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Saudi Arabia Increases Supplies to Al-Qaeda in Yemen – Report

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According to local sources, Saudi Arabia attempts to reinforce al-Qaeda, operating in Abyan province in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia Increases Supplies to Al-Qaeda in Yemen – Report

Photo: pbs.org

Saudi Arabia tries to reinforce the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the Yemeni province of Abyan, supplying it more arms and providing aid, the Iranian Fars news agency reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source.

“Al-Qaeda terrorists have received a cargo with weapons, sent by Saudi mercenaries, stationed in Ma’rib, near the Akad heights in Lodar city of Abyan province,” the source told the news agency.

As Yemeni activists from the southern parts of the country told Fars, after recent defeats of al-Qaeda in various cities of Abyan province, the terrorist group has received weapons from the forces, loyal to General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, the deputy commander of the Armed Forces of fugitive president Mansour Hadi.

The al-Qaeda fights against the Houthi-Saleh alliance in Yemen. According to multiple reports and documents, the terrorist organization operates in the interests of the Saudi Army after making a deal with it last year.

Earlier this month, it was reported that several al-Qaeda terrorists, including a senior commander Mohsen al-Aoulaqi, lost their lives in an ambush operation, conducted by the Houthi-Saleh alliance in the east of al-Mukha region, located in the province of Ta’iz.

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Random guy

I pretty sure Saudis are arming Al Qaeda. But still Iranian News agencies should not be considered credible in this topic as they are an interested party.


“interested”? what does that mean?

Random guy

Means the support to Houtis.


yea thats good, screw the saudis

chris chuba

True but who is objective from that part of the world?

I don’t trust anything reported by the U.S. military reported in the Gulf either. Their stories are inconsistent.
1. Their account of the Yemeni raid kept changing.
2. The alleged interception of Iranian weapons shipments didn’t add up. At first they just reported two ships filled with AK-47’s and then later claimed ‘missile parts’ but gave no specific dates for the later claims.

Random guy

Everyone is more concerned about Syria (maybe not any more). And since Yemen was in neglect, there was not much of variety in news, which is why it was taken over by different interested parties pursuing their own agenda. And it is natural. If there is a vacuum, it will be filled, even if by fake news.


It certainly wouldn’t be difficult for Saudi’s to aid AQ in Yemen, as Saudi navy are blockading Yemen’s port’s and could easily bring supplies with those ships.

Random guy

why? they share a land border.


Because Al Qeada are essentially in the southern areas of Yemen – and Saudi proxies have far greater territorial control there for any land transit of materials, delivered to port of Aden etc. Any Saudi land transport crossing northern border would have to traverse nearly whole country to actually get to AQ, and would be very unsafe crossing the border in north – must cross wide open territory with hostile armed Houthis as dominant force on ground, easily capable of targeting convoys with ATGM’s.

Random guy

Listen scums, If I had money, I would help the Yemenits, aka the Houtis.
By weapons, man-pads, and other things, like medical systems witch can be transported everywhere and so on, what does that make me, huh, an Iranian, shitheads.

This Hasbaratnjiks as I label anyone of them whom is drooling with the Western/wankeestans perceptions and perspective is an enemy of Man, and I mean every living and breathing soul on this planet.
And do continue to insult your self and shows us all how f….up you are.
I am pissed, Iran and others like Russia, do way to little as far I am concerned, I want them to pump the Houtis with weapons to their eyeballs, wankeeboy.

Because there is one thing I know, any living Yemenite have balls, and you will never reach their knees, whom killed children and women in an raid only an wankeestan can claim was an success.
Yeah, I think I stop there because wankees pisses me of this days to an extent where I dont even watch TV anymore, yeah ,the serials where wankees are so nice and cares about our well fare, and you sniffing clue, wankeeboy, because I cant think of anything, not even Cat can make you that f…. stupid, wankeeboy.
The Yemenite have my hart and soul with them, they are True fighters, soldiers of peace, fighting the devils spawns of the Imperial banana republic Trumpistans whores and minions aka the rotten Saudis.
And Trump with an second in command, the Pince, whom is an Blackwater scum, yeah, Trump is 100% scam and an rotten lair.
I dont believe a word coming from that man anymore, absolutely nothing, since He follows in the exact same footprints as the devil before Him, the totally bonkers, and to my horror, makes anyone whom smokes Cannabis deeply shameful, to be associated with an American psycho like that sick scumbag) Obamalama the Child.slayer.
And Trump followed this long Wankeestan tradition of killing anything that moves incl children.
Yeah, how manly, huh, wankeeboy.



What a friggin’ Jew-hating Nazi. Yeah, scum bucket, you.

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