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Saudi Arabia Has Plans To Assasinate Senior Iranian Officials Including General Soleimani: NYT

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Saudi Arabia Has Plans To Assasinate Senior Iranian Officials Including General Soleimani: NYT

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Saudi intelligence officials, close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed a plan to assassinate senior Iranian officials, including General Qassem Soleimani, according to a NYT report published on November 11th.

The outlet cited three unnamed sources familiar with the discussions. According to them, the discussions happened at a time when MbS was consolidating power and directing his advisers to escalate military and intelligence operations outside the kingdom. If the rumors are true that means that top Saudi officials have been considering assassinations ever since the Crown Prince’s ascended to power.

The sources claimed that in March 2017, during a meeting in Riyadh aides to top intelligence official Ahmad al-Assiri asked businessmen about the feasibility of hiring private operatives to kill “Iranian enemies of Saudi Arabia.”

“The Saudis asked the businessmen whether they also ‘conducted kinetics’ – lethal operations – saying they were interested in killing senior Iranian officials. The businessmen hesitated, saying they would need to consult their lawyer,” the NYT reported.

“The lawyer flatly rejected the plan, and the businessmen told the Saudis they would not take part in any assassinations,” it added.

The meeting was allegedly organized by George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman and convicted pedophile and close associate of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, arranged the meeting. He also reportedly pitched the plan to White House officials. Another participant in the meetings was Joel Zamel, an Israeli with deep ties to his country’s intelligence and security agencies.

The NYT further reported that both Nader and Zamel are witnesses in the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and prosecutors have allegedly asked them about their discussions with US and Saudi officials about the Iran proposal.

In 2016, a company owned by Mr. Zamel, Psy-Group, had pitched the Trump campaign on a social media manipulation plan as it became apparent from Rick Gates testimony.

Before he was ousted last month, General Assiri was considered one of Prince Mohammed’s closest advisers, a man whose sharp ascent tracked the rise of the young crown prince. He was released after the Kingdom acknowledged Khashoggi’s killing and said Assari had organized the operation. There is speculation that he was used as a scapegoat to take the blame for Khashoggi’s murder.

According to the NYT:

“Mr. Nader’s and Mr. Zamel’s plan dates to the beginning of 2016, when they started discussing an ambitious campaign of economic warfare against Iran similar to one waged by Israel and the United States during the past decade aimed at coercing Iran to end its nuclear program.”

Nader is also an adviser of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, which also portrays Iran as the primary threat to stability in the Middle East.

Reportedly, Nader and Zamel’s idea was rejected because, according to Assiri it would be too provocative and destabilizing. The Saudi General also allegedly wanted to get approval from the Trump administration before the Kingdom paid for the campaign.

However, Assiri’s closeness to the Crown Prince would also make it difficult to distance the allegedly planned assassinations from MbS.

The NYT also cited emails that it had procured emails from a business associated of Nador. According to them, he sometimes referred to conversations with MbS about other projects he had discussed with Assiri.

“Had a truly magnificent meeting with M.B.S.,” Mr. Nader wrote in early 2017, discussing possible Saudi contracts. The crown prince, he said, had advised him to “review it and discuss it with General Ahmed.”

This is all a rumor, and nothing has been confirmed by any side in the story.

However, seeing how the Kingdom managed to come out completely unscathed from the Khashoggi debacle, killing several Iranian officials who are being portrayed as the enemy by the US and Israel would likely not even get Saudi Arabia in a scandal. What’s more they might even get increased weapons sales and praises.

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Is Saudi Arabia going to invite them to the Saudi consulate in Turkey? :D

R Trojson

Very funny! I for one would not go to any Saudi consulate especially if there was a reception in my honor.


SAUDI PRINCE got away with KILLING Khashoggis , now wants to KILL IRAN TOP OFFICIALS , Good Luck with that


Saudis are too lousy to carry out such ops.. this is a joke..


The empire likes to hide behind Israel and Saudi Arabia. Tail wags dog?

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi scum hired a Jew Mossad agent and a Maronite from Lebanon to kill Iranians, this has to be the most bizarre and pathetically hilarious Saudi escapade yet. The headchopping and dismemberment of Khashoggi was obviously not enough. It is interesting to note that both the Zionist parasites and Saudi headchoppers are totally out of control and desperate as both face doom.




Would never happen. If they tried to do so, Iranians will kick their asses, hard enough to make them cry out like yankies

Jennifer Hibberd

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Notice always that the terrorists and their supporters always project their aggression and atrocities onto those they wish to victimize. History has shown repeatedly that the true destabilizers to peace in the Middle East are the Israelis, Saudis and their supporters in the West.

Zionism = EVIL

Just proves yet again the evil nexus of Zionism and Wahhabism.

Pave Way IV

Iran, Iran, Iran… zzz. Like the Iranians would be the least bit surprised at such a pathetic, ham-fisted Arab scheme. It probably gave them a good chuckle.

On the other hand, what isn’t reported is that KSA and the UAE probably also talked to Nader and Zamel about killing some al Thanis from the Qatar royal family, because they hate them, too. Now the al Thanis would not be the least bit amused by assassination plots and are unlikely to just brush this off as more Saudi/Emirate nonsense. Qatar doesn’t have the overall financial resources of either one, but has plenty of cash – more than enough – to hire their own ‘team’ (or several). I’m no big fan of Qatar (they’re all alike), but in this case I’ll make an exception: Go team QATAR!

Promitheas Apollonious

as long they killing each other I support all of them.

R Trojson

Nonsense, the US will never approve since the General and other key high ranking officials are preparing a coup d’état for Iran. US will only approve assignation of Mullahs not working for the Coup.


Mohammed Ben Shlomo can expect a Coup d’État soon….It is a good Idea to Dissolve the Whole Royal Jewish House of Saud in Acid….

R Trojson

Now I understand how your diseased mind works. You for some reason or other have tremendous hate for the Jews and want to exterminate them all. But you do not stop there since everyone else you dislike is branded a Jew by your diseased mind. Then is very simple to exterminate them too. Bet you call the neighbors cat a Jew just before you run it over. You have a sickness, get professional help before you harm yourself or those around you.


Lmao. what else are they planning to do, you degenerate swine. Please tell us more, would love to hear your stories.

R Trojson

Iran is being defeated first financially, second economically and finally militarily. There are no secrets here, just read the news.


Hahaha really? Iran that whipped your boy Sadam, that whipped you guys out of Iraq, that with their support whipped Israel out of south lebanon, that with their support whipped Al-Qaeda and ISIS out of Syria, that with their support whipped ISIS out of Iraq, that is now on good terms with Russia and China, that brought the security council to the table to try and appease it, that has also improved it’s relationship with the EU. Iran is BEATING YOU! So how exactly is it being defeated you fool?

Carol Davidek-Waller

Could.that be the reason the US continues to assist S.A. withnitsgenocidal war in Yemen?


Probably just the New York Jewish Times trying to start a war.


I didn’t need ‘verfirication’ from the NYT to understand this was in play.


The Jew York Times should know all about pedophiles with people like Epstein and company as part of their evil baby raping cult.


Kill Soleimani? This has been a (failed) Zio-US objective for years now. The incompetent saudi’s couldnt even pull off an assasination on a soft target right inside their own embassy without being caught, how the F@ck are they going to Kill Solemani whom Israel and the US couldnt kill since the early 2000’s?

Tehran should flatten Riyadh and bomb their oil terminals just for thinking this


Suleimani will be martyred. A man of his faith, his bravery, his character, his fearlessness, his selflessness, his willingness to sacrifice for his country and his religion mean he is most likely to be martyred, whether by assassination or on the battlefield. But where the enemy are mistaken is in the effect it will have. The death of Suleimani will bring about hundreds of Suleimani’s. It will increase the Resistance in faith and steadfastness. But the only true victor will be Suleimani himself, who would have won his place in Heaven.

And the ones who will lose the most from his death are the Americans and the Israelis and Saudis themselves. They do not realise the faith that the Resistance have. They think the Resistance are Godless like them. all they care about is staying alive, and if they lose someone strong, they will cower in fear, and they think this is how the Resistance will behave. The Resistance is nothing like them.

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