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Saudi Arabia Sees No Obstacles For Syria’s Reinstatement in Arab League – Report

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Saudi Arabia Sees No Obstacles For Syria's Reinstatement in Arab League – Report

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmanaud

Saudi Arabia has informed other Arab states that it sees no obstacles to reinstating Syria’s membership in the Arab League, the al-Mayadeen TV reported on December 28 citing a diplomatic source.

Syria’s membership in the Arab League was suspended on 16 November 2011 following the failure of the Arab initiative for peace in Syria. Back then, the league claimed that the Damascus government didn’t respect the initiative.

The diplomatic source’s statement comes in line with a recent report of the Guardian, in which the UK-based newspaper said that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are leading efforts to restore Syria’s membership in the Arab League.

The Guardian’s report also said that Washington is pressuring Riyadh and Cairo to hold off on their plan. This information was confirmed by al-Mayadeen. The Lebanese TV said that pressure from the U.S. prevented Egyptian officials from visiting Syria to discuss the plan. As a result, Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir carried out the mission and flew to Damascus earlier this month.

Washington’s attempts to isolate Damascus appear to be heading to a failure. In the last 48 hours, both the UAE and Bahrain reopened their embassies in the Syrian capital.

Despite its efforts to restore Syria’s membership in the Arab League, Saudi Arabia will not likely follow the footsteps of the UAE and Bahrain and resume relations with Damascus any time soon. The kingdom will likely take such a step after the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria in order to avoid any further pressure from the U.S.

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“Washington’s attempts to isolate Damascus appears to be heading to a failure. In the last 48 hours, both the UAE and Bahrain reopened their embassies in the Syrian capital.”
And Kuwait is soon to follow. This is good news for Syria. :)


Too good to be true…..you know what they say about that. If it is too good to be true then it most likely isn’t. More to all of this than what is revealed.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You must have missed a lot of news articles, this has been happening for the last 12 months or more, the Arab league’s intentions to calm the rift between the Saudis and the Iranians, and their desire to end the war in Syria and allow Assad to remain in power was all well reported on, but not by SF though. Just use google search with dates prior to June/July and you’ll see none of this is new, it’s just old news with a new coat of paint. Or you could check my posts for the last nearly 12 months, I posted on SF just about every time I saw a change in Arab League policy and found it important, no one else did though, but I think they’re starting to now. I’ve been saying for more than 6 months now the Arab league has ended the war in Syria, what we see now is a different war from the one that started, now it’s become Erdogan’s war, and the Arab League aren’t happy about that either. Erdogan has to go to end the war now, and the Arab League are the one’s pushing the hardest for an end to the war.

Brother Ma

Kuwait ? Ungrateful dogs who were in on it together with America against Saddam. They lied about the killing of babies in the hospitals.

Chris Saunders

This man would win the first prize in any “evil face” competition. . .

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Since the rest of the Arab League are ignoring Saudi demands and making regional policy decisions only for their own regional collective merit, and not US/Israeli/Saudi demands/needs, the Saudis have no choice but to comply, the rest of the Arab League have isolated them from policy decision making and are now only giving them the option of cooperation with the league, or forced isolation from the League and all it’s benefits, the Saudis would only have the US and Israel then to support them, they have to comply.


Yeah, take an close look at this scumbag, evil incarnated.

The reason for not bothering anymore is that the level of idiot propaganda is going thru the roof, this days, where I cant deifferentiate in that sense about whom is do facto filling the void with bullshit, alt sites uh…. like ZH, and other so called right winged ones, to sites where if you use the word socialism you end up drooling something about Venezuela, yeah, socialism is an bitch isnt it ZH, while the same rats dont bother to mention why, Venezuela is where it is, nope, like Sputinks constant barrage of ISISrael propaganda about some ugh…. tunnels.
Both sites are own by and run thru Jews, never ever forget that, why do you think the scam that runs Hungary even got there in the first place, like Tumpstein, they are just bitched, gold platted toiled or not.

The second, propaganda and the race to the bottom of the pit, first, objectivity, do you drooling idiots have any idea of what that is, huh, to debate Syria and what Russia is doing, isnt the same as to be an Putian assliker, since to me Putian is just an Russian missor image of an neo-liberal rat whom pretends to do the right thing, and to some out there, I dont give an f….. about Putian nor this Vilage idiot from NY.
But that dont mean I dont I hate Russians/wankikes, since in this days where obviously intellegence is going down in flames, and you cant have an debate with people branwached to an extent that is any thing condradicts their “knowledge” they get angry, even people close to me.

So, before I crash their career opertunitys, I have to stop, just the show, that I dont follow anyone of them other than just one goal, the truth.
Thats how they do it and before they do anything to my family I will do what I can to not f…. it up, this is me, but this scums this days dont differentiate between that and family, and since I am anon, its even easier, and I have had the Norwegian sec, police in my house, they even used an electro chock gun on my cat, I ignored it that time, but this time I will comply, it to serious to ignore.

Its a pitty, but thats life.
People to day cant handle truth or people like me whom isnt taking any side other than try to be objective and scrap the idiot propaganda of, like the Gass attacks to economy, witch was my intention from the beginning, since both are interwoven, where I will end my jurney thru the years with just one thing you must never forget, all wars are bankers war, and Hitler was the last great statesmen europa have had, to day, just look at them, Jukies and Co, but the worst this, is the well pissers, instead of doing something, some ends up inventing something, like the never ending stream of complet crap invented by drooling idiots in the so called alt-media coming from ameriTards, like ZH and Saker, be very carefull with what you read, they are right now undermining the YV, as they have done with everything else incl the Catalnians fight.
ANd now they attack everybody, with bullshit, to drown their cowardnesses in lame exuses, thats why they onvent nonsense to say, yeah, look its a iluminati yeah, maybe lizars, etc, dunak dunaka, to me this is exactly what will kill us all, no spine, othe than the French, they will have my hart and soul with them all the way, hang em all.

Never ever go to Marroco, an greedy rotten to their core people protecting an perverted religion called Wahabism, that is what this Saudi-barbarians and the western Gov is protecting, why dont we debate that, the same org the MSM whines about, is the same Org the Norwegians/Danes are protecting. ISIS/MEK etc, yeah, the MSM have no shame and any one whom claims this is Islam, is an “friend of ISISrael”, because nobody, nothing comes even remotely close to the destrcution comitted and the millions killed as the western HumaNazis have done to soon 2 decades of constant war fare, that is not debated, is it because we are rock solid christians, huh, ameriTards in ZH and others run from ISISrael, huh, Spatnik, do enlighten me.
I took this tow just to give you an ex. and to me personally, I am now done, I cant go further.
May the lord have mercy upon us all, and bleesed be the peacemakes.

Have an nice day.



mbs is a fully fledged psychopath and is just waiting to stab Syria, in the back, cut it up (like kashoggi) and give away the pieces. not the most trustworthy person around by any measure.


Saudis will not resume relation with Syria because it can’t, Syria will not have them anytime soon. It would also be risky presence for them there even if Syria accepted them. It has nothing to do with Iranian presence.

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