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MARCH 2021

Saudi Arabia Increases Supplies to Al-Qaeda in Yemen – Report


According to local sources, Saudi Arabia attempts to reinforce al-Qaeda, operating in Abyan province in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia Increases Supplies to Al-Qaeda in Yemen – Report

Photo: pbs.org

Saudi Arabia tries to reinforce the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the Yemeni province of Abyan, supplying it more arms and providing aid, the Iranian Fars news agency reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source.

“Al-Qaeda terrorists have received a cargo with weapons, sent by Saudi mercenaries, stationed in Ma’rib, near the Akad heights in Lodar city of Abyan province,” the source told the news agency.

As Yemeni activists from the southern parts of the country told Fars, after recent defeats of al-Qaeda in various cities of Abyan province, the terrorist group has received weapons from the forces, loyal to General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, the deputy commander of the Armed Forces of fugitive president Mansour Hadi.

The al-Qaeda fights against the Houthi-Saleh alliance in Yemen. According to multiple reports and documents, the terrorist organization operates in the interests of the Saudi Army after making a deal with it last year.

Earlier this month, it was reported that several al-Qaeda terrorists, including a senior commander Mohsen al-Aoulaqi, lost their lives in an ambush operation, conducted by the Houthi-Saleh alliance in the east of al-Mukha region, located in the province of Ta’iz.



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