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Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately, Promises More Radical Moves

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Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately, Promises More Radical Moves

On Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered all Saudi citizens to leave Lebanon immediately according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs also advised all citizens not to travel to Lebanon from any other international destinations.

“Due to the circumstances in the Lebanese Republic, the kingdom asks its citizens who are visiting or residing,” SPA said in its press release.

Meanwhile, Thamer al-Sabhan, the Saudi minister for Gulf affairs said on Twitter that the Saudi decision will be followed by other radical decision until “things [in Lebanon] return to its natural situation”.

The Saudi decision comes hours only after a top Lebanese government officials told Reuters agency that Lebanon believes that Saudi Arabia is holding its top politician (former prime minister) Saad Hariri as a captive.

Several Lebanese sources viewed that the Saudi decision as a sign that a Saudi-backed military operation against Hezbollah in Lebanon is near. However, geopolitical facts suggest that such military operation is almost impossible, and could easily turn into a suicide mission. Especially that Saudi Arabia has been struggling in its war against the besieged Houthis in Yemen right on its borders for almost three years now.

A more realistic option for Saudi Arabia is provide assistance to some other power, which has more competent military forces. For example, Israel…

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Joe Doe

None has to be racket science realize that Americans and Israelis with it’s proxies planing to destabilize Lebanon. Put simply, Lebanon is next.


Lebanon isn’t “next”, it already had its turn in 2006 and the Satanic terrorist Jew World Order got taught a lesson they will never forget. Lebanon in 2017 is much stronger than Lebanon 2006. If the Satanic Jew World Order wants to get humiliated again they are free to launch another suicidal mission which would only expedite their own demise.

John Veitch

Hizbullah are even more battle-hardened and experienced in all terrain, infantry fighting, now, than they were before. regards

Cee Jay

Macron is also headed to Saudi Arabia right now to discuss Lebanon:


Miguel Redondo

Thats funny , is he also to resign from his job? (irony off)


Yep the Saudis are the cannon fodder (for an attack on Lebanon and then Iran) that the terrorist state of Israel and it’s supporters have been looking for. Let’s hope that if they start it, Israel will finally get that wish it’s been working so hard to attain, that of ceasing to exist.

John Veitch

Marvellous post.


Thanks… “..ceasing to exist” is my dream for peace in the region.


Now that it looks like Assad is winning the war, they want to open another front and draw Hezbollah back to Lebanon and Israelis having a quick victory as most Hez fighters are in Lebanon.

This will affect the winning momentum of SAA’s winning the war. Let’s see


thats why saa need to clean isis as soon as possible to erect defence. btw last war only 3000 hzbullah nasr brigade confront entire israel arm forces with reserve.


“most Hez fighters are in ______________?”

Israel planned the 2006 war in Lebanon months before the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped in a Hezbollah effort to set up a prisoner exchange. The kidnap provided the pretext to launch the war. Who was better prepared, Israel or Hezbollah?



888mladen .

IDF cannot never come close to Hezb fighters motivation to fight .


they already have won the war, just a little bit of daesh to mop up and then its onto having HTS and co. for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert :)))

Miguel Redondo

The steps are seen openly 1. Lebanons Premier is forced to resign and hold hostage in KSA (he didn´t get rid of Hezbollah in Lebanon) . 2. Israeli Army fortifies positions near Lebanese border town https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/israeli-army-fortifies-positions-near-lebanese-border-town-violates-un-agreement/ 3. KSA orders his citicens to leave Lebanon immediatly.

For me the next step is clear …..

Provoke a border incident with Israel and we have the next war. (Israel-Hezbollah)

Question : What was the purpose of the KSA-kings visit to Putin at 5.th october 2017 ?


Or they did it to create artificial chaos or at least pretend to the world that Lebanon is not stable. Whatever they plan for cacnnot possibly be positive.

888mladen .

Noticed that too. Good observation.

Serious Dude

Bullshit, there is no Israeli-Lebanese war. The Saudis are just collapsing.

Brad Isherwood

Israel’s invincible Army of YHWY had its image shat on publically during 2006 Masonic game turn. These Wars afford opportunism to take control away from others in the Masonic game. Consider The old British East India company running guns and Opium around since the 1700s No mystery that CIA gun running and Narcotics goes from jungles of Central America all the way to Vietnam and Afghanistan. Israel’s fear obsession with Iran is usefull game turns for Others** in the great game. These conspire against each other to take narcotics trade routes away ,shipping and airports, Sea lanes ,oil/nat gas . Nasser of Egypt booted the British and the French out of their Suez canal transit extortion racket. Panicked they got the Israelis and the US to act to recover that…and failed. Israel got more turf. ..US and other military suppliers made huge coin,…Russia played allong supplying Muslim nations with weapons. Today…the same game runs… Putin is not driven to compete in such dramatic fashion as US….US having like 800 Military bases worldwide, ….Russia has like 5 ? : ) Israel fears it’s vaunted Airforce getting shot down…..post conflict angst like Burning Merkava’s in Lebanon. So far….Putin has not enabled Syria,…nor gestured to Iran to knock IAF down. That may change in the future…As Bankers and Military Industrial Complex want weapons of war destroyed. ….so that future contracts can get signed. I do not think Syria has knocked down any IAF jets in the war. . Israel’s control hysteria would spill out into the media if F -35 got shredded by proximity hit or other IAF jets. So ya….when Israel’s jets do get shredded and downed.. ..we will know of it,…as the Zionist control freaks will worry and smash their heads against the wall of Solomon. Iran has Mobile SAMs which can reach 50,000 ft…. Putin might have told Netanyahu that if He attacks into Syria or Lebanon in full invasion action, IAF pilots will be having multiple Martin Baker experiences,…and then time on Lebanese or Syrian Television : )

Tommy Jensen

Saudi,Turkey and India got S-400 from Russia to defend themselves, Syria and Iran a long nose.

Tudor Miron

Tommy, if you’re too short sited to realise that selling S-400 to Saudi, Turkey and Indea means Russia entering their military-industrial complex it doesn’t mean that others are on the same level.


Syria and Iran are winning the war with Russia’s help. That’s better than getting S-400s, which they may end up getting anyways.


“I do not think Syria has knocked down any IAF jets in the war..”

I don’t know about that. Weren’t they crying about a big BIRD that damaged one of those F-35s beyond repair around the time they cowardly struck Syrian territory? I seem to recall they were up in arms about the quality of those F-35s they were purchasing. Perhaps Syria and Lebanon should invest in some more of those fabled Birds.

Brad Isherwood

https://theaviationist.com/2017/10/18/israeli-air-force-f-35i-adir-involved-in-a-bird-strike-incident-gets-grounded/ It’s possible the Aviationist could write a false story,…however…it does seem the Bird strike occuring earlier is not the event where Syrian S 200 is fired at IAF jets on Oct 16. The IAF F 35 are in trainging/evaluation status, ..Not Full Operations. So…it’s unlikely they would venture over Lebanon or Syria. Possibly out to sea off Syria. Iran has several Mobile SAM systems which can reach F 35 or IAF combat jets. I’m wondering why IRGC has not deployed these to Lebanon or Syria. Possibly Putin has signaled No,… Syria has several Mobile SAM units from BUK M2E to Pantsir/TOR M, And no tracking reaction lock fire from these from near Golan on IAF jets. Seems like Putin is giving Israel a pass,…and Israel takes advantage of that arrangement. Putin could lift his finger in gesture and suddenly IAF are getting knocked from skies,..even if its stand off attack over Lebanon.


I agree with you on most of what you said, but I’m sure I read about both the strike and bird occurring in the same article. Comments posted at the same time alluded to exactly the same thing…. even the Israeli media mentioned both events in the same vein. I believe I read it on more than one site as well, not at theavaitionist.


Ah ok you damn Saudis if you chose this war you will bring a big destruction upon you idiots and you shall be killed as sheep’s


The last time Israel made a move on Hezbollah the Israelis were served a steaming platter of kosher body parts. I think they ate their fill, and don’t want a second serving. Also, Saudi Arabia is in no position to fight a two front war.


Saudi and Israel think that this is the best time to strike as most of good fighting force are in Syria and winning the war for Assad.

It will also draw Hez back to Lebanon and affect Assad’s battle with remaining ISIS .

Desperate move but logical to save their agenda in Syria


I agree with your concept of Israel’s possible strategy, but I think they may be too late. ISIS is finished, and from what I’ve seen Hezbollah is already beginning to withdraw from Syria, and redeploy in Lebanon. Also, I don’t think Israel can afford the domestic political trauma of taking serious casualties in a war of aggression against Hezbollah. Especially now that Hezbollah has a very significant number of battle hardened troops. Yes, Israel may use their air force, but that may be countered by Syria’s air defense assets. Time will tell, but Israel’s best bet is to make nice with the neighbors.


First they invade Yemen for no good reason, and now they’re making crazy statements about Lebanon. Much of humanity is looking at the Saudis and asking themselves what’s wrong with these crazy people?


Check their flag on article lead pic – that text says, ‘There is No God but Allah: Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah’, and the sword is to illustrate the strict state enforcement of their religious doctrine. That is their national flag – dedicated to extreme religious intolerance and its authoritarian enforcement. Seriously.


The Gulf States / Israel / Westen coalition wouldn’t be that naive to ‘telegraph their next punch.’ I feel its more a grand standing affair than an actual war scenario in the making.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well we already know from internal memo’s passed around Israeli think tanks and politicians that one suggestion is that Saudi Arabia fund a 15,000 solder strong force to be stationed inside of Israels norther border for an attack on Lebanon. This force is suppose to be under Israeli command yet be paid for and equipped by Saudi Arabia. So 15,000 Saudi sent troops would be on the ground fighting in Lebanon as cannon fodder. Like I said, this has just been one of many dozens of memo’s from think tanks on possible way’s to shore up Israeli fighting ability on the ground. Israelis do not fight well when there lives are in danger. So in a war in Lebanon that would play out like a lot of fighting has in Syria, Israel need’s non Jewish fighters who are either willing or to stupid, so that they will be the ones loosing their lives as pawns, and Israeli solders will suffer fewer casualties.

John Veitch

Saudi soldiers fighting Hezbollah. Could get nasty for someone.

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