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Saudi Arabia Vows To Retaliate In Multiple Ways If Any Economic Sanctions Undertaken By Other States Over Suspected Murder Of Journalist

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Saudi Arabia Vows To Retaliate In Multiple Ways If Any Economic Sanctions Undertaken By Other States Over Suspected Murder Of Journalist

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On October 14th, Saudi Arabia vowed to retaliate to any possible economic sanctions undertaken by other countries, after US President Donald Trump warned of “severe punishment” over the disappearance and suspected murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Preceding the Saudi response, Trump spoke in an interview saying that the Arabic country faces strong consequences if they are involved in the disappearance and murder.

“There’s something really terrible and disgusting about that, if that was the case, so we’re going to have to see,” Trump said. “We’re going to get to the bottom of it, and there will be severe punishment.”

He did, however, also say that the US would be “punishing” itself if any arms sales deals are cancelled with Saudi Arabia. He said that the weapons deals are a “tremendous order” for US companies and that the Saudis would get it elsewhere if not from the US.

In a statement published by the state-run Saudi Press Agency, the kingdom warned that if it “receives any action, it will respond with greater action, and that the kingdom’s economy has an influential and vital role in the global economy.”

“The kingdom affirms its total rejection of any threats and attempts to undermine it, whether by threatening to impose economic sanctions, using political pressures or repeating false accusations,” the statement said.

No retaliatory actions were specified, however the general manager of the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news network suggested that Saudi Arabia could use its oil production as a weapon. “If the price of oil reaching $80 angered President Trump, no one should rule out the price jumping to $100, or $200, or even double that figure,” Turki Aldakhil wrote. Ahead of the incoming mid-term elections in the US, it would not be good for Trump if oil prices were to skyrocket, because it would reflect on gasoline prices in the US.

Saudi’s ministry of foreign affairs tweeted that it was “steadfast and glorious” in response to what it called “false accusations.” It added:” Demise is the outcome of these weak endeavors.”

It is possible and very likely that despite strong formal rhetoric towards Saudi Arabia, the US won’t undertake any sanctions against one of its key allies in the Middle East. It would be similar to how the US supports Israel.

The US-Saudi relationship situation is also apparent in the Yemen conflict. The Saudi-led coalition is supported by the US. Both US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis both expressed their support of the intervention. That is all despite condemnations by the UN and the wider international community of the wide-scale humanitarian crisis that the Saudi-led intervention has led to in Yemen. There are signs of the beginning of a famine, due to blockade and constant attacks of Saudi and allied forces. In August, Saudi jet fighters struck a bus, killing 40 children. The bomb was supplied by the US, there was evidence in the debris. Initially the Senators condemned the incident. However, the US stance on the issue was that Saudi Arabia is making steps towards upholding human rights and assuming responsibility for the bus attack was a step towards that.

Furthermore, Washington blamed the conflict in Yemen on Iran, which has limited involvement in the country. Iran possess limited resources and they are spent in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, more than anywhere else.

Following the Saudi vow, Britain, France and Germany released a joint statement saying that they were treating the case of the missing journalist with “the utmost seriousness.” The foreign ministers of the three countries demanded an investigation into Khashoggi’s disappearance and possible likely murder and called for a “detailed response” from the Arabic country.

The Turkish outlet Sabah also reported that Jamal supposedly turned on his Apple Watch’s recording functions before entering the consulate. Following that, the circumstances of his “interrogation, torture and killing” were sent to his iPhone which was outside with his fiancée.

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Miguel Redondo

I think that the real threat is not an increase of the oil-price.
A higher oil-price only would make american shale and fracking-oil more competitive.
The real threat is the abolition of the petrodollar.

Promitheas Apollonious

They can not do that. They be cutting their own throat if they do and they know it. I would not take seriously if I was them, trumpets farting and threats. The problem with trump, is he dont know when to shut up and not put his foot in his mouth.


Well there’s that, though it’d be so big that the Saudis need to think very hard before doing something irreversible. Saudi foreign policy rests on #1 bribery, #2 Islam, and #3 terrorism — they are “our” very best friends not only for the oil, but because they can mobilize jihadists. #2 doesn’t have much currency in the West, at least not with the elites; so if #1 fails, it’ll be time to reach for #3, as Merijn also implies.


Maybe another arms transaction of few hundred billions would repair the damage


Weird world, so, lets be the devils advocate for once.

I dont belive an single word of this whatever event, to this date, we have been told they have something, uh, woice records, witch so far isnt released to the public, and the images we see is to me, in the ShitPal leauge, cant be verifyed nor confirmed at any given time and so far, I cant see anything.

But, to whom benefits, well, that, is a bit early to tell, since things obviously have happened but to what extent since suddenly everybody hates the Saudis, not that I have any symphaty with the Saudi-barbarians, but I focus on the long term implications of this sudden 180 deg flips, curious, isnt it.
The entire eposide stinks, high heaven.

We can specualt as much we want, but I think this is Turks and the Wankees doing, and why, well, we will see, but the main factore is loosing the wars, Yemen will be raped and robbed but the war will not end, untill the Saudis backs out of it.
I hope that, this is an reaction to maybe an political change in the region, when the Clockwork Orange is raving and threateneing everybody, even the Saudis must feel the pain.
And for heavens sake, when wankee doodles drool on foreign politics when they, like the Douchbag….. sorry Dutch uh….. general, whom obviously must and been an hard sniffer of glues, since He have managed to be in the leauge of Wankee morons when it comes to geography, where most of them dont even know where Africa is, you know, that tiny penninsula west of Madagaskar.
And forgets that Norway do have an border line with, drum rols….drm….drm…. Russia.
God what an bloody joke of an man, but again, the Douches are equally stupid as the wankees are, and have for me, managed to park them self into the idiot bin along with the stupid wankees.



Mohammed Bin Salman is Going to send his Wahhabi Headchoppers to any Country that dares to impose Economic Sanctions…. Bwahaha
You are a Dead Man Walking Mohammed Bin Salman…..they are Hunting for you little parasite….


To torture and extort your own family clan, only to let them live… Stalin would’ve shaken his head in disappointment, “Dear Mohammed, you showed such promise, but at the hour of truth you didn’t see things through properly.”


This whole affair stinks of “intelligence operations”. We have one Saudi “dissident”, living in self-exile. Someone who used to enjoy high positions and their perks in Saudi regime but somehow got sacked by the new boss in the house, MbS.
What makes it more suspicious is the coordinated and synchronous voices coming out of western MSM and governments, “philanthropist billionaires” and some of the US senators that didn’t raise and eyebrow when Saudi-Emirati mercenaries committed all kinds of horrorful crimes in Yemen and elsewhere.

Surely Saudis did something which angered the boss. First came a warning that “they won’t last 2 weeks without our support” but the clown prince was too thick to understand it’s meaning. Gee, I wonder what they did?
– They didn’t take Trump’s orders seriously when he demanded they increase oil-flow to lower the fuel prices for US mid-term elections, check.
– They showed interest to get close to Russia and buy Russian weapons, check
– And they had the gut to talk about selling oil to the Chinese in Yuan, hell no!

As much as I despise Trump, I fully agree with his that Saudis won’t last much without US support. (I still support Trump %100 but for all the wrong reasons ;) ) They certainly better not to publicly announce what Al-Arabiyah GM said and we read above, or else.

MbS either learns this lesson the easy way and secures the US support to sit on the throne or the hard way and someone else will be the future king of the sands.
The Khashoggi affair is to used to condition him as Pavlov method suggests.

What I can’t understand in the importance of US weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. We are talking about $10 bn a year. In comparison, Germany exported in 2017 about $157bn only cars, let alone other products. What I think is that amount is important for Trump supporters, backers and donators, so it must be important for the whole universe.

Promitheas Apollonious

if he dont supply them then they can not continue the war in ME and Yemen.


I should’ve been more clear, so thanks to your reply I edited:

What’s the importance of US weapon sales to Saudi Arabia for American economy.

There’s just too much emphasis on it’s importance.

Tudor Miron

Good points. Also I would suggest that you look at this developments remembering that “theory” presented by “Conseption of Public Safety”.

chris chuba

“What I can’t understand in the importance of US weapon sales to Saudi Arabia for American economy. “

It isn’t but as a businessman Trump has a transactional view of the world, he counts every nickel and dime. I don’t think he is a deep thinker. On the plus side, the MbS is making a mistake threatening him. Nothing riles him up more than a threat :-)


Also, the “American economy” (i.e, American “interests”) can be defined and seen very narrowly by insiders and their pressure groups.
One nice example related to someone in the news the past couple of days is the issue of Crimea and its energy rich territorial waters. Joe “Middle Class” Biden has long been in the forefront of public lobbying to involve the US in returning that longtime Russian territory to Ukraine as in the interest of the USA.
Turns out that Biden’s surviving son, Hunter, somehow got placed on the BOD of a corrupt oligarch owned (Kolomoiskii) energy company named Burisma after the US coup in 2014. There is an assured Biden family fortune to be realized if Biden and other insiders can somehow use the power and resources of the USA to pry Crimea away from Russia again, even against the will of the Crimeans.
Let’s remember this about Biden, who is posturing to be the Democratic candidate for the bipartisan “War Party” that is the deep state…

Brother Ma

A man butchered on tape and not one American of note says “let’s do something about it” ? Let us stop trading with butchers!

America has gone to the dogs and taken us with it! Fuck umerrikiya the bloodthirsty !

Is this “journalist” a relative of the famous arms merchant of the eighties? Adnan khasshogi?


Jamal is or was Adnan’s nephew. Adnan was involved in the Iran-Contra affair.

Brother Ma

Thank you.


Is this “journalist” a relative of the famous arms merchant of the eighties? Adnan khasshogi?

Yes, he was/is. And you’re correct to write journalist between quotations marks:

“Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew Adnan Khashoggi (1935-2017). The latter was an arms-trafficker that played a fundamental role in the Iran-Contras case and was considered the richest man in the world at the beginning of the eighties. Jamal himself was the protégé of the former leader of the Saudi Secret Services, Prince Turki ben Faical, who went on to be the King’s Ambassador in London.

Later on Jamal went on to serve Prince Al-Waleed ben Talal, who was submitted to a long period of torture at the Ritz-Carlton during the palatial coup in November 2017.

In recent years, Jamal Jamal Khashoggi has taken up the defence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Israel. This is why he had been hired by Washington Post.”

Jamal Khashoggi and the failed plot against MBShttp://www.voltairenet.org/article203497.html

Brother Ma


Feudalism Victory

Yes its very fishy. A Washington post reporter?

Albert Pike

Unlikely. He supported both the (British) Muslim Beotherhood and (British) Israel.

Albert Pike

True, he did – his cusin was Mossad – he might have been Mossad too. Still – if there would have to be ever a true process, to make the true culprits talk and get fried – then he would have been witness – and maybe culprit too…


I don’t negate the 9-11 angle but I don’t think it was the motive for the incident. A said journalist with potential inner information on 9-11 would not have caused a geopolitical and media stir.

I also find it odd that the Washington Post (out of all media) reported the US intelligence’s foreknowledge on KSA making a move on Khashoggi. The way MbS has been demonized in the US news (not that he doesn’t deserve to be), hints at an Anglo-American plot to bend him further. A counter argument may be that 15 Saudi killers landed in Turkey to kill Khashoggi but they could have been anyone – they somehow flew back via transits (Cairo and Dubai).

p.s. The original article and ZeroHedge articles write that King Faisal was killed in 1975 by a family rival but it was in reality a consequence of his oil embargo on the West.


The King Faisal family rival was brainwashed…



Lafarge en Syrie: la justice saisit 4 millions d’euros

FranceLes juges d’instruction ont saisi une partie des indemnités de départ de l’ex-PDG de Lafarge, Bruno Lafont, et de trois anciens dirigeants.

Bruno Lafont, PDG de Lafarge.


Les quatre hommes dont une partie des indemnités de départ, totalisant environ 4 millions d’euros, a été saisie, sont mis en examen dans l’enquête sur les soupçons de financement du terrorisme en Syrie visant le cimentier, a-t-on appris ce lundi de sources proches du dossier.

Les magistrats ont notamment saisi une partie des indemnités de départ de Bruno Lafont, pour un montant de 2,475 millions d’euros, a indiqué l’une de ces sources, confirmant une information de «France Inter».

Dernier patron de Lafarge jusqu’à sa fusion avec le Suisse Holcim en 2015, il avait, au moment de son départ, touché au total plus 8,4 millions d’euros. Cette somme comprenait une indemnité de 5,9 millions d’euros et une rémunération exceptionnelle de 2,5 millions au titre de sa gestion de la fusion avec le concurrent.

Les autres dirigeants concernés sont les deux anciens directeurs de la filiale syrienne (Lafarge Cement Syria, LCS), Bruno Pescheux et Frédéric Jolibois, et l’ex-directeur général adjoint de Lafarge, Christian Herrault, en charge de plusieurs pays dont la Syrie.

Des saisies pour «près de 4 millions d’euros»

Au total, les saisies représentent «près de 4 millions d’euros», a indiqué une source proche du dossier. Les quatre mis en examen ont tous fait appel de l’ordonnance prise par les juges après des réquisitions favorables du parquet de Paris.

Cette mesure ordonnée à titre conservatoire vise à garantir l’exécution d’une peine complémentaire de confiscation de leurs biens dans l’éventualité de condamnations futures. Ces sommes permettent d’alimenter le fonds de garantie des victimes d’actes de terrorisme et d’autres infractions (FGTI).

Dans cette vaste enquête née d’une plainte de deux associations, dont l’ONG Sherpa, et de Bercy, le cimentier est soupçonné d’avoir versé entre 2011 et 2015, via sa filiale LCS, près de 13 millions d’euros, notamment à des groupes armés dont l’organisation État islamique (EI). Il aurait fait cela pour maintenir l’activité de son usine de Jalabiya dans le nord syrien alors que le pays s’enfonçait dans la guerre.

Huit ex-cadres ou anciens dirigeants dont Bruno Lafont ont été mis en examen pour «financement d’une entreprise terroriste» et/ou «mise en danger de la vie» de salariés dans cette information judiciaire ouverte en juin 2017. En juin dernier, l’entreprise Lafarge SA a à son tour été mise en examen pour «complicité de crimes contre l’humanité» et «financement d’une entreprise terroriste». (ats/nxp)

PS: Sarkozy et Hillarkiller Clinton ont été par le passé
membre du Conseil d’Administration de Lafarge…


It is indeed good news in a way (it exposes LaFarge’s collusion with jihadists) but €4M is peanuts (which are to be seazed from high ranking employees’ bonus.


Yes it’s peanuts,
but I am wishful thinking and hope it will help to open the NATO
can of worms to ask Wars Damages and Justice for Syria.

And look after War Criminals alike Sarkozy, Clinton,
Hollande, Fabius, BHL, Benjamin Netanyahu and al

They deserve a Nuremberg kind of Court for Nazi…
Europeans and the World has to know about NATO
nefarious activities….


Une autre bonne Nouvelle pour l’Eurasie,
seulement en Français pour l’instant…

La « route de la soie » passera par la Jordanie, l’Égypte et Israël



Thank you for sharing. I quickly translated the article below to English for anyone interested.

I am not sure it’s good news to be honest — especially with China becoming Israel’s co-protector. The fact that China will pass the route through Egypt and Israel (both approaved by the US) is even more dubious.

To rewind historically, when the British Empire was said to have ceased to exist as a dominant power, reality was that the oligarchs owning/running it moved the capital west (to the US) to continue their quest for world hegemony from there. Carroll Quigley covered the matter masterfully in his The Anglo-American Establishment (available for free on his estate website: http://www.carrollquigley.net/books.htm). Having made the US the new dominant power, it became the protector of their Israel.

This, with China, seems akin to that: shift the capital to a new place and continue the original plan from there. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) moving its headquarter from the US to Beijing (IMF could be based in Beijing in a decade: Lagarde – Reuter) is most certainly indicative of that.

Alternatively and should I be utterly wrong, it could translate to a more stable situation where China will take the savage Israel. I don’t see it happening but I hope so.




After ISIL’s attack on Palmyra, China abandoned the Silk Road’s historical trade route (Baghdad, Palmyra, Damascus, Tyr). An alternative route was envisioned through Turkey but that too, was abandoned.

In Antiquity, a secondary route through Petra in Jordan and Alexandria in Egypt also existed. In definite, the new trade route will pass through Jordan and then go through Egypt and Israel. The route via Egypt was validated by the Obama administration. Washington has approved the doubling of the Suez Canal (already operational) and the creation of vast industrial zone (in progress).

The Trump administration authorized the trade route through Israel. The Shanghai International Port Group just purchased exploitation rights for the ports of Haifa and Ashdod. China will also build the tunnel of Mount Carmel in order to double the supply of port Haifa.

By 2021, 90% of Israel’s international commerce will be in China’s hand, which means that it will become, along with the USA, the co-protector of the country. It’s a perspective that is caused a stir within the military circles of Israel and the US.

This decision greatly upsets the geopolitics of the region. Until now, China was a commercial partner of Israel (expect in armament) and a political partner of Hamas (who has a representative in Beijing). Similarity, China provided missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon. From now on, Hamas and Hezbollah will not be able to attack road, railroad and seaport targets without entering in conflict with China. We remember, for instance, that the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, explaining that in the case of an Israeli attack on Lebanon, he would retaliate against nuclear material stocked at Haifa – boasting that he would have his own “nuclear bomb”.

This decision also upsets the geopolitics of the world. The agreement between China and Israel implies Washington’s authorization. China’s commercial strategy profoundly disrupts and ignores political constraints as it affects the Partnership of Eurasia between Russia and China – which serves as alliance between the two.

In definite, the announcement of this new trade route reveals a secretive agreement between Beijing and Washington and that despite, an escalating trade war between the two.

If this project comes to term, every state in the Middle East will have to reposition itself; followed afterwards by all the states of the world.


MBS is Mossad/CIA/NATO,
Adnan khasshogi nephew is probably on the other side

Albert Pike

Why one Saudi Donmeh Prince kills another Mossad slave, is also beyond my reasoning. Maybe those guys here are right and there just to many princes:



I do believe MbS is alone with Mossad/CIA/NATO
against all the Princes and establishment…


Another cousin of his was Dodi Fayed …

Albert Pike

Most likely another cousin is Alex Jones landlord…

“Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a nephew of a
billionaire arms dealer and second cousin of Princess Diana’s lover Dodi


Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann feiern sie jetzt alle zusammen irgendwo … Die Welt ist groß und es wird nicht nur ein Bariloche geben…


Albert Pike

And this at lunch time…


Jewwatch mag nicht mal Links zur Jerusalem Post. ^^

“How will Jews respond when they hear that the descendants of the 10 exiled tribes of Israel ended up in Afghanistan and Pakistan, today number at least 25 million, and haven’t forgotten who they are?

Although Muslim today, they live by a code called Pashtunwali which greatly resembles Mosaic law. When Pashtunwali conflicts with the Koran, they follow Pashtunwali.”

Aber die haben wohl sogar einen ganz Schwung Kommentatoren gesperrt, die nicht mal “antisemitisch” drauf sind.
Sind allerdings immer noch genug Fanboys und Fangirls dort aktiv.

Albert Pike

Das stand bei denen irgendwo, dass alles was einen Link hat durch die Moderation geht. Es darf halt nichts darein welches den Kinderglaubens ‘der Feind meines Feindes ist mein Freund’ erschuettern koennte. Israel schiesst Pali Musels – also Israel gut. Alles was dem widerspricht darf nicht nach jewwatch…


Mein erster Versuch mit Hyperlink landete direkt im Pending (hatte beim Tippen gepennt, da ich eigentlich nix mehr bei denen posten will), der 2. Versuch mit entschärftem Link ging direkt durch, wurde aber anschließend removed.
Fanden sie wohl nicht so toll, wenn in einem Artikel über einen bösen Afghanen der Hinweis auf die Abstammung der Paschtunen steht. ^^
Ist halt nur deprimierend zu sehen, wie viele mindfucked Leute, die sich für ach so aufgeklärt halten, dem Laden auf den Leim gehen. :-(


He was/is anything but a journalist:



Saudi Arabia is the US “Fort Knox”, a Dollars reserve…
The equation is simple.
No Oil = None Dollar = None America

MbS is the CIA/MOSSAD/NATO Profiled enrolled Concierge Tool,
if he want to go to the Toilettes he has to ask permission….


Khashoggi appears to me as a set up…I think the West is planning a Heist… The Jewish House of Saud has Stashed their Gold in London…London is planning to or already sold it… MbS is done…He Started the War in Yemen & Screwed up… Bin Salman is a Failure… and either he gets Chopped by his “Own” people or ends up in a CIA-Witness-Protection-Program…but there is no Future for Bin Salman anymore…Yemen finally will get some attention too I think….


It’s uncomfortable to say something good about those vipers in Riyadh, but pushing back harder if someone pushes you–isn’t that just conducting a foreign policy? Someone in Moscow paying attention? Anyway, for now seeing is believing.

Brother Thomas

Saudi threatens the US. Perhaps the reality is that US may not last long without the Saudis and their sponsorship of the petrodollar.

Tudor Miron

Good point. But what if that’s what is intended by Trump’s handlers?

Albert Pike

You don’t have to be a Russian George Friedman to predict this. Anyway he is as false as Friedman – because he tell us that there are still sovereign states, with leaders which are following their own national interests. Which is wrong, because they are all actors, puppets, or zionist foreign agents – best case – manchurian candidates.

Besides of that, I like very much what he says about Killery…

Trump’s handlers – they will try to keep 9/11 out of the Jamal Khashoggi picture – but it’s not holding:


William Warren Conkright

We need to take out Saudi Arabia and defeat them and take their oil, End of Story. 3 days.


Mohammed Bin Salman is Done…. Khashoggi is Dead…Wahhabistan admits that…Next step will be the QUESTIONING of them 15 Wahhabis that arrived in Turkey…either they vanish or they start singin’ like Canaries…MbS…MbS….MbS…Even Yemen will come in the Picture now


Not enough democracy in Saudi Arabia , plus democracy bringer gets a large oil reserves as a bonus. Just saying.

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