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Saudi Arabia Is Renovating Its Embassy In Syria’s Damascus, Preparing To Reopen It – Report

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Saudi Arabia Is Renovating Its Embassy In Syria’s Damascus, Preparing To Reopen It – Report

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Saudi Arabia is renovating its embassy building in the Syrian capital, Damascus, amid rumors of a near reopening, the RT TV reported on December 7.

A senior unnamed source in Damascus told the Russian news channel that the reopening of the Kingdom’s embassy is “a matter of time,” claiming that final preparations are underway.

“This is not the first time that there has been talk of a “near return” of the relations between the two countries [Syria and Saudi Arabia], but a number of current indications confirm this,” RT quoted the source as saying.

Like most Arab states, Saudi Arabia cut its ties with Syria and closed its embassy in Damascus following the failure of the Arab League’s political initiative in 2012.

Last year, the UAE and Bahrain became the first two Arab states to restore relations with Damascus, reopening their embassies in the Syrian capital on December 27 and 28.

Many previous reports claimed that Saudi Arabia is close to reopen its embassy in Damascus. However, the Kingdom denied all of these claims. This time, Riyadh is yet to deny RT’s report.

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King Cliff

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saudis start relationship with the Syrian government,they initiative have fail in Syria and they have a lot of issues with Turkey. last I check they might even founded to the Syrian state against Turkey since Turkey past and Erdogan ambitions is a treat to them cause Turkey would like to rule the holy land (makkah and medina to enhance its grips on the Muslims nation’s .


nah, erdogan has no plans against Syria apart from quelling the kurdish menace and once that s done they will be back behind the borders, In the end the more than ever unhinged states of morons will have to retreat from syria’s northeast and the oil fields since there won’t be any kurds to prop up, however much the squatters would like them to do. it will be too costly for the next to near bankrupt unhinged states of A and then there is an election coming up in less than a year.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

after Saudi Arabia helped finance and support the moderate freedom fighting rebels since 2012, they now what to engage diplomacy with the Butcher Regime? Whatever, I hope they enjoy the non-stop Israeli airstrikes in Damascus! They’ll get a nice view from their top floor windows

John Wallace

Wow look at all those people that agree with you Larry VD . Just you , what a fuckwit.


if you’re going to be a comedian you should choose a shorter name.
keep the “witz” part. lol

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Saudis offered hundreds of billions worth of reconstruction aid a while ago but Assad refused the offer, hopefully Assad’s just making the Saudis squirm for a while before he eventually takes their money.
The Arab League ended the Syrian civil war back in June last year, they negotiated a reconciliation agreement between the Syrian government and the 50,000 strong Southern Front Alliance, 2 other big Arab militias and several other smaller ones, they also ended all support for all terrorist groups operating in Syria, ALL OF THEM, and convinced the US, EU, and Israel to do the same, and only a few EU countries refused to comply, Britain and France originally refused but France has also complied now.
The Arab league more than any other party wants Assad to remain in power, they’ve become his greatest supporters since June last year, only the Muslim brotherhood and Erdogan are opposed to Assad remaining in power now.

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