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Saudi Arabia Is Eyeing Russia’s S-400 As Replacement For US THAAD & Patriot Systems – Report

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Saudi Arabia Is Eyeing Russia’s S-400 As Replacement For US THAAD & Patriot Systems – Report

S-400 systems. FILE IMAGE: Alexey Malgavko / Sputnik

Saudi Arabia is eyeing the Russian-made S-400 “Triumf” long-range air-defense system as a possible replacement for the missile defense systems recently withdrawn from the Kingdom by the US, the London-based al-Arab reported on September 16.

Over the last few weeks, the US withdrew a THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] missile defense system and several Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia.

Sources close to Saudi Arabia told the al-Arab that the Kingdom is upset from the US move. Yet, it wants to maintain a strong relationship with Washington.

“Saudi Arabia wants to maintain a strong relationship with Washington, provided that this does not hinder its efforts to obtain what it needs of advanced weapons to defend its security,” the sources told the newspaper.

According to the sources, Saudi officials are yet to understand the motives behind the US decision, which came amid a surge in drone and missile attacks targeting the Kingdom. The Houthis (Ansar Allah) launch such attacks from Yemen on a regular basis.

In its initial responded to the US move, Saudi Arabia rented a Patriot battery from Greece. The battery was sent to the Kingdom on September 14.

Now Saudi Arabia is in the look for a replacement for the THAAD and Patriot systems. Russia’s S-400, according to al-Arab’s sources, is the main candidate. The system has the ability to intercept ballistic missiles as well as drones from a safe distance.

Saudi Arabia Is Eyeing Russia’s S-400 As Replacement For US THAAD & Patriot Systems – Report

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Over the last few years, there were many reports of Saudi plans to purchase the S-400. These plans were hindered by pressure from the US, which sanctions its NATO ally Turkey over a similar deal with Russia.

While Saudi Arabia appears to be today closer than ever to purchasing the Russian air-defense system, pressure from Washington could stop such a deal.


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Peppe il Sicario

Russia shouldn’t even sell this regime of proto-simian Wahabbi trash a bottle rocket!!!!


If they really think it is a good idea to shoot some cheap drones or ballistic missiles with a S400, then let them have it. They will be broke in no time.


Same thought, KSA firing off batteries of these missiles against cheap drones would do wonders for Russian Rosoboronexport OS missile sales. Of course, Russia would need to add a hefty hidden sales tax on every single component, as compensatory punishment for the fact KSA recruited and funded Islamist’s in Syria.


Best defense would be to make peace with Ansar Allah and get the fuck out of Yemen.
Then a secular military pan-arabist like Nasser should take power via coup and eradicate the royal family and proclaim a republic. :)

Chris Gr

LOL Yemeni Socialist Party and Yemeni Nasserists describe the Houthi as theocratic militia.


That’s not relevant to what I said since I spoke about seizing power in Arabia, not in Yemen.


She is a jew licking arsehole. Pay her no attention

Chris Gr

You wanted Nasserists to be back. Just saying.

Peter Wallace

Which Troll used to say that all the time Just saying. Back with another name but same old sh^t

Peppe il Sicario

I remember a HUGE troll who used that line some time back, but on another well-frequented geo-political blog that was taken down over a year ago.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Wahhabi Arabians are too dumb. They’re only good at shooting AKs above their heads and blowing themselves up.

Chris Gr

Wahhabis are the Ikhwan and Salman al Ouda. And Salman al Ouda is supported by Iran.

the jimmy legs

no dont fuckin do it russia!!!!!!! YOU BETTER NOT FUCKIN DO IT!!!!


Whichever way, Saudi Arabia must be left venerable and exposed. Then iran will bring them down, they should be fighting civil war,like all other Islamic nations. From there iran will be destroyed and follow suit. All the wealth in Islamic nations will be divided by Europeans including Russia

Chris Gr

This is very true actually.


The Saudis are destroing them self already. The US gave them their blessing to crush the Houthis. So they bought a bunch of US weapons and thought they would win this war quickly. That was a big miscalculation on their part. As the US, they also failed badly in their war. Now that the Houthis are even capable to strike back, they still think they can buy more weapons and somehow win, even when they already failed that badly. So while they already have lost a ton of money due to the low price of oil, they also spend a fortune on this moronic war and they still don’t get it. Iran is not interested in an open conflict with the Saudis. That is why they happily support the Houthis to f**k up the Saudis for them. This always was a big opportunity, to make them pay a very high price for their “adventure”. In the end they will get the same result.

Rodney Loder.

S 400 are so much better.


You don’t use S400 to shoot down some suicide drones. The S400 is meant for real high value threats. They will probably take one or two batteries S400 and a lot of BUK or Pantsir. It will be quite expensive for them either way. If they are smart, they just sit down with the Houthis and make peace. This whole conflict is already ruining them. If the Houthis strike more high value targets next, they will have to make peace.

Tommy Jensen

You and most people lost the case. The war against Yemen is fought by US/UK with Saudi as scapegoat.
Saudi had and has no political interests in Yemen and has no influence into the matter.

Icarus Tanović

There’s big talk about crisis in Yemen. Americans knows that there’s aggression on Yemen, biological War, famine, etc. Now, America wants to whitewash it self by pretending that they have withdrawn its forces from Arabia Saudia. Well, maybe, but they left personal that works with patriots and thads.
So, better look next time, baby. I ain’t falling on this.

Lance Ripplinger

If Saudi Arabia would end the horrific campaign of terror against Yemen, they wouldn’t need anti-air defense weapon systems. Saudi Arabia is nothing but an Wahabbi Islamic terrorist regressive ideology exporting dung heap.


Let the treacherous Zio Arabia ask their masters in isrealhell for help.

Failed States are easier to control

“According to the sources, Saudi officials are yet to understand the motives behind the US decision, which came amid a surge in drone and missile attacks targeting the Kingdom”

You are in the crosshairs of the Rumsfeld-Cerebowski Doctrine. While it may not make sense from a military POV, from a geostrategic position for the US, carving up SA means it is easier to advance the agenda of getting the energy resources of the ME under control so the great powers of the world can exploit them easier. The US wants to be the middle man that dictates who gets their energy from where.


Very good analysis. You never want to posses something, you just rather want to control it. That gives you even the power to generate revenue if you want to. The US never had allies. They only have slaves. Some of them are just starting to realize this.


Then the Houthis will have no chance to bomb the Wahhabists NO selling. Period.


S-400 in Saudi means only one thing, Russia is against Houthis and Iran,


Saudis also learning the hard way that US cannot be trusted….. Damn fools

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