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Saudi Arabia Spreading Wahhabism At West’s Request: Crown Prince


Saudi Arabia Spreading Wahhabism At West’s Request: Crown Prince

US President Donald Trump holds a chart of military hardware sales as he welcomes Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, March 20, 2018 / Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has claimed that his country is spreading the Wahhabism ideology in the Middle East at the request by its Western allies.

Investments in mosques and madrassas overseas were rooted in the Cold War, when allies asked Saudi Arabia to use its resources to prevent inroads in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union,” he said in an interview with Washington Post.

The crown prince continued saying that successive Saudi governments lost track of the effort now Saudi Arabia has “to get it all back.” According to Bin Salman, funding of the Wahhabism spread now comes largely from Saudi-based “foundations”, rather than from the government.

The crown prince gave a 75-minute interview to Washington Post on March 22, the final day of his US tour.

The crown prince also spoke about the ongoing Yemeni war Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition attempts to reinstate ousted Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi as president and to defeat the Houthis.

Bin Salman justified the ongoing bombing campaign, which has lad to multiple civilian casualties, by saying that his country has not passed up “any opportunity” to improve the humanitarian situation in the country.

“There are not good options and bad options. The options are between bad and worse,” the crown prince said.



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