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JUNE 2023

Saudi Arabia Confirms Normalization Talks With Syria

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Saudi Arabia Confirms Normalization Talks With Syria

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Saudi Arabia and Syria are in talks over a resumption of consular services between the two countries, a source in the kingdom foreign minister told the state television on March 23.

Riyadh cut all ties with Damascus when the war first broke out in Syria more than a decade ago, then went on to support the rebels. However in recent years, the kingdom adopted a more pragmatic stance on Syria.

“Within the framework of the kingdom’s keenness to facilitate the provision of necessary consular services between the two nations, discussions are underway with officials in Syria to resume consular services,” the source told Al-Ekhbariya channel.

The channel added that the foreign ministry source was commenting on recent international media reports. Earlier, Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia and Syria had agreed to reopen their embassies.

A regional source told the news agency talks between Riyadh and Damascus had gained momentum following a Chinese-brokered agreement to re-establish ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A second source from Damascus allies said that Syria and Saudi Arabia were “preparing to reopen embassies after Eid al-Fitr”, a Muslim holiday in the second half of April.

Later, a report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that the Syrian-Saudi agreement was brokered by Russia. Talks were held between Moscow and Riyadh.

The New York-based daily added that Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud could pay a visit to Damascus after Eid al-Fitr if the agreement went as planned.

The re-establishment of ties between Saudi Arabia and Syria would mark the most significant development yet in moves by Arab states to normalize ties with Damascus. It would be also a major blow to the United States and the European Union who are still working to overthrow president al-Assad.


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Last edited 2 months ago by Katie Bayles

saudi arabia has already normalized with satanyahu via nato.

nato is an ally with jews and saudi arabia is allied with nato.

normalization with mosshead is simply admission that kgb bolsheviks = cia mosshead.


sf has already normalized with both faggots and jewish mafia and simply censor this fact out as a matter of kikery, a satanic order of evil.

The sf algorithm is merely to play controlled opposition, which will be destroyed by this very apparent flaw.

Last edited 2 months ago by JHK

Islamic forces within the russian army, is admission that Islam is relevant, yet russia, assad, iran, in alliance is admission that russia is a nonIslamic leader of a non-Islamic cause.

khadirov is proving to be contradictory, as a traitor to Islam, and especially as a traitor to Islamists.



I am the Yin to khadirovs yan, and Shiva to bullshitvikism.

jens holm

Nothing is normal there. Its symbolic when and if they need to shine.


^as if a faggots opinion matters



I guess this make kike-people of Israhell, (US biggest aircraft carrier in Mediterane) to dance shishka-pishka in desperation. Well, they had their haydays, now it’s over.

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