug

    Another page turned in this petty Cold War. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are both allied to the US and so this is pursued under the cover of regional security/economic interests. In other words, they both are buttering up to NATO while having other options in their back pocket.

  • Hassadnah Abraham


    • HardHawk

      you really need to get in touch with realitty and who is who and what they are, not what religion they use, to control the stupid masses.

      • Siegfried

        Wahhabi-animals, if that is a Religion and has something to do with ISLAM, than a Saudi-Camel is a Ferrari

        • HardHawk

          and what your answer, has anything to do with what I said? One track minds as yours can be compared to amoeba brains so think again before posting.

  • Elmarie Muller

    Saudi Arabia will never attack Qatar because USA has a larges base in Qatar. Turkey supports Qatar and is also deployed in Qatar. If the the Russian plains or warships deliver this air defense systems Saudi Arabia will never attack it knowing their will be destroy if Russian advisors or installers and equipment is attack.Unless Put in air drop the systems to please Trump and Satanyahu.

    • Siegfried

      OK, but the Saudis buy the S-400, too. And I guess Turkey and the Camel-dvng get the system before Qatar.
      And the 1st thing that happens then is that the USA and Israel get some to be “reverse-engineered, copied and their possibilities “neutralized” thru modifications or new weapons developed in the US and Israel.

  • Siegfried

    Yeah! :)))))
    ..And the Qataris will buy S-500 (sic!), SU-57, Armata- MBTs, Russian Kalibr, :))
    Putin clacks his a## laughing, sits and counts the dollars while the US run amok blaming the Saudis of f*king the business of the US Military Lobby. Bye-bye Trump’s Billions …..;)..
    Qatar might even sell its GAS and OIL thru the Iranian-Russian pipelines to Europe and CHINA..

    And the US Air-Force-base in Qatar (~10,000 men there!) begins to feel like sitting on a QUICKSAND there…

  • Tudor Miron

    SA is trying hard to mimic their bigger brother (Israel). I would call it denial of right to defend. Thing is that those funny guys (SA) are even less battle worthy than IDF. Yes, they have some shiny arms (mostly operated by foreign mercenaries which would not want to die for camels) but their only hope is that they attack defenseless nations – like in Gaza and Yemen.

  • Bob

    KSA = paper tiger making paper threats.