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Saudi Arabia Confirms Deploying Troops to Syria

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It’s still uncler when Saudi Arabia is going to do this

Saudi Arabia Confirms Deploying Troops to Syria

According to the Saudi owned news organisation al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the kingdom is going to deploy troops to Syria. It’s unclear when it’s done but according to reports the move  could be done next week.

Saudi Arabia has previously threatened to remove President Assad “by force” if he refuses to give up his power to “moderate terrorists”.  Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are main open sponsos of a wide list of the terrorist groups in Syria.

We remember, Saudi Arabia has already engaged in a military campaign in Yemen.

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Russia surely is committed to help Assad to destroy those forces come what may…

Then what?


The Saudi regime has to be very careful, using troops abroad will weaken it at home and that will bring the Saudi opposition into the game.

Tim Hadfield

Just hot air.


As to Saudi Arabia, I’m pretty sure this just ain’t going to happen.

If Saudi troops enter Syria, they face Iran and Russia.

Besides, the Saudis, while expensively equipped, have demonstrated to anyone who follows events in Yemen they are not the world’s most competent forces. A bit like Ukraine with better weapons.

Their incompetence would lead to calls for America to save their bacon, but that ain’t going to happen either because Kerry has already spoken on the topic of not being lured into war with Russia.

Also the Saudis are already very busy with their totally illegal attack on Yemen – never covered in any detail by western press sources – having killed thousands of children and women and poor peasants, as well as with other matters, such as suppressing their own people and holding public beheadings.

You want to see a truly hateful country, Saudi Arabia is one of your must-go destinations. All of America’s waves of propaganda about Assad are more accurately used to describe Saudi Arabia with its absolute, half-demented monarch and a place where a woman can still not even get a driver’s licence well into the 21st century.

The sooner the induced-horror of Syria is over, the better. And recent moves by the United States basically reflect a growing acceptance that Russia is right although they will never say that in public. They must also now secretly acknowledge that Erdogan is a dangerous lunatic.

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