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Saudi Arabia Spreading Wahhabism At West’s Request: Crown Prince

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Saudi Arabia Spreading Wahhabism At West’s Request: Crown Prince

US President Donald Trump holds a chart of military hardware sales as he welcomes Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, March 20, 2018 / Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has claimed that his country is spreading the Wahhabism ideology in the Middle East at the request by its Western allies.

Investments in mosques and madrassas overseas were rooted in the Cold War, when allies asked Saudi Arabia to use its resources to prevent inroads in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union,” he said in an interview with Washington Post.

The crown prince continued saying that successive Saudi governments lost track of the effort now Saudi Arabia has “to get it all back.” According to Bin Salman, funding of the Wahhabism spread now comes largely from Saudi-based “foundations”, rather than from the government.

The crown prince gave a 75-minute interview to Washington Post on March 22, the final day of his US tour.

The crown prince also spoke about the ongoing Yemeni war Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition attempts to reinstate ousted Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi as president and to defeat the Houthis.

Bin Salman justified the ongoing bombing campaign, which has lad to multiple civilian casualties, by saying that his country has not passed up “any opportunity” to improve the humanitarian situation in the country.

“There are not good options and bad options. The options are between bad and worse,” the crown prince said.

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Turkey’s Confidential 10 super-weapons.

Turkey produces its own version of
F-16, main battle tanks, Cruise missiles (350km to 700km range).

Turkey also produces nuclear Ballistic missiles (70km to 1200km range), anti tank, anti ship, air to air and air to surface missiles and anti submarines and anti ship torpedoes.
Turkey have also produced nuclear warheads (1ktons to 200ktons capacity).

Turkey must unite with Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Egypt governments to eliminate PKK, Israel, Washington and UK terrorists from the region for the freedom, prosperity and development of the region. Unite their army because these Muslims states passing devastated condition due to these morons. Lonely Turkey cannot deal with it. Second there should be no visa requirements for the visitors to visit each other countries.


Dubai Airshow 2017 (Day 3) JF-17 PAF Flying display.
المقاتلة الباكستانية JF-17 Thunder
الصواريخ الباكستانية النووية |Pakistani nuclear missiles

Pakistan produces fighter jets JF-17 Thunder, Missiles and nuclear weapons.

Before 1970 Pakistan condition was worst than Syria and Iraq but when Pakistan realize that US is just waisting their time then Pakistan approached to North Korea, China and Russia for help and started joint military production facilities in Pakistan, then in 1998 by their own efforts they have tested first 6 nuclear weapons, then missiles and then their own fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2. Now Pakistan can produce any kind of 5th Generation fighter jet and missile.


How the Arabian prince spend their money. This will be a shame history.

To see how Saudi prince get the girl. This will be a shame history.

To be honest if I had so much money as much these Saudi princes have and I was a Saudi king or prince then definitely I would never sell my raw oil rather I would produce thousands of products of this oil that is fabrics, plastics, domastic products, packages, fertilizers, cosmatics and so on and then I would sell in international markets but not in US dollars but in my own currency that is Riyal. I would set the conversion rate of my country currency Riyal myself.

I would produce and sell 5th generation fighter jets, commercial jets, tanks and other thousands of defence hardware to other friendly countries. I would produce bullet trans, nuclear power plants, ICBM, manned space rockets etc jointly with China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan etc.

Majority of Saudi princes wasting their time and money on birds, women, nice personal aeroplanes and cars. So that is their priorities because of lack of proper education. LOL.


Sad, all the wealth the arabs have could have been spent on their people. That would have taken their culture to a new level. Instead their richest are the dumbest.


Of course.


Why do you think the US and co. sold the last Iranian king, the Shah? They hoped to hijack the new government and fix Shah’s “delusions” but failed. Ayatollah Khomeini outsmarted them.
Shah started to have the sort of idea which you proposed, saying that the oil is too valuable to be burnt or sold raw and started planning for building a lot (about 30) nuclear power plants by purchasing a few French and British energy companies and solar power. That’s why in 1975-76 all major western newspapers and news outlets suddenly focused on Shah’s abuse of human rights and SAVAK’s tortures that they ignored before that for 20 years.

But when you are installed not once, but twice by foreign powers (first time during WW2 after occupation of the country despite Iran being neutral, deposing his father and installing him because of the lack of a better option. There was a Qajar prince serving in the Royal Navy who even couldn’t speak Persian) and the second time a decade or so later by a coup) as the head of your country, you shouldn’t even think about thinking in such a way.

Saudis have no other choice but to sell the crude oil and spend the money on junks, otherwise the west suddenly discovers that they are awful and cruel and “human rights” and stuff. The result? In times of economical hardship the money is cut from public projects and subsidiaries which benefit the people but never denied from arms purchase, war, spreading terror and so on.

If Saudis even think about doing what Shah thought or Qaddhafi did, tomorrow their country will be called the “Republic of Arabia”, “Baghdadi Arabia” or something similar.


As I always mentioned.. a nomad Bedouins will always be what they are..!
I don’t even have to watch it..!
No surprise.., These pagans idiots have been doing it since ancient time..! only different is, in a modern time.. and not in desert..!


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been reelected for a second term with 92 percent of the vote, preliminary results showed on Thursday – State media.
This was a shame election because all opposition political leaders were arrested before the election. This was not an election but a referendum. This was just one horse run election that run for three days instead of one day but still the turnout for registered voters was just 20 to 40 percent due to which he lost his legitimacy to hold the office for next term.
The electoral commission has warned voters that the election Boycotters could face a fine of up to 500 Egyptian pounds (22 euros) but this warning also did not work.
SISI also failed to wipe out the Islamic State group in its Sinai Peninsula stronghold.
Let me guess, he will be the President of Egypt for next 2 to 3 decades winning all elections with over 90% votes. I have founded SISI more liar than Obama, Trump and Butcher Benjamin Netanyahu. LOL

You can call me Al

A Sham election that was shameful – agreed.

Sisi is just a Yank puppet, sad to watch really.


The Washington defense analyist declared that there are some defects in F-35 and that need to be fixed. At the moment F-35 is not the front line fighter jets because F-35 fighter jets can be easily seen by AESA Radars in SU-35, SU-34 etc. There are also many types of devices to find enemy stealthy fighters like Infrared seekers or heat seekers etc.

F-35 can be easily shootdown by S-200 without any doubt. F-35 is not stealthy for all types of missiles and from all directions. F-35 can be easily targeted by Infrared seekers or HEAT SEEKERS and anti radiation radar homing SAM missiles.


Check out Photonic radar, every day Russia gets stronger, and the US grows weaker.


Yes you are right, there are also optical and laser sensors but these are used for some other purpose in the aircrafts.


I would suggest looking at some YouTube videos comparing different situations with f 35 vs su 35. They are just different planes, su can’t find the f 35 early and the f 35 can fire much earlier. If the su 35 gets close or the f 35 tries to run the su 35 can easily win. As far as radar goes, no su 35 can’t track the f 35 , it has a radar cross section the size of a pin and the su 35 the size of a table. You are partly right in the fact that ground based radars can use lower frequency to track the f 35 and potentially communicate to the flankers. Apart from this, unfortunately no the stealth allowed for the f 35 to engage earlier and really is a big advantage.


You following the YouTube video photage and I take comments from Pentagone and also have personel experience. Are you a pilot? Have you worked with electronic warfare calibrators?


Your first comment says that f 35 stealth is irrelevant, it’s absolutely not , it makes a very big difference in a air to air confrontation. Yes f 35 has alot of problems but the stealth technology is very good. The radar cross section is the size of an insect. Air to air missles have a different range and saying that seeing your target first makes no difference tells me you don’t have much experience with this either. Yes it would be the heat sensors that the flankers sees first, but the f 35 would have already fired. If the flankers fires even a little after the f 35 , once the flankers is hit it’s missles lose target correction and the missles it fired will miss. You actually believe they spent this much money because stealth is irrelevant? I said look at youtube because there are alot of videos covering different situations because it’s pointless comparing a 1v1 confrontation. Su 34 comes out behind the f 35 in most cases, unless group based radar is involved, flankers outnumbered the f 35, or the f 35 gets caught of gaurd but that is difficult because it’s for much much better sensors. And these are pro Russia analysts coming to these conclusions. Why the fuck do you think Russia needs the Pak fa ?


Because Russia have made it better than SU-35, second it is highly maneuverable, better speed Mach 3.0 and low radar detection with better warfare capabilities and stealthy, but I cannot say that in the world there is 100% stealthy fighter jet exist. It will be difficult to make 100% stealthy fighter jet because it will definitely generate heat.


The su 35 would have to point their sensors at the exact spot the f 35 is to have any chance of early detection, very unlikely ok a combat situation.


LOL there’s always something forgotten when we talks about Stealth vs non Stealth.

The stealth aircraft’s would be guided by other assets and none of the stealth aircraft’s could turn their radar for it’s own lock because it will compromised the stealth aspects. So where they get their missiles lock ? From naval or other air assets if they’re on offensive and you would think that these assets can avoid detection ? The first engagement would first targets these assets from as far as possible using anti radiation cruise missile and other tactical stand off weapons including the much talked hypersonic missiles. Sure they’ll have measures in place against attacking missiles but then IF they’re taken out what will play into the stealth fighter now that they’d need to acquire their own target ? They’ll have to relying on the Electronic optics or turn their radar on. At that point these fighter lost their main advantages.

Also the F35 basic capability are subpar against the muscled non stealth aircraft’s that’d made their possible strategic capability less than it’s counterpart. Think about it. Low cruise range, low speed, and less payload. You’ll be able to roughly guess the range of operations it carried.

The only real potential of the F35 come from the F35B which is VTOL capable. With these they can carry out behind the enemy lines strike using nuclear missile and they can operates in any region.

I’d say ‘fighter’ is a misleading concept for these stealth aircraft’s. They’re more on the interceptor/strike aircraft’s.


Very true, lot will depend on who knows whats where, but if the f 35 knows where it’s targets are it can come in low and use anti radiation missles as it’s first move as well. You hit home with the fact that it’s not really a fighter, it’s an early and long distance strike aircraft. There is a good chance that in an offensive op, if the f 35 senses the flankers early enough they would abandon mission and run because getting close without eliminating them would be suicide, but with the speed difference it would have to be really early to avoid getting caught.


I don’t know. What’s their backside rcs value ? They’d more likely have to face it front to achieve maximum stealth aspect. Turning and exposing it’s back not a good idea.
That and what’s their measure in concealing missile launch ? SU 35 carry more payload than them so there’s a good chances the missile they launched itself get shot down.

The only plausible application in peer adversary is if it’s used with a swarms of drones or missile where it can safely blending in.

You can call me Al

You should make your “fire earlier” more accurate, although it is factually true. It can fire earlier because it is firing from further away, a lot further away.

Sorry to be pedantic and your comment is factually correct, but on this issue, out of context.

No offence intended.

You can call me Al

Exactly why the Israeli story about flying over Iran without being seen by Syria, Russia or Iran is a load of bllx.

The F-35 is an extremely expensive piece of Junk.


Hahaha it’s like Gorbachev they falls so low they lick the boots and love the praises.


Of course the Saudis do it for Washington, is it just a coincidence that terrorists always attack countries that the US has a grudge against?


I think it makes surprisingly good sense for the Saudis to have been asked by the West to spread their religious poison as a counter to the USSR during the Cold War. The real question is why nobody bothered to tell them to stop after the Cold War. Nor why no one is still not bothering to tell them to stop right now.


This toxin is more likely t0 have caused the Scripal symptoms.


Lazy Gamer

look at indonesia

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