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JUNE 2023

Saudi Arabia Is Set To Deploy Jets in Turkey For Strikes in Syria

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The goal of the planes is to “fight” Daesh.

Saudi Arabia Is Set To Deploy Jets in Turkey For Strikes in Syria

Saudi warplanes are on the way to the Turkish Air Base of Incirlik, according to the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. He said that it’s still unclear how many planes would be deployed in the base but the idea is to have a stronger coalition against ISIS/Daesh.

Saudi Arabia Is Set To Deploy Jets in Turkey For Strikes in Syria

If we have such a strategy, then Turkey and Saudi Arabia may launch a ground operation,” he added.

If Turkey and Saudia Arabia send ground troops to Syria that could only worsen the situation there. This was also stated by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Munich Security Conference.

For now, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US share common interests in Syria but it’s still unclear what are the US going to decide on the Kurdish question. Turkey is the biggest opponent of a Kurdish state and have launched massive operations against them in Diyarbekir.


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Great, let the fox lose in the hen house. Saudi Arabia is there to bolster ISIS now that the Syrian Army has made terrific progress and is heading to Raqqa. They are going to fight for the oil and gas in the east. The US in all likelihood will escalate after next week. I hope the Saudis get a royal butt kicking.

First Lastname

The Saudi terror regime has lost 6 M1A1 Abrams MBTs in Yemen to a bunch of illiterate peasants. I don’t think they’ll fare very well against the most combat effective regional army led by Russian planners, and supported by S-400 missile systems.

I just hope the destruction of the Saudi expeditionary force is televised. I’d pay to watch it!

first name

“most combat effective regional army” ?!? in arabic we call it :جيش ابو شحاطة meaning: the sandals army, not professional enough to wear boots! get it?

First Lastname

Sure, the Saudi terrorist army has nicer boots and helmets than the SAA, but the Syrians are having much more success than any other army in the region.


Saudi Arabia and Turkey helped create ISIS. What a joke it was to let Turkey into NATO.

First Lastname

It shows NATOs true character.


That is going to be a nice fireworks like Sydney NYE one, honey get us some popcorn would ya?

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