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Saudi Arabia Hopes Its Patriots Will Start Working in Yemen’s Marib

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Saudi Arabia is showing genuine concern that Marib could be lost to Ansar Allah, and it is doing all but impossible to defend it.

On April 3rd, media reported that Riyadh had deployed US-made MIM-104 Patriot air-defense systems to Marib, in an attempt to avoid the most negative scenario.

Since 2015, the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) have launched 115 ballistic missiles and 140 rockets at Ma’rib city.

The effectiveness of the Patriot defense batteries is questionable, as they failed to protect any of Aramco’s facilities back in 2019.

Also, on April 3rd, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had thwarted an attack attempt by the Houthis with a booby-trapped boat.

The water-borne Improvised Explosive Device was destroyed off the coast of the town of al-Salif in western Yemen. Saudi-led coalition warships have been targeted repeatedly by such devices throughout the 6 years of the war. G_2(A)

The warships are predominantly used to shell al-Hudaydah, as well as other Houthi positions near the coast.

Saudi Arabia, furthermore, continues its heavy airstrike activity, with at least 17 carried out on April 3rd.

Despite that, the Houthis captured the al-Ahkum area in Hayfan district, southern Yemen. Heavy clashes are continuing in the area near Marib, in the Madghal district.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia continues its activities in support of the Damascus government, targeting ISIS terrorists in the central region, as well as the militants in Greater Idlib.

In Central Syria, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out about 70 airstrikes on ISIS terrorists. At least 15 terrorists were killed in the recent wave of raids.

On April 4th, Russian forces lost their Orlan-10 drone in Greater Idlib, a few kilometers away from the Turkish border. It reportedly crashed as a result of a technical failure. The wreckage was recovered by the militants. In March, Russia lost a Forpost drone, and previously it lost another Orlan-10 drone back in February.

In Northern Syria, the fighting between Turkey, the factions it supports and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces is continuing.

On April 4th, a Turkish combat drone targeted a quarry controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Hasakah. A bulldozer was destroyed.

The SDF are currently being targeted both by Ankara, and by ISIS terrorists due to their activities against the interests of both.

There seems to be a lull in heavy hostilities in Syria, but this is more than likely a calm before the coming storm.

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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hope is all they have.
Patriots are only good for shareholders, they are not designed to actually work as defence against missiles.


An Arabic proverb says “the drowning man clutches to any dried grass floating on the water”.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Yanks would try smoking it first though, lol.


That is very true and most welcome :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Well, I suppose if it was any good, so would I, lol.
I could do with one now, boiling here after a discussion with my solicitor who is taking 16 months to close a house sale.
Professional classes my arse.


When the word ‘professional’ is mentioned, I have always sought to bypass them due to their sense of entitlement.

Professionals in all spheres are overpaid, underperforming and arrogant, in my opinion and it gets worse with every day that passes.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I was a professional soldier Florian, took great pride in my role as a regimental signaller. I would have been working the cookhouse, if I didn’t do my job properly. That’s what being professional means, you do not mess up. You do not forget the basics, as we used to say, ABC, always be careful.
That means to never let any superiors be able to denigrate your work. If they can drill that into 17 year olds without 3rd level education, then why can’t the 3rd level educated be as smart? lol


In my experience in these ‘word mashed’ times we now live in, the description, ‘ Smart ‘ is more often anything but :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

More akin to Smart and 99, are you old enough to remember that show Florian, Get Smart?


I am old enough. It was a 90’s US ‘comedy’ , if I have googled the correct show:)

I very rarely watch US programmes or movies and have not done so really for about 40 years. I find them rather banal. The UK is catching up fast though :)
Its a race to the lowest common denominator :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

60’s, into early 70s. It was a spoof CIA type organisation. Maxwell Smart and his female companion, 99. The opening credits was Maxwell walking through a long corridor where every door would open and close after him. The UK has gone bad, where are the Bernard Mannings, Roy Chubby Brown, Dick Emery gone. There’s always UK Gold though, Only Fools and Horses is always watchable.


Ah, I must have missed that US programme then. Fortunately :)

I did enjoy British satirical programmes ,such as ‘That was the week that was’.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I barely remember it, but it was iconic to us kids back then. Spitting image of the 80s was funny, the last programme that attacked the Establishment with riotous fun and ridicule. The Pope scene was one of the best, the one where God returns, lol.


Professional in the context of ‘soldiering’ has a different and more positive meaning than that of Lawyers,Doctors,Accountants, et al , in my opinion.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

True, what wild child doesn’t like playing soldiers, and getting paid for it, lol.
The professional classes, are mostly following Dads way after arsing about the world “finding” themselves. The only way I got to see foreign climes beyond Europe back then, was as a soldier. Peacekeeping, not conquering mind you.
I got off a plane in Boston, got into a taxi back in 2001, just after 9/11. The driver turned to me and asked was I a soldier. Thinking he meant a US soldier, I told him no. Then he mentioned the army I was in, it turns out he was a refugee from a peacekeeping zone, a village where our headquarters were centred. The guy knew my accent, cut, he was thrilled, asking me about my tours there. He left as a kid, but good to know this guy knew we were the good guys. The Lebanon is a great place, apart from the southern neighbours.


Turkey moved a considerable amount of hardware (trucks, MRAPs, ammo, guns and whatnot) to their base in Somalia. Representatives of Yemeni MB were in Somalia to receive this shipment to be shipped to the south.

There was reports last week about disembarkment of Turkish-backed terror mercenaries in the western coast of Yemen (I wrote about it before, their possible target is Hudayda). Today Yemen’s salvation government (Ansarallah) officially informed the UN about the movement of this reinforcement to al-Mokha to prepare an attack on Hudaydah.
So far no report of Turkish UAVs in Yemen, but it can change.
Today Yemenis again had some gains in Ma’arib and dispatched a group of AQ and Saudi mercenaries as a large group of local tribes abandoned Saudis and joined Ansarallah. They also possibly successfully targeted a high-ranking officer of Hadi puppet government along with the puppet parliament speaker with a missile attack.

About Syria, a few tankers are on the way to Baniyas with a large shipment of oil and fuel, they the first one is expected to reach as I write these lines. We also sent a shipment ATGMs to Syria through Iraq.

Icarus Tanović

They’ve already tried Yemenis to various Wahhabi groups, but no avail. Those in Somalia are in Americanbases, because no Somalis likes Mualim brotherhood/Wahhabi carcasses aka Erdogans rats.
It is very clear for whom they’re working for.
Theirs patheric drones are only good in fake wars, such are NK.
No such thing in Yemen.
Sultan thinks that he’s invincible. I gonna tel you that his baloon is about to burst.


Icarus, they like it or not there is a Turkish-Somali base in southern Somalia since 2017 called Camp TurkSom. Look it up.

Icarus Tanović

It must be in the place that is not under direct goverment control. He pretended that he is one that will protect Muslims around the World, just remember that ship to Gaza. Now masquerade is over, and everybody can see that he’s just an American ziowahhabi rabid dog, loosened from the chain, to do theirs dirty work all over the places of theirs interests. All anti Syrian forces, terrorist domestic and imported were on the brink of the collapse, and the he stepped in into Idlib. It is already a year and one month,that Syrian AF doesn’t do any sorties.
Those ‘Yemenis’ that fight for Hadi can be called domestic traitors, so therefore they’re not Yemenis.
Real Yemeni people are those of AnsarAllah that fights many times more powerful enemies, that viciously attacked, made aggression against sovereign country of Yemen. All Yemenis wanted Hadi the trairor, satan’s servant, toxic snake down, but America didn’t like the idea of free Yemen, nor zios, nor wahhabis, Saudi dogs no matter where si theirs origin.
Inshallah we shall prevail.

Kenny Jones ™

Time to target Turksom base with missiles

erwin vercauteren

since when did ” patriots rockets ” work as it should be ? the name ‘patriot is funny because indeed they mostly come back to the operator and blow him up like we all witnessed a while back and in desperation the and top of the irony the Americans had to use the ((Russky Pantsir ))to secure their green zone in Baghdad how about some negative advertisement lol


The greatest problem for the US patriots is that they have no idea what country they are in :)

Rodney Loder

Bidens throwing a lot of billions at missile technology, but I haven’t heard anything about hypersonic being rolled out of Biden’s promised capability bonanza, Russia has got hypersonic cruise, and China has got hypersonic glide, all hypersonic is unstoppable, but really hard to achieve.

KSA is a fountain of wealth for destitute armaments producers.

Assad must stay

Saudi Arabia is a lost cause, to be thrown into the dungheap of history soon hahahahahah

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