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Saudi Arabia Prepares Plan-B To ‘Explain’ Khashoggi Disappearance

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Saudi Arabia has denied any and all of the recent evidence that connects it to the disappearance and likely murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The kingdom continues maintaining that it had no part in the event and even Saudi King Salman had no knowledge of any of the developments. US President Donald Trump appears to be the only person believing the Saudi side.

On October 15th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Riyadh where he is to speak with Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the disappearance of the journalist.

Pompeo would be looking to expand a conversation held between Trump and the Saudi King. Tweeting about the call, Trump said: “Just spoke to the king of Saudi Arabia who denies any knowledge of whatever may have happened ‘to our Saudi Arabian citizen’.” According to him, the Saudis are working closely with Turkey to unravel what has happened.

He later told reporters: “The denial was very, very strong. It sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers. Who knows?” Trump did threaten “severe punishment” if the kingdom was found responsible for Khashoggi’s death. It does seem dubious that the Saudi King did not know that a 15-man team travelled to Turkey and returned the same day. The team included the head of the forensic medicine department at the Saudi Interior Ministry.

King Salman ordered an investigation into the missing journalist on Monday. Saudi statements up to now have dismissed allegations of a killing as “baseless” and “lies.” Saudi Arabia has also angrily rejected what it called political and economic “threats,” saying it would respond to any punitive action, such as sanctions, “with a bigger one”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on October 16th demanded that the kingdom and Turkey reveal all that they know about the case.

CNN cited two unnamed sources that claim the Saudis are preparing a report that will acknowledge Khashoggi’s death and that it was a result of an interrogation that went wrong. According to the sources, the interrogation was to be followed by Jamal’s abduction from Turkey.

According to one of the anonymous sources, the report would also claim that the operation was performed without clearance and transparency and those involved will be held responsible and prosecuted. One of the two sources said that the report is still being drawn and that it is possible for things to change.

On October 15th, conflicting reports over Khashoggi’s disappearance prompted his family to call for an inquiry. “The strong moral and legal responsibility which our father instilled in us obliges us to call for the establishment of an independent and impartial international commission to inquire into the circumstances of his death,” they said in a statement. It added that they were “sadly and anxiously following the conflicting news regarding the fate of our father after losing contact with him two weeks ago, when he disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.”

This is in strong contrast with a statement his family released on October 7th claiming that the media is politicizing his disappearance and affirmed their trust in the Saudi government to resolve the issue.

On the same day, Turkey were allowed inside the consulate to search it. As reported by BBC and can be seen from pictures, a Saudi team entered first. The team included cleaners. The Turkish team followed about one hour later. The Turkish investigators, some wearing overalls, gloves and covered shoes. stayed for about eight hours, leaving in the early hours of October 16th.

They reportedly took with them samples, including of soil from the consulate garden.

Saudi Arabia initially had allowed Turkish officials to conduct a “visual inspection”, which would be quite superficial. Turkey reportedly rejected and requested for investigators to perform a thorough search. It is unclear which of the two alternatives took place.

It would be interesting to see how the US would respond if Saudi Arabia did admit to interrogating, torturing and killing Jamal Khashoggi. Trump did say that it would be unwise to call off a $100 billion arms deal.

It is interesting that the death of Sergei Magnitsky, for which Russian officials were accused of led to the Magnitsky Act and Sanctions in 2012 despite the lack of actual evidence to put blame on the Kremlin. Would there be sanctions if Jamal Khashoggi was actually tortured and murdered?

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leon mc pilibin

A blatant cover up in the making,the Saudi weapons contracts must be saved regardless of the murder commuted by these Zionist scumbags.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes well……. considering what atrocities americans have committed and allies and the 10s of millions they killed around the world, you think one more victim if indeed is a victim and not a retard who went into their embassy, makes any different?


Saudis will just pump some money into republicans before this elections

Concrete Mike

Republican democrat…different side of the same coin.

Something else is fishy in the story. I was turned off when i saw likely in the 3rd or 4th sentence. Smells like week old cod thats been sitting in the sun.


I lost my sense of smell in a secret mission. Please show me.

Concrete Mike

Just taste hillary’s snatch…close enough LOL


Good one, I’m still young, don’t wanna die.

Empire's Frontiers

Sanctions against Saudis?

As though a man will condem his right hand after it commits some wrong act.


That’s possible. Even perfectly normal of one is deranged enough…



Don’t you just love it when…
– Ukraine junta is tasked to investigate downing of the Malaysian airliner
– Saudis to investigate deliberate bombing of Yemeni children
– The US to investigate leveling of Raqqa and Musol
– IDF to investigate the murder of Palestinian un-armed killed by snipers
– Emiratis to investigate rape and murder of Yemeni women
– SDF and Asayish to investigate ambushing and shooting of NDF
– the list goes on, I’m sure you know more examples, the last of them Saudis investigate the disappearance of a Saudi national inside a Saudi consulate.

OK, so a “rogue” team “accidentally” caused Khashoggi’s death under interrogation. Nothing fishy about the presence of MbS confidants in the “interrogation” team with their pics and IDs published by Turkish authorities. Somebody got excited and hit him harder than he should. That happens. I guess it can be cleared if his body can be examined, doesn’t it?
Now Saudi geniuses have another stinking problem on their hands: “Where to buy a fresh corpse looking like Khashoggi?”

I saw a report a few days ago, Saudis let some reporters inside the consulate to show that Khashoggi is not in the building. The Saudi guide opened the rooms’ doors, then the closets’ doors and even drew drawers to mockingly show he is not hidden in the desk drawer. I was thinking, I wouldn’t think to look inside such small spaces for a human being, unless I saw chopped-up body parts which can fit in a drawer. Perhaps that remained in this guy’s sub-conscience.

It seems more and more like an inside quarrel of the factions of the empire. If that’s the case, Saudis can’t solve it with money, a major change is on the way, a nasty surprise for them, or perhaps us.

Brother Ma

Funny how Anglo- america bites re “Skripal Poisoning” yet for the Saudi”journalist”noone really even lets out a weak bark.

Saudi is a den of snakes! Yuck!! Did they not say they saw him leave the premises? Hmm,what happened to that story?

What saddens me most is that the only reason we have heard about this is because Turkey and USSAud have had a fight. If they were still friends,you would have never heard the story at all. In fact,the Turks would have helped disappear the body.


Perhaps it is not only Turkey wanting to get rid of Mohammed Bin Salman….I think the Deep State & MI6 want to Dump him too… He Failed in Yemen & Syria and before this Yemeni Genocide & Wahhabi-Muslimbrotherhood-ISIS-al-Qaeda-Headchoppers can be Linked to the West they need to get rid of some Witnesses…

Brother Ma

True indeed!


Mbs is an arrogant,dumb and stupid puppet.A stupid donkey in charge, is really a risk and threat for western long term interests in Middle east.


maybe the turks killed him, so they could blame the saudis…..ever thought of that?


The Turks Killed Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate….Their family surname means “spoon maker” (Kaşıkçı) in the Turkish language….Jamal Khashoggi (Adnan Khashoggi’s nephew) interesting Hypothesis…how did they do that? And Why did 15 MbS Personal Saudi Guards & Forensic Experts arrive in Turkey on the same day?


I stick with the plan that they are going to bring down Mohammed bin Salman…they want to dump him….he is a Failure…eventually it will cost him his life…


Who said inside?


Khashoggi went into the Consulate…. First the Saudis got to Proof he ever came OUT again….Loads of Cameras there…so it is very very easy for the Saudis to show he came out….right?


depends on who controls the cameras. And the cameras are on turkish streets….


It should be very Easy for Saudi Arabia to prove that Mister Khashoggi Left the Building
comment image

Sun Tzu

When MbS sends an “interrogation” team abroad does he always send the head of their forensic science along?


Mohammed Bin Salman is done….

Those Guys were responsible for Chopping Up the Cousin of Adnan Khashoggi

Brother Ma

I can’t wait! Fifteen ready and waiting. Let us see how long each of them lasts. Car accidents? Cancer? Food poisoning? Heart attack?


Sounds like SEAL-Team Six…& 911..mysterious Deaths stay a favourite…a corpse can’t sing…


How come you suddenly buy this crappy store of the M.M.????


Because it is an interesting story…from day One (though I’m not a big fan of Khashoggi)….Once the Turks said they had audio as evidence the Saudis were in Deep trouble… Either the Turks Tapped.
Inside the Consulate… or it was Khashoggi’s Smart Watch…but also the Americans have Tapped MbS…he wanted to Lure Jamal to Saudi Arabia….Mohammed Bin Salman is responsible for creating ISIS and all the other Wahhabi Headchoppers in Iraq & Syria.. for the War and Genocide in Yemen together with his Western Partners….He Should Die for it…simple is that…


The hit team is probably wondering who’s going to take the fall.


If it was Russia instead of SA, sanctions would have followed the same day.


nothing will happen….nada…..just watched pompeo having a “great”” time with bin salman, laughing and giggling…….the people of the world are to weak and to busy taking drugs, watching football or the fuckin kadashians or dancing stars


pure evil….saudis and americans…but hey ..who are their masters…them satanic jews, and they are the masters of deceit,murder,torture,genocide….and they taught their slaves good


Saudi Consul Incident Report 2.0:
On further investigation, appears Khashoggi did enter Turkish KSA consulate, but on arrival he promptly fell down stairs into basement, resulting in him being dismembered on consul staff’s extensive sword collection stored down there – then in further confusion, the cleaners removed all the severed body parts without the consul staff being aware of any of it! Consul staff wish to move on from this regrettable incident!


can someone fill me in? did the Turks kill the guy or the Saudis? is it a plan to deteriorate the relations of those 2 countries?? who is the target of the USA?

Brother Ma

Saudis chopped him up in their own embassy in Turkey. They flew in fifteen guys on diplomatic passports and flew his body parts out of the country with them.

Turkey and sauds are enemies now which is the only reason Turkey let us know about it.


Up to now they aren’t enemies, only some differences.But we should hope as well.Turkey acting positively in reducing the influence of those dirty Bedouins in the region.
Ray of hope for the betterment of humanity.


thanks! damn those animals..


Lets see : Saudis say he left without saying bye bye. Then, No, he was killed by a rouge element acting on their own. Then, No, we killed him by accident but we did not mean to. After we pulled out five of his finger nails he fainted. I said ‘well shoot’ and one of my boys did just that.Then we chopped him up by accident. In an act of ‘transparency’ our main head chopper called our boy Trump. He sent Pom P over to coordinate the lies. Now we are lying about the lies after agreeing to buy two trillion dollars of weapons from the Brits, Germans, French Poodles, Canada Toe Suckers and of course our good buddies in war crimes … the USA. We have learned our lesson …..next time, we will put some fake novichoke on his door knob and claim the Russians did it. Works every time like magic.


The American entry in this matter is only for milking the Cow by black mailing, using this incident. West is very active at this issue, why they don’t see thousands innocent killed in Yemen.


The whole story is ridiculous!!
First of all, because the Saudi regime chops off about 150 heads every year…..who suddenly cares if they kill one journalist???
Second because now suddenly everybody believes the statements of the Turks, that have a lot to gain with their side of the story….
Third reason, now everybody believes CNN?????

Come on!!!!! CUT THE CRAP

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