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JULY 2022

Saudi Arabia Halts Airstrikes On Yemen: Al-Mayadeen

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Saudi Arabia Halts Airstrikes On Yemen: Al-Mayadeen

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The Saudi-led coalition has halted its airstrikes on Houthi-held areas in Yemen as a part of ongoing peace efforts, al-Mayadeen reported on October 5.

Special sources told the Lebanese news channel that the decision was taken as a result of the September 14 Abqaiq–Khurais attack and the recent Operation Victory from God, which were carried out by the Houthis.

“Committees will be formed by both parties in the coming days to ascertain Saudi intentions,” al-Mayadeen quoted one of the sources as saying.

There was no immediate comment on al-Mayadeen’s report from the Houthis, nor from the Saudi-led coalition. Saudi warplanes have carried out dozens of airstrikes on Yemeni since the beginning of this month.

According to Yemeni sources the last Saudi airstrike on Houthi-held areas was carried out in the afternoon of October 4.

Last month, the Houthis announced a peace initiative, under which they halted their attacks on Saudi Arabia, including those carried out with missiles and armed drones. If confirmed, Saudi Arabia will be accepting the initiative by halting aerial attacks on Yemen.

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At last they realise. Should they continue with this war, the Royal House of Saud will have to re locate to IsraHell or Nevada. Both those states will then quickly relieve them of whatever gold they have left. While the Houthis would end up with a lot of Military equiptment and an Airforce. Lol

Len Zegelink

the saud is scary.

You can call me Al

“Scared”, trust me nothing scary about them.

Uncle Meat

Well, I guess having to wake up beside them every morning might be scary, or the terror inflicted upon innocent civilians by them, directly or indirectly (sheer cruelty) from their perspective, sure, they appear scary. But certainly never to the Houthis.

You can call me Al

Ah,now that is slightly different.

Icarus Tanović

Now Saudis wants stalemate of War, and just like nothing never happened. It won’t be as they please. Take Hadi and all Wahhabis to your rat hole.


well well, reparations would be in place but given the financial situation of saudi today – very unlikely.


Get the Yemenis 10% of Aramco shares, maybe that will help. But I doubt it.


good idea but if the next in line to the throne wastes 450m$ on a fake leonardi da vinci painting, 250m$ on a yacht and some 350m$ on jamal kjáshoggi’s uncles french chateau, the situation is just too unbelievable to ever be corrected.


That’s not Saudi-like at all. Many of us want this stupid war to finish, so we jump on any news that might give us that. Our wishful thinking might get the better of us, sorry if I sound to bitter for your taste. It’s not even 24 hours since the last bombing and like any other news from the war in Yemen, I’ll wait for the announcement by Yemeni side. Al-Mayadeen is trustworthy, but I don’t trust unnamed sources and I heard “reduced noticeably” not “stopped”.

Also remember a few days ago, about Emiratis troops movement to the Yemeni west coast? What happened to them? Have they reached outskirts of Ta’iz yet?

And more importantly: Saudis had their behinds handed to them big, big time. Their mentality does not allow them to just stop bombing and getting out after such humiliating defeats. Although such move is logical, but it will cause MbS as the architect of this disastrous war to lose everything. Even if he decided that he has to finish the war, first he needs a resemblance of a victory to do so, otherwise not a chance. Wait a couple of days before celebrating.


Doubt very much that the Saudis will get anything even approaching a semblance of not loosing each and every encounter from here on a very large scale. I am more inclined to believe it will be rout after rout from here on unless they can find 10/12 thousand battle hardened troops with commanders who know how to conduct a war. And everything I have read and seen to date strongly suggests they don’t have any of the above. That of course leaves their Airforce well positioned to bomb civilians. However, that surely has become the next target of the Houthis. So, who will be blamed when 2, 3 or more F16s dissapear off the Radar screens?

Zionism = EVIL

Saudis threw in their “elite” units of the Wahhabi manned national guard in Jizan this week and this was the outcome as the whole column was wiped out.


Zionism = EVIL

That is all true, but one must never forget that it is Americunt, Limey gits, Zionist parasites and froggy poofters that are sustaining the Saudi genocide of Yemeni civilians. It is Americunt satellites and AWACS that provide the Saudis and mercenary pilots the targeting coordinates, it is Americunt F-15 and cluster bombs that kill the children of Yemen, it is Americunt tankers that fuel the Saudi idiots F-15 at the world’s greatest rip off price of $30 million per sortie. THIS IS MADE IN USA GENOCIDE!


No tankers, no bombed weddings funerals and school day trips.


Yeah I got a not good feeling about this. If you were digging a trench, dig deeper. Don’t get complacent. Site the instance when they weren’t back stabbing head chopping pricks.

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi idiots are in a jam and have asked Pakistan and Iraq to help them grovel to Iran as the losses mount and there is internal divisions. Even the Jew York Times articles today paints a pretty gloomy outlook for the al-Saud certified morons and headchopper MBS retardo.

New York Times says Saudi crown prince asked leaders of Iraq and Pakistan to speak to Iran about defusing tensions.

The Times reported that US President Donald Trump’s refusal to order a military response “raised questions for the Saudis about the American commitment to Saudi security, which has underpinned the strategic layout of the Persian Gulf for decades”.

The US’s lack of action “prompted Saudi Arabia to seek its own solution to the conflict,” it added. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e4f8c9caed113fa115b97d72397963b33d70a6483ae6c4b8fa9d58a84da02a3.jpg

Pave Way IV

Too late, Saudi Arabia. Houthis pissed. Peace offer revoked. They’re coming to Riyadh with the 20mm Vulcan to accept your surrender, consider your generous offer of reparations and (finally) execute those responsible for the death of 150,000 Yemeni civilians by starvation and disease. Then they’re stopping by Abu Dhabi on the way back. You butchering UAE chimps have not been forgotten. They have some Houthi rotary cannon love for you bastards, too.


ahhhh, if only we lived in a perfect world.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Saudi Arabia killed by houthis, yemen now in full control ofnsaudi arabia lol

Zionism = EVIL

From a military, demographic and strategic point of view, the Saudi shitheads never had a snowballs chance in hell to control Yemen, the Egyptians learnt that valuable lesson half a century ago. It is the Americunts, Zionist parasites and evil devious Brits that goaded the moron MBS to become a “imperial power” in Arabia Felix, after the illegal Saudi occupation of Bahrain, largely went unchallenged. It is the dumbass Americunt morons that want the fratricide in Yemen and Syria to continue as it suits their delusional agenda. The Saudis are in no position to even mount air raids, as the Ansarallah have access to increasingly sophisticated AD systems and secondly the Saudi F-15 airframes and engines are worn out in 4 years of bombing civilians. What the al-Saud pimps really need is for the retard MBS to have an “accident” like many Saudi “generals” have had recently.

US impeding peace talks in Yemen

Yemeni Houthi Ansarullah movement say the United States is hindering peace efforts in Yemen, describing Washington as an accomplice in the Saudi-led military aggression against his country.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen, made the remarks in an interview with the Turkish daily Gazeteduvar on Saturday. He said that aggression against Yemen will not end until the US, Israel, Britain, and France ends their support for the aggressors.

Al-Houthi added that Yemeni forces are fighting in line with right toself defense, while stressing that the Houthi supreme political council welcomed any dialogue aimed at achieving peace.

He described as a “war crime” the Saudi-led blockade of his country which “has created the worst humanitarian crisis ever.


The US with their unfailing right to bomb.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, it is a cowards way of fighting indiscriminate war against civilians. It was first initiated by the British devious gits under the fat slob Churchill against the Pashtun tribesmen in Waziristan on the Afghan frontier with Hawker Harts in 1919-24. Then it became standard fare in cowardly western warfare doctrine. It mostly has the opposite effect, especially in conservative societies where the extended family unit is at the core. Yemen, Afghanistan and most Arab societies are tribal based and revenge is paramount, so the Americunt morons are making more enemies for the Saudi morons than helping them.


Turning the other cheek might not hurt with people who are not psychopaths. Otherwise you better eliminate the oppressor, they just don’t quit.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yes MBS definitely needs to go


I don’t think that all the wrong doing of the Saudis in Yemen is just to be forgotten. Yemenis are more in the eye for an eye thing. I guess Saudi will suffer a lot, even after retreating.


The Yemen resistance should call their missiles and drones Schadenfreude Mk I etc….;O)




Seems to me the only thing the Saudis understand is when all the lights go out and only a pissed off old guy shows up, no virgins at all!

John Wallace

Interesting article by some American military expert on SA v Yemen. Worth reading and thinking about. What is true and what is otherwise ?? https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-military-officials-who-knew-saudi-arabia-would-fail/?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral


Stay tuned. God is coming back with a sequel to Operation Victory from God I.

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